Another Pangya server bites the dust

Notice that the consolation prize is always those Fairy Wings...
Notice that the consolation prize is always those Fairy Wings...

According to Pangya Portal, Pangya Taiwan is closing its doors April 30th, 2009. All cookie items will be sold in pang. Reason is because their contract expires on February 3, 2009. Wanko also mentions that Pangya Japan’s contract expires November 10, 2009 but considering the high success of the JP server I don’t think it’ll be going anytime soon. Albatross18 on the other hand…………

This week’s newsletter has been delayed by 1 day so I’ll post sneak peeks tomorrow. I can’t wait for this dumb bingo event to be over. I didn’t complete my card but I’m so sick of crashing. Until it ends I’m only playing vs mode 😦

By the way, I was thinking of having a club gathering so we can take a picture together to use as our image for the club page. (Right now it’s a bunch of melon pans 😆 ) If anyone has good time & day suggestions let me know. Or let me know when you WON’T be available. I know some of you guys are in different time zones.


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  1. whatever you play Pangya when you’re drunk all the time but at least this time all you’d have to do is show up in a chatroom xD

  2. i`m gmt-3 so its 10pm . its prolly ok, if i dont go hang out to drink XD

    btw, good to know, now we know that we can play at least for more 11 months /o/

  3. lov3> actually the game is full of guys using girl avatars 😆 you’ll blend in perfectly!

    sweatdrop> Yea basically only 5 left now. I dunno about USA honestly, they may be greedy buttholes but with hackers, true paying players get turned off (i.e. me and all my friends). you’re eastern, ok same here (for some reason I thought you were always pacific but w/e) How “early” evening time can you get on?

  4. Bom bom bom, another one bites the dust.

    So after they close, it’ll be Thailand, Japan, Korea, USA, and Europe. USA should be fine since auto-calipers, high price seasonal items, and eCards are their main source of profit. Also, A18 is not hosting any major events that requires to much money from the company either.

    And, I R eastern time. Night time will be the only time I can fit in my schedule.

  5. lol, I wanna try. (even though I’m not a old fart. Pushing on 15! Yeah! lmao) Oh, and i might wanna try Ai Sp@ce. Even though Ima guy, ima make a girl avi cause the game is overpopulated with guy ones!!! ^o^
    also Check my blog, i need praise >w<:

  6. I mean if you don’t like golf it may bore you. I just lose patience with games that require detailed builds and stats and quests and all that. I used to be into it but now a simple dress up golf game is fun for me 😆 I think I’m just an old fart (a lot of the older population plays this game)

  7. Alright I’ll keep that in mind. I wasn’t sure how late you usually stay up. I’d probably do this on a weeknight as well so that way no one has to worry about getting up early the next day. I was thinking maybe this Friday evening but I don’t know if others will be away for holiday break.

  8. You now Hinano that I’m 6 hours ahead of you with my timezone so if it’s not past 6-7 P.M eastern I’m ready anytime ^_^.

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