Progress in Bright Shadow

Welcome to civilization!
Welcome to civilization!

So anyway I’m having a blast at Bright Shadow. Sometimes I’m too lazy to read what the quest NPCs have to say to me but I do laugh when my options are like “god shot up, I’m sick of running around” 😆 Also what’s unique about BS’s quest system is you don’t just click “accept” or “cancel” you sometimes have to pick the right choices in different order or the NPC gets angry at you and doesn’t give you the quest! While a lot of quests  involve a lot of running around you do get money and experience for them and it makes the time pass. Before you know you’ll have nya-tan flying and telling you that you’ve played for 5 hours and should go take a break (*´∀`*)ノ

Look ma, I glow!

So finally we finished our quests in noob island and went over to Saint Meteor. It’s connected to a huge map of cities and fields not like how noob island is the city, field and 1 dungeon. Tonight I hit level 18 after doing multiple quests in the 2 of the towns. I also managed to get some new threads! The interesting thing about clothing system is you can pretty much buy “sets” from NPCs, but it’s possible to get the same piece of clothing as a monster drop, which will have bonus stats on it. I then just put that one on and sell the old one. In addition it seems clothing that drops also glows *_* There are also clothing sets you can get by collecting demon cards (kinda like in Megaten) but your cards go into your card inventory rather than as an inventory item.

I want to understand more about this game before I start posting weekly updates. I know this week they are having a “School lottery items” update probably since it’s back to school season in Japan. Otherwise I haven’t really paid attention especially considering one of their events is also like 5-7 AM my time 😆 I’m not doing this :waking up at 4AM to play Pangya tournament thing” ever again xD.

Anyway once I hit level 25 here, I plan to make a guild. I did join the one English guild that exists but I’m not sure if the guild master is even active anymore. If by the time I’m 25 they don’t approve me I’ll take that as a no and make our own 😀

Edit: I did some forum research and it appears that you cannot take screenshots on Windows Vista 😦 Only way is to do it manually via IRFanview or something. So yea I probably won’t post up a game album for this game unfortunately. Too cumbersome.


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  1. Hmm maybe you should try some external program like Fraps (shareware version take screenshots just fine) or some free alternative like Taksi. Its not really bothersome, you just set directory, hotkey and shoot as much as you want :).

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