Bright Shadow English Guild

LOL @ my outfit.
LOL @ my outfit.

Ok so I managed to finally reach level 25 which was the minimum requirement for making a guild XD. So I’ve made the “newest” active English Bright Shadow guild called ☆英語☆. If you’d like to join you can always apply at any Guild person in towns or just message me in game (猫カフェ) for an invite. 🙂 The game’s been fun for the past couple days and thanks to quests we leveled super fast and managed to get decent equipment. I’ve somewhat figured out the way to get the pet, but when JP & I tried to do that quest we got owned by level 25 books. (Had to kill 175 of them in an hour to pass x_X;) I do want to try doing some of the lower level ones though in order to get that tiger mount (which I think at this time is the only mount you can get that isn’t a cash shop item.)

I may post some kind of basic interface guide if anyone is actually interested in playing this game. So far it’s just been me, JP and Alex but would be great if anyone else could play with us.

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  1. Though I admit I am the only one active in my guild at the moment I am usually available. Once someone joins my guild they can see my email address to email me telling me when they are playing, so I can play at the same time. My guild is level 10 with all the guild skills. Guild storage has 5 pages, and I have been saving several equips for lower level players.

    Anyway I would love to help anyone still interested in playing. I’m not really trying to compete I just want to help if I can. Guild Name “Blazing” Guildmaster “Shanaシャナ”. Maybe Email me if you are trying to contact me undergroundruin_(at)hotmail(dotcom)

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