Megaten Double Exp-o-rama!

Oh don't worry I'll MORE than gladly help you.

So if you are like me, tired of all the Pangya dorama, Megaten is where it’s at. Literally in the last 2 weeks of playing there have been at least 3 double exp events and now a 4th one is coming this Saturday & Sunday!! Now be aware that on Saturday is double experience (for your levels) and Sunday is the double expertise event. That means your SKILLS level, not your actual “level”. This is a great time to level all those skills you wanted to boost up (like Talk LOL). The event starts at 1PM EST Saturday and ends at 1PM EST Sunday for double experience, and then double expertise starts 1PM EST Sunday and ends on 1PM Monday EST.  so get your grinding gears ready! (*`▼´*)b


Ai Sp@ce Charadoll update

How's about a clementine Ruriko?

If you have some furniture in your aispace room that you thought you wasted money on cause you couldn’t really do anything with it (wtf I keep running into the bed instead of sitting on it), the folks over at aispace decided to add some uses to it. Well..for your charadoll anyway.

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Gunners Wanted! =D

Thanks for the good times 8D
Thanks for the good times 8D

Ok so now that we got our “Pangya” guild (lol yes it was intentional), we seem to be short of gunners and it seems every dungeon we do lately requires…gunners. We got 2 melees, I’m a mage/healer and we got 1 gunner. I know our guild is only 4 people but umm if anyone out there who likes to read this blog and needs a guild and is a gunner, please let me know! XD Actually if you’re not a gunner, you’re welcome to join too =D. If you just started we’d be happy to help you do any Acts as well (killing a boss or some Gyukis or something XP) I wish more of my friends played this game but sadly not everyone has a computer that can handle it, and with my old laptop, I can assure you I know what THAT’S  like. 🙄 For those that can play, see you in game! (IGN: Kanaru)

Game Diary: Turning my back on A18

Yay my first accidental HIO!
Yay my first accidental HIO!

Well until A18 gets its act together (probably never) or shuts down (lol) I’ve decided to take off for greener pastures. As I mentioned in my last post I’ve been playing on GOA (Pangya Europe) and aside from the god awful chat filter bug, it’s been a lot of fun. Actually a lot of A18 refugees seem to have come here so I’ve not had problems finding people to play with. I did have issues finding tourneys for some reason though, they weren’t popping up as often as they were on other servers I’ve played on. 😯 Continue reading Game Diary: Turning my back on A18