Lost Seaway Thursday and Friday

Let's get ready to rumble!
Let's get ready to rumble!

EDIT: THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO ATTENDED!!! It was lots of fun talking to old faces and getting to know new ones!! 😀 We will do this again tomorrow! Please see below for the updated room name, see you guys tomorrow!

So because of the American swimsuit event, I am going to be hosting a private tourney for all my friends & blog readers tonight (so we can avoid hackers, spammers and just have a good time :D). Tourney details are as follows:

Server: Dolfini Free 3
Room Name: LS Friday
Password: pang67
Time Start: 6:30PM EST // 3:30PM PST // 6:30AM Singapore // 11:30PM UK // 8:30AM Melbourne
Time End: Around 9PM EST
Course duration: 30 min per tourney
Type: Shuffle

Ok I think I got every country that I know the majority of my friends are from lol. I know you’re thinking “why only lost seaway” well…I am in desperate need of pang for angel wings for like 4 characters 😆 There’s no set “end time” but I can probably go as late as 9PM EST. You can come & leave any time. If it gets to the point where there’s only 3 people left then we’ll end the tourney for the night. Don’t forget the limit is 30 people so it’s a first come first serve basis. (From past events we’ve never really gone beyond 12 people because of time zone differences though so I don’t think anybody has to worry.)

If this goes well, then I plan to run this on Friday night as well. Hope to see everyone there 🙂


PangyaBRSEA Update: Swimsuit Party


Until I can confirm that hackers aren’t completely DESTROYING the server, I shall call it Pangya BRSEA. I reported  36 hackers over last weekend and their newest shits & giggles is creating fake GM rooms and using the colored GM text. The worst part is, because of this bullshit, GMs are no longer speaking in the lobby and the stupid GM tourneys are now cancelled. (Oh well I only ever got into ONE of them anyway!) At least they banned 301 hackers last night, so it’s good to know my 36 reports were probably in there. Continue reading PangyaBRSEA Update: Swimsuit Party