Bright Shadow: Basic Interface

bsint01So in an ongoing attempt to get more non Japanese speaking friends to play I bring you – the interface! This won’t translate quests for you, but don’t be lazy and use the JP wiki along with Jim Breen like the rest of us! 😆

Anyway the first part of the interface above is pretty self explanatory. You got your red HP and blue MP bar. The yellow is the earned exp bar. The “SP” bar is part of the whole Bright Shadow system. You need SP to use attacks, but you can also convert it to HP or MP. In addition you need it to feed your pets or they will return to egg status. The expel/leave commands are for your party members. Once the purple balls on the right of your status thingy fill up, you can use the Bright Shadow icon thing which will basically increase your walking speed as well as attack and defense for a short period of time. This gauge increases as you fight monsters.

bsint021This is your menu that you get by clicking on the BS button on the very left of your screen. Status is your character stats listing your attack info, level, class, etc. Items are obviously your inventory. Everything else is pretty self explanatory. The Card Collection is a system in Bright Shadow in which while killing monsters you collect cads. You can then trade those cards in for equipments, weapons etc. The item shop is the cash shop that they have basically in any F2P MMO. As I mentioned before, I’m pretty much through with foreign game cash shops so I’ll be a freeloader just in case Japan ever decides to ban non Japanese IPs.

bsint03This is the system menu. Pretty standard stuff.

bsint04Once you jump to the shortcut key menu you can set various shortcuts for menus to hit during game. This is pretty helpful because for me witha huge monitor clicking alllll the way on the left is a pain in the butt really. I’ve changed some of my shortcuts and made my “quest” key Q and my quest hint H.

bsint05Finally this is your quest window. Again usually the stuff you have to get will be highlighted in yellow or will say “blah blah 0/10” or something. Like I said the best thing to do is just to follow along with the wiki, it usually tells you where to go and what to gather. Most of the quests are talk to NPC A, kill monster B, talk to NPC C and then go back to NPC A for your reward. The quests are really worth doing because a lot of them give really good exp which could save you hours of grinding. In addition it seems like the quest sort of dry out around level 25 so the best way to get TO 25 is basically by just doing quests.

Anyway I’m enjoying the game so far although I have no idea why it seems like for the last 3 days they’ve had maintenance every night at 10PM my time 😐 I didn’t see any website updates but who knows if it’s some event preparations or emergency bug fixes. It’s not so bad – gets me to go to bed on time 😛


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  1. cause you always test too damn late xDDDD
    i think they’ve been having issues with their monster summoning events (I heard there was even a roll back) but it all happens while I sleep so it never affects me lol

  2. YAY! More english players. My IGNames are Shanaシャナ and Trigger.

    Really nice guide. Thanks.

    There are more guides at my website.

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