LaTale Licensing Mystery

What the....
What the...

Ok it’s not that I play La-Tale nor do I give a crap about 2D side scrollers but I got an email today from AERIA inviting me to join their LaTale closed beta. Wait a minute…..I thought OGPlanet had the license to LaTale?! Is it possible for more than 1 company to own license to a game? I first thought OGP was dropping yet another game but looking @ OGP’s site it doesn’t seem like they’re dropping it anytime soon. If it  IS indeed possible for more than 1 company to have rights to a game I’d be interested in hoping that GamepotUSA someday picked up Pangya and made it as awesome as Pangya JP… XD Oh well wishful thinking! 😀


Poupee Kitchen!

poopkitchenAnd so the latest Poupee Girl event is kitchen items! There’s a mass of aprons, forks, ladles and whisks for you to waste your ribbons on. I decided to be a cheapass and since I already had a dress with an apron on it (from Happy Bath Day), I only bought some accessories to go with it. I’m still waiting until we get some new yukatas…come on Kath you know you want to lol.

Also on June 22nd we’re getting our “my home” remodeled. It’s really a big change and it’ll take some time to get used to but I think it’ll be okay 😉