Irony at its finest.


So this morning I finally saw someone selling the +5 magic earring for 500,000 macca. I decided why not, its pretty rare that I see even anyone selling it so I blew all my remaining money on it. By evening we were grinding in Ichi silver and JP decided to do the 300AP lottery to try to get the 3x incense items.

…he won a Gabishi.
I tried it and won the incense! Yay, well I got some AP left why the hell not try again.

I won the +5 magic ring that I blew all my money on this morning. 🙄

Tried again….I won bunny ears.

OH THE IRONY! 😆 How funny when I don’t really want the “good” items, I finally get them lol. I did manage to sell the earring for the same price (almost instantly) though so it wasn’t a total loss. But from all the Megaten grinding today (gold, silver, bronze) my head feels like it’s going to explode. I think I’ll be taking a break tomorrow and concentrate on some wedding planning + art commissions instead xD.

8 thoughts on “Irony at its finest.

  1. Sounds like my kinda luck. I once bought gloves using tokens you have to grind for, so that I could improve my stats and get into a group more easily. 15 minutes later the only gloves in the game better than what I had dropped.

    Then it happened to me again on a chestpiece the next week.

    On a game where you can’t trade items once you wear them.

  2. shalala> would you like to join our guild? 😐

    john> thats how pangya is, if you get any lottery items that you pay for with real money you cannot sell or trade them.

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