A note on Katherine’s early X’mas gift


Last night Katherine announced that she would be giving everyone an “early xmas gift on your table in MY HOME.” However I looked last night and this morning still no gift. After some research from the LJ community people suggested changing your clock to say that it’s December 20th. Lo’ and behold the gift is there on your table! So once you open your gift you can put your clock back on the 19th (or whatever day it is for you.) The gift contents? A bra & panty set. While I think it’s cute, I dunno it usually goes UNDER your clothes so I’m not quite sure what to think of it (although I do know a few people who dress up their poupees only in their underwear 😆 )


One thought on “A note on Katherine’s early X’mas gift”

  1. awww, mine didn’t show up :< (though acording to my computer it’s not quite the 20th yet so i’ll just wait and see) 😀

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