Pangya US site finally up

So much for March 12...
So much for March 12...

Well I waited all day Thursday but it was midnight EST time and it still wasn’t up so I went to bed. No offense to Ntreev, but this isn’t exactly the best first impression I am getting of the company. Promising to release the site on a certain date then releasing it in the very last hours of that date? 🙄 Whatever.

Now that the site is up, it’s quite obvious we’re in season 3. This basically puts Pangya US on the same level as GOA, save for a few lottery items. Since we’re still in S3, I hope they at least a) fix the guild chat b) add tourney awards collection (as in like best speeder, best driver etc.) and c) split up the servers properly (one for sellers, one for tourneys, one for vs) but that’s probably wishful thinking.

The only thing I want right now is for my super swing golf 2 for the wii to arrive in the mail (time to complain to Newegg) because my excitement for US Pangya sorta died now. I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t even think they will transfer our accounts anymore. Hopefully I’m proven wrong.

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  1. Yeah it doesn’t look good at all. I think that anybody with decent html skills would put this kind of site in a hour or two, not the whole damn month… The new forum looks worse than previous one IMO and all posts from Trickster subforum were deleted.
    Super Swing Golf 2 sounds nice ^^, unfortunately I don’t have Wii and all golf games on DS looks like crap :/ (no Mario Golf on DS – WTF ??).

  2. i just go the wii like 2 days ago, got a newsletter from newegg about it. unfortunately for some stupid reason the game hasn’t come yet so I’ve tried the “wii golf” but it’s really crappy and boring XD

    i noticed the new forum is kinda…lacking so I don’t feel like re-registering on it…nor do I feel like reposting everything again. if they can’t even transfer forum can they transfer our accounts? 🙄

  3. Actually you don’t have to register to the new forum, I registered a day before they made a new one and my login/pass still works.

  4. “At this point in time we are still optimistic about a late March launch for the game.”

    that doesn’t sound too confident…

  5. I personally think we all need to hang in there, ntreev was good enough to at least give up the game on a different server, this game is like crack to me, i love the layout and gameplay, lots of new people to meet, lots of trickshots and animation, you should all try to remember one thing, to transfer this whole thing over (wether its accounts and “cookies” or not) there are over a million users on this game or somewhere therein, i’m a bit stressed to because i spent cash on it as well and spent a good 2 months stuck at senior d…(where i still am) i am willing to give em the benifit of the doubt and hope they can pull off the whole transaction soon but i prefer quality over quantity, og ditched us pretty quick, but they did give us a couple good years of well maintained golf, i think ntreev will outdo them in the long run, but have a feeling we’ll all need a lot of patience in the start…as the old saying goes, the ark wasn’t built in a day, hang in there guys n gals, and if you’re one of those trying to sucker people into their passwords please go find yourself another game, we’re all here to play a great game and have fun doing it, patience all this will work out i’m due time, thank you ntreev I appreciate the job your doing! tim

  6. Too bad Super Swing Gold Season 2 doesn’t have an online mode. xD (Then again, Wii fails with a lot of online VS kinda stuff… so I suppose it’s for the better) I kinda stopped working on it when it hit the 3* courses. 😛

    I’m not gonna deal with anything Ntreev until the game’s actually up and rolling. ‘Specially since I don’t care for the other Ntreev hosted games.

  7. I’m using Firefox 2.0, and it gives me this error: “The license file is not for this authentication module. Please contact to purchase a license for this authentication module.” It might be due to the old version I’m using, I’ll try upgrading to v3.

  8. Is Pangya USA only available for people staying in the USA like Pangya Japan? I’ve tried loging in PangyaUSA but failed, same with Pangya Japan.

  9. As far as I know there are no region blocks. Japan blocks everyone outside the .jp range, but USA should be available for everyone.

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