Uwoooo Piano Dresses!!!!

Do want!
Do want!

I think one of my favorite girl dress items for Pangya is the piano dress. Maybe it’s because I played piano for 9 years in my childhood or maybe I just love the designs but I want Piano dresses NOWWW in our not-yet-released cash shop. In addition this week Japan is getting a piano dress for Lucia too!! I hope it’s a KR item as well or we’ll never see it T_T

Although I suppose we first need to get season 4…;_; And get rid of hackers and 1million pang feather shops….=3=;;;

9 thoughts on “Uwoooo Piano Dresses!!!!

  1. Oh you played piano for 9 years ? I don’t know why I say that must I think it really suits you XD

    Anyway I love thoses dresses too and Lucia is very class act with this new dress :3 Hana is (for once) the ugliest imo 😡

  2. Surprisingly enough Korea don’t have Piano Dress for Lucia yet, but on the other hand due to a takeover, Korea is a little bit behind Japan right now (remember Nurse Sets and Headphones?). As for Hana, maybe her dress is the ugliest one because its also the cheapest. Poor little Hana, developers are cutting the corners on her outfits, those damn bastards XD.

  3. I forgot to say that Korea does have Piano outfits for other girls but you probably know that already :D.

  4. Main> maybe cause all russians play piano? lol.

    Abi> I’ve been getting the impression that the main modeling team is now based in Japan and Korea pays them money instead lol

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