Why I am done with Megaten.

Nice mesh rehash Cave.
Nice mesh rehash Cave.

After careful consideration, I’m basically putting Megaten on the shelf until further notice.

So normally when I play the localized version of a foreign game, I expect the US updates to be behind the original country. When they are not behind, that’s even better, but when the problem stems from the source, this is where things begin to go downhill.

Megaten was fun for the first 40 levels. We did acts, we did quests, we helped our guild members do quests, we got a chance to experiment with different alignments, demons, maps, dungeons, clothes, cards and all that jazz. But it seems the game has come to a drastic hault. I am currently level 46 (almost 47) and for the life of me if I have to run through Ichigaya Silver one more time I’m gonna start barfing on the Kirins (which to this day are still Quilins).

I have all the clothes and weapons I want so there’s nothing to “strive” for. I am seriously done with the cash lottery bullshit so no more of that (and this appears to be the only thing Japan is updating every week now.) There are no more acts or quests to do so running the same dungeon over & over until you puke is the only game play left. A lot of friends got bored as well and have gone off to play other games for the same reasons. All the events Aeria has always involve either buying AP, buying something else and getting AP, or doing some hide & seek thing where the prizes will always be a) Adrianne’s Thread b) Beads of Speed. 🙄

I’m not gonna place the blame on Aeria, as they can’t do much with an incomplete game. However I do blame them for not fixing the translations on some things. I mean I have a skill in support magic that says something like “Raises defense against the Azuluth to the -nds- skill level.” What the fuck? 😯 Needless to say I never bothered getting that skill since I don’t know what the fuck it’s supposed to do.

My biggest complaints for quitting the game are:

  • Money as an inventory slot – this is just complete failure and I’m not gonna even bother going into why as I’d sound like a broken record.
  • Dungeons cater to specific build – It’s okay for dungeons to cater to a specific build or class, but it’s not ok when you only have like 2 dungeons to choose from after level 40. What is the point of playing with “your loyal partner” when you need your “loyal partner” to block pierce? Sure I love my Zouchouten but it doesn’t matter because if I use Ganga in Ichi Silver and Ichi Gold, she doesn’t die cause she blocks at least 70% of the attacks in there.
  • Lack of leveling spots – The only place to level is a dungeon. There is no point in leveling in fields because you will get like no exp. This forces you to level in the same dungeon over & over until you reach the “next dungeon to level in for the next x amount of levels.” That said, the lack of GOOD dungeons is appalling. Why is it only the chaos dungeons give decent exp? Why are all the law ones pussy dungeons except the boss room?
  • Overpowered Lottery Items – While this hasn’t tarnished the US servers quite yet, it’s inevitable because in Japan it’s insane. In addition you will spend zillions of dollars trying to get said overpowered outfit to…only level over & over in the same dungeon you would have leveled in without those items.
  • Teleporting System Sucks – What is the point of being a chaos alignment or law alignment when no one goes to the damn alignment cities. Why? Because getting there is annoying. Sure you can fly there with your mount but it still takes time to run through 2 fields each. Oh wait I get a “once a week” traesto for killing some level 17 monsters to get to that town. But wait all the high level people got tired & quit so only noobs are left in Shinjuku and Home 3 so all the shops are going to be there!
  • No Free Demon Storage – Why do we only get 7 slots? That’s 7 after completing a certain act. We get 1 free normal storage so why don’t we get a free demon storage?
  • Plasma Farming System – This has got to be the stupidest way to make money ever. This system was put in place for crafters to get material so the material from plasmas should be worth like less than 100 macca each. Instead money should be gotten from killing monsters in or out of dungeons. This is such a basic concept I don’t know whose head was up whose ass when they came up with plasma item values. I haven’t plasma farmed in a month because I’ve been able to sell stuff from the invasions but god damn!
  • Wear & Tear System – Now I’ve had other games where weapons would break and you have to fix them but its like so extreme here. Rare lottery items (like my ring & earring) have 10 dura!! 10! And I’ve had 1 dura lost before fixing from an alignment town on a 10 dura item. What the fuck? In addition with non cash shop items, you have to often spend MORE than the item costs to repair it. Sometimes with items that you have not added tarrot cards to, it’s cheaper to just wear it down with cheap repairs or just buy a whole new outfit from someone’s used shop. 🙄
  • Crafting is a Joke – I realize that Megaten has the unique “level the skill as you use it” system which is ok for stuff like attacks, dodges, counters, magic spells etc. However, for crafter? You gotta sit there tarroting sloppy shirts for a month to level your damn synthesis. What the hell? Like I said whose head was up whose ass when they thought of this…
  • Death Penalty is Ridiculous – This once again ties into the whole lack of leveling spots. If you had more places to level you’d level somewhere where you’d get decent exp without dying and losing like half of it. But nope, they don’t have either and they haven’t adjusted the stupid DP leaving the only real playable days are the no death penalty weekends that Aeria has set up.

