Pangya USA Coming or Going or something…

From Ntreev:

Here at Ntreev USA, we are excited to announce the launch of the official Pangya Website on March 12th, 2009. This introduction of the Ntreev USA Pangya site will be initially limited to just a number of key features. Players will be able to access the Official Ntreev USA Pangya Forum, Announcements and Updates as they are posted. Don’t fret though, this is only the beginning! Our teams are hard at work to provide “the” fully operational official Ntreev USA Pangya website. We hope you are all as excited about these new changes as we are, and we promise to have things up and running as soon as possible.

Please keep in mind, the official Ntreev USA launch of Pangya will be late March, 2009! We’ll keep you posted.

Again, thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you back out on the greens.

– Ntreev USA Pangya Team

Umm okay…so now it’s late March 2009.

Does that mean in the past 30 days absolutely nothing was done except some quick sloppy HTML work 😐 Sorry to sound like a party pooper but I have a feeling we’re not getting our accounts transferred. I think it was tonycheese who brought up the great point that OGP did not announce anything about Pangya being transferred to another company, they did not direct us to Ntreev and any mention of Ntreev would result in bans/closed or deleted threads.

With this in mind it doesn’t seem like OGP would be that much cooperative to just hand our accounts over. I bet they wanted to charge ridiculous pricing and Ntreev was just like “the loses are a lot worse than gains here” and most likely the accounts will not transfer forcing us to start over. Now while I don’t have any amazing e-card items I did spend $80 on like 6 Arin astro outfits. However I might be more forgiving if we are getting Season 4 + a ton of exp/pang events with the opening of the US server. I think a lot of others would be forgiving as well. However if there’s no account transfer + we start back on Season 3 as empty inventory rookies, a lot of people will probably not come back and those that do come back will probably hesitate to spend anymore real money on this game.

Let’s hope for the best but prepare for the worst.


28 thoughts on “Pangya USA Coming or Going or something…

  1. My no-real-money-in-“free”-games is again saving me from loosing some cash but even then it would be really horrible to lost those pangs items that I gathered in A18. My A18 account is not even close to my Japanese account I mean I’ve got Arin instead of Lucia and a whole class lover level Junior A in A18 Senior A in Japan but still this is a real scam. Hove come Koreans from Hanabisoft can be a civilized people and give back the game to their creators and those American greedy bastards from OGP show every player from A18 a middle finger ? Too bad that you can’t use Pangya emoticons cause I really want to show how angry I am right now grrrrrr.

  2. lol I know right. OGP is such shit, I hate them so much. I don’t understand how anyone can still play any of their games after what they did to Pangya.

  3. I’m still going to hope they transfer out accounts. GM Loki has expressed that it hasn’t been an easy road, and nothing is for sure yet in all honesty. Though I’m positive OGP isn’t doing a thing to make it easier on them. OGP kind of threw up their hands and said fuck you. So all in all it’s gonna be a tough road for Ntreev, though they must know that people are ready to leave depending on the job they do. I don’t mind being patient while they get everything sorted.

  4. Yea i’m occupied with other mmos at the moment so it’s not a biggie, but more than items I think the levels for me would be the worst.I was halfway to Amateur E XD

  5. Well…at least it’s still March. The never said the day A18 closes they’d be up. I wouldn’t doubt that the account transfer would be a pain. I’ve had to deal with data dumps from other parties before, and you never know what you’re dealing with. OGP’s database of account info might be a different format, or who knows what at this point.

    I understand your pessimism, but I guess I’m still holding out for good news. They also might be looking at how the Korea transfer goes todayish, looking at what goes well there before they fork up something here. From a system perspective this has to be a pain, so I give ntreev the benefit of the doubt, for now anyway.

    OGP on the other hand, can suck donkey balls for all I care.

  6. unfair for all of us, totally unfair, we all look like idiots out there huh… OGP doesnt love their gamers, i mean of all that we’ve spent out there would be totally be a thank you for them. all they care about is the money that comes in for them. i dunno what to say anymore… it’s all crap… like they are stealing from us, they stole our love for the game, our time is stolen, and our money… damn of all things why it does have to happen?

    now here we are waiting for something, might a “miracle” would happen in ntreev… hope when upon pangya usa there’d be a better compensation for all of ex-alba18ers than OGP would give on playing their other games…

    ntreev might or might not. let’s see how things would happen here. if nothing happens then ntreev would be a lot alike OGP. yeah i mean it.

