Poupee Hina Matsuri

Kath & her man?
Kath & her man?

..or lack there of. Apparently there was no actual Hina Matsuri event this year other than Katherine placing herself in your room on your clothing drawer. I had to zoom in to be able to see any of the details. Instaed of giving us Hinamatsuri event wear, she gave us a bunch of ugly 2nd anniversary items and overpriced alligator bags. (wtf 800 ribbons are you high? 😯 ) I put my Kimono on today in the spirit of the event, but really Kath, take your head out of your bank account for a second.

2 thoughts on “Poupee Hina Matsuri”

  1. you know what’s gayer?
    paying 1000 ribbons to change your eyes or mouth. 🙄

    Katherine’s turning Poupee into a money chugging beast.

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