Help Wanted This Saturday!


Well because Season 4 is coming soon…like maybe tonight, I decided to finally complete my Pangya Nursery Rhyme parody. I need everyone’s help to star in the video as I am lacking group shots! The more people I can get the better but I’ll take whoever can make it! Here’s a preliminary schedule:

When: Saturday July 11th
Where: TitanBoo (assuming it’s the bottom server) 3
Room Name: Kishimen
PW: trueheart
Time: Start at 11AM EST (8AM PST yea I know it’s early but I’m trying to cater to my European friends)

Basically anyone with any character is welcome but I REALLY need people in swimsuits, and I need some male characters, particularly Azers or Max’s. If you can make it I’d really appreciate it. The way it’s gonna work is, I’ll open up the room with the course I’m recording on, we’ll do our takes (I’ll direct everyone don’t worry) and then I’ll make a new room with the next scene/course to be recorded. I’ll be on & off the rest of the week recording my own footage but it would be awesome to get more friends to help out Saturday.

If you cannot make it or this is a bad time for you please comment and tell me what a better time would be. If the majority of people all agree on a different time I will change the schedule. Thank you and I look forward to my shining stars~ 🙂

24 thoughts on “Help Wanted This Saturday!”

  1. I have no either swimsuit and male character but I’ll be glad to help you if I can. I have to check the hour and I’ll see if I can make it. I’ll tell you later :3

  2. Hell yeah I will be there and I hope season 4 will come tonight I mean one of the other website has a twitter saying that season 4 is omcing tonight and a unknow time so heres to fingers cross and its a fine time for me cause I am will be up all night playing Pangya S4 anyway or Infamous also.

    In game name AngelDevil69 look me up

  3. Greetings Hinano, well similar to Mainlless, I have no swimsuit, is as basic as one character can get, but if available can help out any way I can.. Twitter more details! ^_^

  4. I’ll be glad on helping – already have all male Tour swims (except for Kaz, of course) and some other Blapel rares to equip my chars. W/o to mention i’d already buied all the pang shop also while at OGP yet…

    But i’m unsure about the time: 8PM PST is delayed about 4 hours from my meridian (Brazilian Standart Time), so it means will occurs at 12PM/0AM here, and at this usually I’m doing some homeworks here (like feeding my cats/dogs); so I can’t grant my presence at (aleast) all scenes. But even then, if are you interested… ^^

  5. it’s fine if you can’t make it right at 11AM EST, come whenever you can if we’re still around. I’ll keep the password the same for every room in case anyone is a late comer

  6. I’d love to help, I have the Tour swimsuit for Arin, but I probably won’t be able to show up until around 3PM EST. ^^;; It’d normally be a good time for me, but I’m going to Baltimore for Otakon next week and need to shop for a suitcase and a couple of other things.

  7. I’ll do my best to be there, but if I’m not, it’s probably not a big deal since I have no swimsuit, unless you count the sort of top from the overalls. It’d be nifty to be in your video too

  8. I’ll be happy to help! If I can be online at that time period…still trying to check out the time in GMT ><" I have male characters…but only a kooh swimsuit.

  9. Sight… no swimsuit either, I mean I have one for Kooh but there will be a PLENTY of people with Kooh anyway, besides I refuse to buy her, its a waste of my hard earned pangs 😀 .

  10. This sounds like fun actually. i Have a Max Swimsuit, Azer Swimsuit, and a Kaz Swimsuit that i bought while Alba was still up. I’m usually up in the morning anyway so i’ll see about helping out. (i’m up in the morning because my sleeping pattern is fuxed up and my friends have been too busy at camp to throw me an intervention party T-T)

    I’ll prolly have to write this down since my memory is crap xD. if it’s on the 11th i really can’t stay logged on anytime after 4:30 PM my time because i have a b-day party to crash, but i’m sure you can get me in somewhere before then 😛

  11. if you guys don’t have swimsuits any kind of “tshirts” or summary clothing would be okay too. xD or we’ll just have the swimsuit people do that one scene I need and everyone else will do the other scenes.

  12. lol i think i got kooh`s but im not sure if i`ll be online, since i will be visiting my parents but lol

    if i can i`ll show up too =p

  13. although i don’t have swim suits, I’ll be sure to bring my kooh or Arin for any help you need ^ ^

  14. yeaaa bring them bring them. the swimsuits are only needed for the one ice spa bath scene lol after that you can wear pretty much anything :3

  15. EST = GMT -5, but, is it Daylight Time around there? I live in GMT -3, so it will be either 12AM or 1PM for me :d

  16. Heya my friend! I just download new s4-client and test it a little.

    Unfortunately tomorrow and right at this time I going to the dentist, but I hope that everything will be fine and I will come back sooner and be able to play this tournament. Anyway I hope to see you soon! Take care!~

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