aisp@ce Celebrates Comptique’s 25th Anniversary

comptiqeventFinally ai sp@ce will be having an event that isn’t going to last 1 hour and be during the time that I’m sleeping or at work. 🙄 The event involves you and your charadoll receving a Comptiq 25th anniversary tshirt as well as a poster for your in game apartment. Event will be held from 12/9/2008 – 1/13/2009 Japan time after maintenance. To participate, visit Akihabara and walk over to the Gamer’s store. (For those unfamiliar it’s very close to the NicoNico video board) There you will talk to a dude named “コンプ25周年を祝う男” and receive the t-shirts for you & your doll plus the poster. What’s going to be on the tshirts you ask? *points to the image above* 😀 (For those unfamiliar with the characters, they are Minato and Yuuhi from Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka.)