Ai Tune trials & tribulations

I don't know Ruriko I don't know.
I don't know Ruriko I don't know.

So I finally decided to get down to business and try to figure out the programming behind ai tune. And by figuring out I mean taking the default ai tune script and sort of weeding through the code. I may be no programmer but weeding through code & going by “example” is something I’m fairly good at (and what somehow got me through C++ in college 😆 ) I did all my “programming” using MS Word lol. I tried to use an ai script tool but that thing was more confusing than just looking at code for me.

I managed to translate a few of her lines and get her to say stuff but either the default script is buggy or I’m just not doing something right. (Could be both since this is still new after all.) I also found that editing in word is a lot easier than trying to use the tool in game. In any case I did get her to say some new things in my room, but outside she’s dead silent still except when she yells “OTOUTOU KUN!” when we change maps. There’s still stuff I need to go back and fix and this of course will take some time but at least I’ve finally made some progress.

aixmas011Finally I had a Santa-san stop by my apartment. This time it was Kotomi nano~. I guess because I had bought some of those Christmas items from the shop and gave them to her, she gave me some sort of a present in return. I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposed to do with it but maybe it’ll open itself on Christmas day and I’ll find out what it is?? Let’s hope so. Oh and she also gave me a Christmas card. 😛

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  1. She gave you a present in return? Wah, I only got a Christmas card…

    Also, Tomoyo visited today but I still only got a Christmas card…


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