Bright Shadow Game Notes & Gripes

bsnotesSince there’s really no English resource anywhere for Bright Shadow I guess my blog will have to be it for now. (Hopefully one day some company will pick this game up but who knows maybe it’s too expensive??) While playing BS for the past 2 weeks I learned a lot of new things and game mechanics which I figured I’d share instead of trying to explain them to you guys in game in the little chat box 😕

Death Penalty: Despite what I first thought there actually IS a death penalty. The way it works is different from other games. Normally when you die you’d lose like 1% or whatnot from your exp. However not in BS. When you die here, you won’t lose any % of your earned exp BUT! prepare to be penalized in other ways. Your “exp earned” will be penalized so things that maybe normally give you 1% will give you .3% 😯 in addition you will get less SP from killing monsters, which in turn will make your SP gauge low, and remember if you don’t have enough SP you can’t use it to heal yourself or use any of your skills. (This is particularly bad if you are a mage let me tell you…)

Teleporting: The teleport system in BS is probably the worst I’ve ever seen. I mean Megaten’s is shitty too but the fact that Megaten only has like 8 maps that are closely located near each other, and that you can use a mount which will make you invincible makes it a whole lot easier. However in BS the teleporters are only located in towns. Therefore, say you’re 4 maps away from a field doing your questing, then suddenly your inventory is full and you gotta sell. Oops too bad, have fun walking (or riding your +20 speed tiger because any other faster mounts are cash items) back to town 4 maps away. There are no items that “warp you back to home point” except cash shop items. I mean I can understand items that “teleport you anywhere” but come on warping back to home point is such a basic thing!!

Lack of Seller NPCs: This ties in with the teleporting issue. Your inventory is full and you have to go back to town to sell. What I don’t understand is, there’s a seller NPC in the tower outside of the towns, and there’s a seller NPC in that Saint field (my kanji is terrible so I just remember names by whatever I can read lol). Unfortunately the Saint map/entrance is so far away from where I was questing it was actually FASTER to just go to the tower and sell in there. How sad is that. I mean I’m a mage but what about archers? What if they want to buy arrows? It’s like this either forces them to craft arrows, forces them to waste stats on STR just so they can carry items or forces them to run back to town everytime they need to restock on Ammo.

“Get the Item” Quests: Are a nightmare. Okay not all are a nightmare but when it takes you half a day of playing just to get 30 items for 2 people (15/each) you know something’s wrong. Today JP & I had the misfortune of doing the chimera/bird woman quests in the electric field. I mean literally I counted how much % those things gave me and how much % I received total. We must have killed 600 of these turkeys just to get 15 quest items. I mean you’d think the quest item is some kind of super rare equipment or something. It’s as if they purposely want you to grind for quest items so that way you feel like you’re grinding for a reason. I can kinda agree with that reasoning but I wish instead they’d just add more quests so we can kill different monsters. One main gripe is since we’re killing these chickens & turkeys all day, we keep getting cleric & gunner items. Almost no mage items. Until we got to the statue quest at level 31, did I finally get some useful mage drops.

Revive Items: Again, this is a cash shop only item. At this point if you die the only way to revive is if someone has a skill (cleric) or you have the special item. I’ve seen some people on channel 1 selling them in shops but for 300,000 gold. On the topic of shops it looks like all lottery items basically go from 2million to 10million per PIECE. (So if you say include top, bottom, boots, gloves & hat = be prepared to pay about 25-35 million gold…) In addition the lottery items seem like they give no stats and are purely for looks. Umm wait then what’s the point again? Equipment makes a big difference in this game. It’s like a difference for a monster to hit me for 25 or 125.

Hunter Stones: While this is a good idea, cause you never know if there’s a party doing the same quest as you – I’ve seen virtually no one using them. I mean on the other hand when I log on most of Japan’s sleeping but even when I was in channel 1 nobody used them. My guess is once people join a guild they just party with their guild. Maybe this system works better in Taiwan or would work better in the US if the game was ever picked up.

Pets: The pet system is pretty neat. They are like an accessory that give you additional stats. I currently have a pet that gives me +20 magic. Pets can vary depending on level. My pet is level 30 but the next “tier” is at level 45. You get pets by doing quests inside the tower. They can be pretty challenging but if you go with a party it can be pretty doable within an hours time. Just don’t try to get a pet that’s higher in level than you, most likely the tower quest will just end up being too difficult.
That’s all I have for now. If anyone thinks of anything else I didn’t mention please comment.


5 thoughts on “Bright Shadow Game Notes & Gripes

  1. To be more specific: the death penalty gives you a penalty to experience and SP for each time you die. That includes dying while the penalty is active

    1 death: 90%
    2 deaths: 85%
    3 deaths: 80%
    4 deaths: 70%

    I hadn’t figured out how much experience you need to get out from a death penalty because I think it varies. The wiki says it’s 5% at 1 death and 10% at 2, but it seemed like one time I needed like 12%, another time only like 4%.

  2. Crap, so there was a death penalty after all. Ugh, I’ve died so many times now… maybe that’s why I’m leveling up kinda slowly compared to you guys. ;A; Now I gotta be more careful from now on. ><;

    Also, yeah, the monster-item quests are such a pain. At least with the monster-target ones I know every single one of my ‘killings’ actually count. xD

  3. Death penalty looks rather harsh (and complicated) compared to other games, when you mostly now exactly what are the consequences. Top picture – what a cute couple you and JP are ^_- .

  4. Yea once my penalty was gone I was getting exp significantly faster. Ugh but now that I know this I will level faster but simultaneously will find myself running through maps more often on tony the tiger :S

  5. arrows are just ok, its just like every other mmo
    stock a lot and walk around XD

    it just takes a while to get used to it XD

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