Poupee’s Rollin’ Out the Xmas Items

I only bought the snowman, earrings, neck bow bell thing and the boots. The dress and hat are all from last year. The stuff this year almost feels like a clone of last year’s with a recolor in black. I hope  more items are coming since I want to buy something new dress wise. I wasn’t really impressed with the slutty santa wear Katherine was offering this year 😆 I like the spiffy background though! I think it’s a little bit nicer than last year’s was.


3 thoughts on “Poupee’s Rollin’ Out the Xmas Items”

  1. Grr. Curse you Christmas. I’m comment spamming as much as I can since I’m out of clothes to upload. xD;;;; I managed to buy the skirt, now I’m working on the one piece, then put the skirt over it, shoes, gloves, etc… Yeah, I’m hoping I can make it. xD;

  2. yea seriously wtf happened to those socks ?_? I looked everywhere…I do want to buy one. But last year wasn’t the sock prize uh some bra & underwear set? I never even wear it 😐

  3. The suprise socks are still missing. I guess they will come tomorrow or on friday.
    I haven´t bought much yet, since they look exactly the same than last year. Only the snowkitten doll and the earrings, they are quite nice.
    BUT Iam really excited for the socks. ❤ I love suprises!
    The background looks so nice.

    (and the jewelitems are ugly XD)

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