Pangya Wii JP Voices

So for those wondering what the Japanese voices for the Pangya Wii sound like check out this video I found on youtube. Interestingly enough, the translations into the English Wii voices were pretty damn accurate. From the “Sorry I simply cannot lose” by Kaz to Hana’s “I can’t believe it I won!” Come to think of it, the English voices aren’t so bad after all ya know? I mean if the English voices in the miracle club set in the US pangya are decent enough, I might actually get it. They grow on you I swear (and the male ones are usually pretty decent.) Actually I thought Uncle Bob’s and Max’s English voices were great and sounded better in English than Japanese.

7 thoughts on “Pangya Wii JP Voices

  1. The voices fit the characters well. I like the Kooh voice… that would be great to hear over and over in the game lol

  2. I think only Arin and Hana really bother me. Cecilia’s was fine and I think Kooh’s was a fitting loli as well. Kaz I didn’t like mainly cause I had to turn my music down to even hear wtf he was saying.

  3. Ayako Kawasumi is famous indeed. I usually don’t paid much attention to seiyuu’s names, but I do remember Kugimiya because her tsundere type roles annoys me tremendously.

  4. Wii Pangya Season 2 US’s voices were actually reasonably decent. Of course, there were the big fat FAILS like Dolfini and Titanboo, but whatever…

  5. What? Titanboo the Barry White was freaking awesome 😆 Arin’s orgasmic tomahawk was the ultimate fail for me lol….and dolfini’s just done some hard livin’ in his life xDDD

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