  7. kimaguresan> LIke I said my concern isn’t with Ntreev transferring accounts, but more with OGP actually giving them “easy access” to the accounts. HanbitSoft was willing to cooperate but OGPlanet are a bunch of greedy pig fuckers 😐

    PangNotdead> for now at least Ntreev GMs are reassuring everyone on the forums and responding to threads, as opposed to deleting threads and banning people for no reason. That’s a good sign at least.

  8. Well, they better do something like transfers, else a lot of persons will be pretty dissappointed with the game, including myself. Nevertheless, would be interesting to start with Season4, if ever.

  9. In a worst case scenario of all is lost, I’ll be pulling an all-nighter once more to own Kooh first once more.


  10. roflmao. if all is lost but we get season 4 i’ll start fresh with lucia. otherwise i may just continue using my Arin. spent way too much money on her.

  11. do we really have to start all over again? how much time do we have to spend reaching senior C level to achieve max 29 control in? it takes 15 days game time to reach, based on my experience and it might be 20-30 days up for those who’re always losing exp. game time is summed up while we play in versus and not included on count our time wandering at psq’s or browsing shop or whatever you do when not in the greens.

    how much average pang would you get per hole and how many holes would you play just to buy a titan boo or to upgrade your upgrade slots, and at times we really have to buy bulk of pang masteries just to double up our pangs every hole, could someone just imagine how we spend on that? yeah we enjoy things we’ve worked alot and all of a sudden it comes to nothing just because that company doesn’t have an income anymore. fuxx u for OGP.

    it isn’t my first time cos im from another server that shutted down with the same reason and i just migrated to alba18, and now it’s happening to me again. it doesn’t really matter to me but my sympathy for the others that all they can do is par up that par 4 hole or just birdie up and all they care about is to dress up their arin. then it might spend waaay too much time for them to gather pangs.

    i just discussed about gathering pangs and haven’t include the much needed cash items that needed to spend in game. i just want you to realize that what OGP’s doing is not really really right for us. they may compensate on other games but what about those who really loves playing pangya and wants to continue their journey in PangyaUSA if they would really have to start all over again?

    OGP sux

  12. Perhaps ntreev spent the last 30 days running their other games…?
    I agree, it’s a bit slack that we don’t have more yet. But it’s a waiting game at the moment.

    I personally think OGplanet are milking the situation. Bastards.

  13. PangNotDeaD> Well when I started over on GOA I discovered I hit pangya more often with only 21 control (it was strange phenomena). In addition if we get season 4, reaching higher levels will not take great lengths assuming that Ntreev will hold some double exp/double pang events more often. When I played on the JP server it only took me like 4 months to reach Amateur E (and I didn’t play more than maybe 4 hours a day)

    Yea we know OGP sucks, and shit hit the fan with them, but we need to basically move on and figure out how to get out of this mess at the moment ^^;

    stormcatz> I think OGP is laughing at everyone who bought astros during the lack of updates and then found out that they can no longer spend them on A18

  14. just wondering what the site actually is.. i can’t seem to find anything but the little update news.

  15. i totally agreed. i got this bad sinking feeling about my account not being transfer. and worse of all i spent about $300usd on it so far. i so hope it works out good, because i hate to tell everyone what i think of OGP(with a lot of swear words >_>)

    Infact OGP is having problem with their cabal at the moment with the ALZ hacking.


  16. Aw, that sucks…(I never got a chance to play thanks to Brazil, but it sucks for the veteran players) I hope everything works out! Now I finally get a chance at Pangya! 😀

  17. The Pangya site is up and works (well, sort of). The first big warning sign ? Video clip from Season3 an the top of the page…

  18. Oh I forgot, I tried to login using my old login/pass from Crapatross18 – it doesn’t work so no account transfer yet -_-;.

  19. I have problems accessing the forum now, I have managed to do so only once, now it gives me this error: “The license file is not for this authentication module.” I have anyway managed to register myself, or so it seems.


  20. Sniffle, I’d be so heart broken if I have to play as a newb again, I can’t stand playing under 256 power >:|

  21. haha that’s a lot of power O_O I’m pretty confident with 248-252 xD

    I have started over before…its really not so bad, but mainly if we are in season 4. starting over in s3 is a drag.

  22. I wouldn’t mind a great deal starting over Season 3, heh, there’s a’lot of rares I either didn’t try to get or gave away stupidly and would like to get another chance to… Sniffle I miss my rare.

    Overall, if I keep everything I have now i’m good to go.

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