Pangya Wii JP Voices

So for those wondering what the Japanese voices for the Pangya Wii sound like check out this video I found on youtube. Interestingly enough, the translations into the English Wii voices were pretty damn accurate. From the “Sorry I simply cannot lose” by Kaz to Hana’s “I can’t believe it I won!” Come to think of it, the English voices aren’t so bad after all ya know? I mean if the English voices in the miracle club set in the US pangya are decent enough, I might actually get it. They grow on you I swear (and the male ones are usually pretty decent.) Actually I thought Uncle Bob’s and Max’s English voices were great and sounded better in English than Japanese.

Uwoooo Piano Dresses!!!!

Do want!
Do want!

I think one of my favorite girl dress items for Pangya is the piano dress. Maybe it’s because I played piano for 9 years in my childhood or maybe I just love the designs but I want Piano dresses NOWWW in our not-yet-released cash shop. In addition this week Japan is getting a piano dress for Lucia too!! I hope it’s a KR item as well or we’ll never see it T_T

Although I suppose we first need to get season 4…;_; And get rid of hackers and 1million pang feather shops….=3=;;;