Otome Game Review: Kare to Kare no Hazama De

This is another rehash. The opening of this game is JP’s favorite. 😆 I also love how in this game it’s all ages but there’s still a sex scene!! That’s how all otome games should be! Just for the record the DX pack (and this OP movie) comes also with Kare to Kare White Labyrinth which I will post in a separate post from this one (possibly tomorrow). This game is specifically to the high school arc and the wedding bonus arc.

family01This game is rated ages 12 and up! Because although there is no actual visual porn, there is an implied sex scene! (For more details see the rest of this post!) So as almost a continuation from the “twins” ending of the last game, you now “run into” them on your way to school. At this point though, you have no idea who they are and they appear to be “new transfer bishies”. You are still Mizuho however this time you have short purple hair and you look like a 12 year old loli rather than a 17 year old high school student that you are supposed to be.

family02Oh yea at the beginning we have this flashback of you and 2 shotas playing in a flower field. One of them gives you a clover ring while the other makes a little flower headband for you. Of course you think it’s just a dream but that all changes when you meet these 2 bishies (and get your hair stuck in their uniform buttons.) Most of the game is incredibly boring and tedious so thankfully the 2nd time around you can speed scroll through it (except the scenes with the other guy.) They stretch out stupid things like going to school, eating dinner with your family or going to the ice cream shop with your loli best friend Yuuka.

family03So here is Yuuka. She’s also “17” but yea she looks like she skipped a few grades or didn’t drink her milk when she was a child. (with bovine growth hormone as quoted by JP.) Anyway she also has an “older” boyfriend but that doesn’t stop her from constantly giving you “love advice” and eating cake and ice cream with you. Oh yea she also “leaves you alone” with your bishie and at one point has to ditch you because her “boyfriend is here to pick her up.” In the wedding games she ends up marrying him and having babies (which according to JP are probably bigger than her.) Anyway you get home one day and the 2 bishies are there because as it turns out, your mom decides to remarry THEIR dad becuase your father and their mother have died a while ago. This sends you into a fit of despair but then you decide to deal with it.

family04So anyway I decided to play Wataru’s story first because he had glasses and was all serious but his glasses were and on and off kinda deal. Also he is voiced by Miyano Mamoru 😈 Wataru is the typical perfect guy who is top in grades, and is the champion of his kendo team. Unfortunately though, he really sucks in the love department and is rather a prude. Like at one point where you go to wake him up and you fall on top of him, he wakes up later going “I think I felt something small and soft on me.” This of course pisses you off cause then you’re like “How dare he think that my boobs are small!” But you give him the benefit of the doubt because you realize that he’s just being a gentleman.

family05The big “climax” with Wataru, is just like in the first game, the “antagonist” turns out to be the younger brother who obviously has a raging crush on you. He even like jumps on you and says he loves you and tries to like have his way with you until Wataru appears to save you. And because of this he admits his love to you. A few days later, the parents are away somewhere and Kakeru’s out all night at his part time job so the two of you decide to try bonking. Conveniently, Wataru has condoms on him because his “kendo captain” gave him some. LAWL.

family06In the wedding game, you basically pick who you want to marry. Needless to say there are no options. Once you pick “the guy to marry” you just go through dialogue and get 3 CGs. Wataru’s wedding story was pretty dumb. First he had to “get permission” from his own father (lol) to marry his step mom’s daughter. The dad approves and then he and Wataru get piss drunk. That night Wataru apologizes for being drunk and then crawls into bed with you and you let him “just this one time”…because yes you are both still living with your parents…being Japan and all. Eventually you have your wedding ceremony and coincidentally aside from Yuuka, Ayumi & Koyuki – the dead girls from the first game – are there to cheer you on.

family07So after I finished the first game I went back to play Kakeru’s story. The good part is once you play the 2nd time, there are icons that appear next to your “choices”. The one with Kakeru’s face was the “correct” option so even if I didn’t have a guide to follow, I coulda easily finished this game with all the CGs. I found Kakeru’s story to be a bit more wholesome and interesting. Mainly the reason is rather than being this model perfect student he had dreams to be I think an architect and travel the world and sketch out famous towers like Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa. He was also a big flirt and he admitted to being a pervert.

Sofamily08 at one point where the two of you decide to go on a date, while you change he comes up worrying that you took so long and runs into you half naked. Then he apologizes saying he didn’t mean to, but when you say “oh you don’t wanna see me naked..” he immediately says “YES I DO…I MEAN NO I DON’T! AHH! OK YES I’M A PERVERT!” Unlike with Wataru who waited endlessly downstairs like a polite (prude) that he is. Also one of the CGs was they spent the afternoon playing with bubbles which I thought was cuter than spending it in the park with the stupid dog who kept jumping on both Wataru & Mizuho and endlessly drooling on them until it began to rain and then ran home.

family09The big climax for Kakeru was that he got into a fight with his dad because he wanted to study abroad. Eventually after much violence, his dad approved and the two of you were like all happily ever after. After the credits it shows you two on the beach for Valentine’s Day, where Kakeru specially reserved a “love hotel” room for the two of you to have your “romantic (sex) scene”. For the wedding, they don’t actually show the wedding but they do show the two of you going on your “honeymoon” to Hawaii. Basically most of the time is spent arguing about what bathing suit to wear, stop staring at Blonde/Blue eyed American women, don’t put oil on my back in front of everyone, don’t make me drown…which then you DO drown and pass out for 3 days. To make up for it though, you allow him to have his way with you.

Oh yea and as I promised the oh so steamy ero scenes:
family10 family11


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  1. Thats how all sex scenes should be. Hinano do you know where i can get Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru

  2. Don’t happen to know of a website that sells this game, do you? Or at least any way I can get ahold of it?

    I played Insani’s demo a while back and loved it, but have had no luck at all finding either a legit copy for sale or a copy up for download. 😦

  3. I mean other than getchu.com or maybe amazon.co.jp
    yesasia.com may have it as well. The problem with the first 2 links is sometimes stuff like software doesn’t ship outside Japan ^^;

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