I’m sure there are other annoyances about this game, but the above as well as lack of maps and acts is what bothers me the most. It was ok before when at least I had stuff to occupy me that I could just brush all of it off. But now that I’m faced with the bleak reality of nothing but grinding in the same dungeon over & over I just can’t take it anymore. This weekend JP & I went to Quartz and Ichi Silver, and after that I just had to log off. If I had to see another Kirin, Picasa, Legion, Chatterskull, Momonofu or Yaksini I was going to hurl.

For now I’ll be focusing my efforts on Bright Shadow and I’m putting this game on hold. I don’t know how long it will be until I come back but that will all depend if Cave ever gets their act together. From what I read elsewhere, this doesn’t seem likely any time soon.

Also, this is why we can’t have nice things.

14 thoughts on “Why I am done with Megaten.

  1. Wow, that is actually quite a long list of complains… I hope Bright Shadow will give you less reasons to stop playing :).

  2. yea I mean eventually we all sorta reach a “stand still” where the game gets boring because there is nothing to do but it was rather short in Megaten…. (only 2 months)

  3. I mostly only put MegaTen on hold due to the whole No more Story thing. If there’s more story released, of course I’m going back.

    And while I could probably not do too bad with Bright Shadow, I think I’ll hang around Mabinogi for a little while. I’ve got most of G1 and all of G2-3 to do now that it’s part of the free service. xD

  4. Hahaha okay have fun I guess ^^ If you decide to come to BS let us know =)

    Yea if Megaten ever adds more quests/acts I’ll come back but since Japan hasn’t been doing anything but adding overpowered Fortune Cards, I’m not holding my breath.

  5. Hey Hinano, I find myself reading your blog much more often than usual these days.

    Would you like to swap links?

    Also, Megaten didn’t seem all that exciting when I played it in Beta… must be the Mabinogi feeling. Probably not worth playing then.


  6. Chun sure thing 😀

    I heard Megaten improved since OB, however that doesn’t change the fact that it’s lacking in many things.

  7. too bad i`m still on ‘reinstall the game’

    i guess its no mmo for me for a while T_T

  8. Yeah you know, I can totally agree with this. I’ve been at this… bout 3 months? Maybe take a month. Haven’t even passed 30 yet, and I’m bored as all hell. The only interesting thing that’s keeping me online, is the demonic fusion system. I like making really awesome Hua Pos for some reason.

    And I totally hear you on that dungeon thing; seriously, the only way to level at a decent rate is in a dungeon. And they all suck IMO.

    Aeria’s gone all Fortune Cards~! on us too, releasing new cards every week for about 10 seconds before they’re all bought out and the items are in Babel for WAY over 500k. And yeah I don’t like farming plasma all that much. Considering everything on me, inventory or equipped, takes up a slot.

    Phail in that department. Utter phail.

  9. I’ve only played 2 months lol and I reached 46, but that was mainly because I was helping guild mates with acts and we grinded during double exp days like crazy. but yes it got quite boring and the non stop cash itemd related updates pissed me off enough to uninstall it.

  10. This is all exactly what I’ve been noticing since I started playing the game about a month or so ago. I joined because my fiancee and some of our friends started playing, but now they’re all having to remake their characters because it’s almost impossible to figure out what you’re doing unless some lv 40-50 clan perp tells you what to do step by step. I’m refusing to remake my character because after a month into the game, I don’t wanna redo all that crap again. I just wanna play it for the storyline, because grind isn’t what I play RPGs for, and this game has grind up the ass in a way I’d never seen before on top of all the other problems.

    Oh, and the money system is beyond flawed, too. But whenever I bring it up, people yell at me like I’m the idiot because I don’t wanna farm/spend a million Makka/Macca every time I need to do something.

  11. yea basically this game lasted me about 2 months until I called it quits too – for all the reasons you and I both mentioned. Anyone who still defends the integrity of this game is just trying to find an excuse to make all their fortune card money a worthwhile investment 😆

  12. yeah me and tow of my friends started playing this and we played pretty much almost 2 months and my friends just up and quite because we had all finished the quests and had pretty decent demons so all that was left was to farm the plasmas or do dungeons… THATS IT NOTHING ELSE =( but other than that i really did enjoy the game just get some more damn quests

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