Playing Super Swing Golf aka Pangya Wii!

Don't mind the crappy photos I took with my cell phone
Don't mind the crappy photos I took with my cell phone

So even though I got my Wii last week I was stuck playing Wii golf until today when the game finally came 🙄 Anyway since JP wasn’t home I decided to start on story mode or whatnot with Hana.

Scout is a naughty shota
Hana is looking quite ripe.

It was a little bit unusual to see the slightly different facial designs from the online game but it’s all good. A lot of the outfits are the same as well as courses & music. The music has a slightly different touch to it but it’s generally the same. Since I got the US version of the game……I had to hear the English voices. 😡 Well I honestly don’t mind Quma’s or even Scout’s voices but Hana’s voice makes my ears bleed. Also Dolphini sounds like he/she has smoked too many cigarettes rofl. Pipin is ok and I just started so I haven’t heard anyone else but Cecilia so far. (Hers is decent too.)

I kicked JP's ass immediately.
I kicked Scout's shota ass.

What’s fun about Pangya is you can wear any clothes any time. In other words they are not “level locked” so I was able to buy the china dress set for Hana. In addition since you “pay for the game” you no longer are restricted to “pang or cookie” items. I know it’s a “duh” concept but it’s really refreshing to be able to enjoy all the outfits without having to fork over real cash for them considering I only spend $36 on the game itself. As far as swinging, it was a hell lot easier in Wii Golf. For some reason the swinging system in Pangya Wii is horrendous so I just ended up using the game pad so that my shoulder wouldn’t fly off.  The game also has fun mini-games you can play with others which reminded me a lot of season 4’s Approach Mission as well as the warps from Lost Seaway (perhaps these were an inspiration?)

Anyway overall the game is fun. Hitting Tomas/Spikes is nearly impossible right now without using the noob clubs (and even then it’s still pretty difficult cause the keys are so close together.) However I am enjoying the general game concept, and horrible voice actors aside it’s a nice way to play Pangya without dealing with AFFers and poorly run game companies. If by chance our Pangya US accounts aren’t migrated and we start back in S3, I may as well just continue playing my Wii version until US gets season 4. My motivation to “wait for the US server to open” is pretty little now that I have something else Pangya related keeping me busy. :3

13 thoughts on “Playing Super Swing Golf aka Pangya Wii!

  1. Scout and Quma are both like “BELIEVE IT DATTEBAYO!”

    Dolphini is like “::cough:: I’ve had some hard livin’ in my life ::blows::”

  2. lol, played this wii version like… 15 months ago. yeah i did switch to the gamepad.

    prolly thats something that happens with someone who is used to hit well =p

    my sister who never played it, used to hit pangya @_@

    still.. after 2 holes it was a good thing that i didnt break any window XD

  3. I’ve never played Wii version but judging from all those screenshots found on websites, Wii characters looks better overall except for a bit dull facial designs. That’s the price for keeping PC version requirements at the lowest level possible ;( . Have fun with kicking other skinny/fat/loli/ojousama/andwhatnot asses ^_^ .
    Ps. Changing voices of Japanese games without leaving original dubbing as an option should be punishable by law >.< .

  4. LOL Alex, xDDD Actually I’m using Scout right now because he has slightly better stats (and looks cuter) than my Hana. Also Hana’s voice makes my ears bleed T_T; I plan to use uncle bob once I get enough pang for his set 😆

    kimagure> Lola is annoying me to shit too. “MAKE IT GO FLLLYYINNG” sounds like some bimbo cheerleader 😡

    DS> yea at least until they bring Pangya US back 😆

    Abi> well i think the original was korean wasn’t it? I dont understand korean so I guess I’d rather hear english than Korean, but i’d rather hear Japanese. If wii wasn’t region locked I woulda bought the JP version anyway

  5. Hinano> original game indeed is Korean but the Wii version was made by Tecmo and this is Japanese developer. I heard Korean voice clubs once on Youtube, they were weird…

  6. I like Korean, I find it amusing (but not as much as Czech ^_^) and I love some of the Korean movies (their doramas are a bit too extreme to my taste though >.<). My problem with Korean Voice Sets is that some of the voices do not match characters at all. And yeah, Boa is cute when she sings Korean *^^*.

  7. There is a sort of “level lock” for items though. You sometimes have to get to the present boxes or do so many games or something and it’ll unlock more clothes to buy. Not the same sort as the online game, but still a sort of lock.

    I got to Wiz Wiz and Wind Hell and was like “Screw this” and stopped playing. xD Swing OR Pad, 3* courses are hell on the Wii. Sucks that there’s no online deal with this. D: Though Nintendo’d prolly screw it up like SSBB. >__>;

    And yeah, Hana’s voice is fail. Most of the guy’s voices are pretty decent, it’s when it comes to the girl’s its hit or miss.

  8. yea i don’t really get why the girls voices sound like nails on chalkboard. maybe they were trying to go for the cutesy feeling but ended up sounding overhyper or stoned

  9. lol, I didn’t even KNOW that there was a U.S. game~ (and don’t mull over the voice acting thing…that happens EVERY time something is translated into english >>;)

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