Ugh…the lag….@_x

Riding the robot pony
Riding the robot pony

So far Prius Online has been great. I’ve enjoyed playing and doing the quests and both JP & I are up to level 17. However we’re both now faced with the biggest problem of MMO games (besides botters and hackers): LAG. Now while Prius may lag on some people’s computers becuase it requires high specs is one thing, however this is clearly server lag because on my desktop I have 0 video lag. Due to this both JP and I have died multiple times because out of nowhere we got like 5 guys pummeling us to death and we don’t even know it. The bizarre thing is, it’s not like the area is full of people! We’ll be killing stuff and there’s absolutely no one within an eyes view around us, yet somehow we will still get lagged. It got so bad this evening that I got booted off from the server twice. The worst part is since this is open beta, there’s no forum or anything to discuss the lag and I didn’t see any kind of place where you report this crap. I really do hope there is something being done because while I don’t mind a lag spike once in a while, it’s becoming completely unplayable like this. -__-;

I really like this game and I don’t want to quit playing just because the server is poorly run ;_;. Hopefully they will fix these issues within the next server maintenance. If there’s massive lag with only a few more people on during the weekend, I don’t want to imagine what it will be like in a few weeks when more people sign up 😦

Eroge Review: Nursery Rhyme

So after a 2 months of playing on and off I finally finished Nursery rhyme. The problem is this game was Lump of Sugar’s first release and sadly the only thing going for it is a catchy theme song and really cute and well drawn CGs. The game has like no story and everything is stereotypical as possible. I mean there are some stereotypical stuff that I like, but it felt as if the main male lead, Shizuma was some kind of asexual starfish that had no reactions or feelings towards anyone in the game – that is until the last 4 arcs. Continue reading “Eroge Review: Nursery Rhyme”