World Tour Progress and other notes.

8 more to go ^^;
8 more to go ^^;

So I started on the world tour this evening and we did Ice Spa through Blue Lagoon.  Tomorrow I’d like to do the other 8 but it’s hard to gather people sometimes ^^;. This evening I managed to pull everyone via twitter or msging through friend list but sometimes some people have already done a course that I’m about to do ~_~;  I’ll probably play more maybe this weekend as well. Tomorrow I’d like to setup an organized tourney time if anyone would like to join. It’s going to be the same as today but here’s the details anyway:

Server: Black Papel Free 3
Time: Starts at 6:30PM EST/ 3:30 PM EST – probably ends around 11PM EST.
Room name: World (star) Tour
PW: 666
Time: 40 min for all tourneys because speeders are expensive 😯
Courses: The goal tomorrow is to get the rest of the courses listed above that do not have a gray papel on them.

If you can stop by to play any of them it would be great 🙂

7 thoughts on “World Tour Progress and other notes.

  1. Congrats Hinano, so far I’ve managed to finish ONE course (Ice Spa), of course for the 10 people that played 7-8 were Brazilians with their affs -_-;. Chat off is a good thing… I don’t think that I can pull all nighter 11 PM is 5 AM in my timezone but one-dwo tourneys are doable.

  2. Hmmm 6pm EST/ 3pm EST? ><"

    I'll try to join, since the there's a 12 hour difference timezone for me T_T

  3. Alright 🙂 Whoever can make it is great. I mean we’d really just need at least 2 people since JP is automatically forced to play 😈

    Worst case scenario is we’ll have to open the room to randoms to get a 4th but shouldn’t be so bad. What you mentioned Abi is the reason I’m avoiding public tourneys ^^;

  4. Hm, I’ll try to attend but the time difference might affect me. Since it starts at 11PM, I might be able to play a game or two.

  5. Yea sorry about that, I’d have it earlier but I’m still at work ^^; Maybe we can organize something on Saturday morning so everyone in every time zone gets a chance to play =)

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