Otome Game Review: Kare to Kare White Labyrinth

No video this time because it’s basically the same video as the previous post since they came in a “deluxe” pack of 2 games. Also this is the last otome game rehash review that I have. Any posted in the future will all be new games I’ve played. I’ll also be posting some renai/eroge rehashes as well. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

whitelab01So I finally managed to finish another Otome game. Actually this is part of a set of Kare to Kare games but I haven’t finished the Wataru route for the other 2 so that will be in another post. For now this is covering the first Kare to Kare game, which is a murder mystery style game and actually none of these games have any hentai….so it probably won’t be as funny as my love drops post. This was strange to play because I played the “2nd” game first…so when seeing this and the character designs completely different..it felt a bit strange. First of all the biggest difference is the player “you”, Mizuho, now looks like you’re a high school student rather than 12 year old loli. Wataru & Kakeru’s hair is almost the same color as well.

whitelab02The other noticeable difference is another female character, who is rather than being your best friend (another loli), is a big boobed girl who is obsessed with Kakeru. Anyway apparently this game has various endings and 2 bad ones. I didn’t bother doing the bad ones as they gave no CG’s anyway. The basic plot is that you go on a ski trip with the whole kendo club, but they all basically NOT go and leave you and Wataru alone…so that he invites his younger twin brother (maybe a few seconds younger? lol) Kakeru. Kakeru brings along someone who looks like she came outta the Gals! anime by the name of Ayumi, who keeps wanting to get into Kakeru’s pants.

whitelab05This provides plenty of comic relief and makes the game dialogue easier to go through. I originally just wanted to see what this was about (cause the other game bored me to tears), but because of Ayumi I kept going. It’s too bad she had to die. Well at least for one of the endings. Anyway the story premise is there’s this crazy virus that’s inside this “hotel” and then you’re all snowed in so you can’t get out. To make things worse the hotel keeper Kamishiro-san, and his 10 year old daughter Koyuki both have it and are both insane. Koyuki gives Ayumi the virus which is why she dies. The plot basically diverges after you make your choice when Kamishiro attacks you all with a rifle.

whitelab10In the first ending that I did in Wataru’s route, basically they all get naked and make sure they don’t have the “mark” that shows that you have this “Gamma virus” (JP said they all got GAMMA herpes because he didn’t put a condom on the rifle. :lol:) It turns out that Kakeru has the gamma herpes and he goes insane and tries to kill himself along with Wataru and you. The two of you run away and then furiously make out in the basement, until your love session is interrupted by the insane Kakeru. Eventually it turns out that Wataru gets the disease and then they find the vaccine and you sacrifice your life for Wataru and give him the vaccine because there’s only 1 dosage. Eventually the ambulance or whatever arrives because you found an underground communications room and then you wake up and suddenly you’re in Wataru’s arms near the sea. Yea that was random. I didn’t like that ending.

whitelab04So next I took the Kakeru route. Basically in this one it was the same thing, but this time Kakeru didn’t go insane and rather you decided to “protect him” and somehow ended up in a coma where you could hear everything but could not move your body. So you basically heard Wataru & Kakeru’s plans for what to do about you and how to get out. Eventually it turns out Kakeru got the disease too as well as Wataru. The two of them left you because they didn’t want to give you the disease (although at this point Wataru did not know he had it.) Eventually you gathered the power and crawled outta that room and into the “lab” room where you told them about the vaccine.

whitelab09However at that point you told Wataru that he’s got the herpes too but because there was only 1 dose you gave the vaccine to Kakeru. Wataru wanted it because he felt that he “deserved” to live because he always followed his family’s orders to be a “perfect student” but yea cause of your love for Kakeru you let him die anyway. Oh yea then you pass out and you wake up once again and you’re so happy you immediately kiss Kakeru although the kiss scenes were really crappy in this game so there wasn’t any actual mouth 2 mouth contact. So then a few months later with everyone dead except you and Kakeru, the two of you go out on a “romantic date”. I dunno I liked this ending more than the one above but I still didn’t like how everyone just randomly died.

whitelab03This was probably my favorite ending. I took the Wataru route and basically when Kamishiro goes insane you don’t protect anyway and act like a little pussy and cover your head with your hands and shut your eyes. Immediately after, Kakeru is there and he’s acting like he’s dying and he goes “you love my brother don’t you” and immediate you go “YES I LOVE HIM!” Then the jig is up and everyone actually gets up and there as well is the whole Kendo club going “we got it on tape!” Then eventually Wataru wakes up because they used a stun gun on him or something, and they show him a video of Mizuho going “I love him I love him etc” They all go congratulations! And they say he has to answer her confession so the final CG is of him giving her a bouquet of flowers going “I love you”. Yea that was obviously my favorite ending, even if there was no porn.

whitelab08So then just outta morbid curiosity I picked the choice where I “protect them both” from Kamishiro. Needless to say that opened up a whole new can of worms, and by worms I mean CGs and basically you really end up with “neither” but it was still a happy sorta ending that I thought was better than the first 2 where one or the other brother dies. So in this one, Kamishiro is basically like a zombie or something and he’s walking around with his rifle so you spend the time looking for him to make sure he’s dead. At this point you still aren’t aware of any gamma viruses so you just spend time gathering kitchen utensils to use as weapons.

whitelab06At one point the three of you run off into the computer lab to do research because you run into the psycho Kamishiro who starts choking Wataru. With the help of you and your trusty butcher knife you stab Kamishiro multiple times and then you all run off into that lab. It’s also freezing ass cold so you all decide to make a sandwich under a blanket.

whitelab07Anyway eventually you find the vaccine (after Kamishiro is bitchsmacked by Kakeru another 10 times) and then you decide to share it with the 3 of you even though the dose was only for 1 person. In the end you wake up at a hospital and you see a bandaged up and on a crutch Kakeru & Wataru. They said that the medicine worked on them right away, but it took a few hours for you to wake up. So yea you live happily ever after and not really end with anyone. Actually I think this is the ending that would be like the segue into the 2nd game where you really do get to pick this time who you end up with…there’s no orgy endings. (Or is there?)

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