Kaito’s Waifu Arrives!

「嫁キタ━━━━⊂⌒っ´∀`)っ━━━━ !!」

Warning, the following post is full of stupidity \( ^q^)/

「ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ!」
「Hurry & open it!!」
「Hurry & open it!!」
「Hello th....」
「Hello th….!?」
「...re, hey wait what are you---」
「…re, hey wait what are you—!?」
「W-wait I know the owner just played Diabolik Wifebeaters but---!」
「W-wait I know the owner just played Diabolik Wifebeaters but—!」
「Ahem...thank you Kaito niisan. 今日からよろしくね!」
「Ahem…thank you Kaito niisan. 今日からよろしくね!」
「Hahaha! Oh Miku I think you and I will go well together!」
Ichaicha time...
Ichaicha time…
「Hey Miku-chan would you like my...」
「Hey Miku-chan would you like my…」
「...ice pop?」 「(/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン」
「…ice pop?」
「(/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン」
And so some time later~ it's time to perform together!
And so some time later~ it’s time to perform together!
「Miku-chan I CAN FLY!!」
「 I CAN FLY!!」
Kaito flies in for the kiss!
Kaito flies in for the kiss!
「お兄ちゃんてば...」 「ハハハ!」

/gets punched to the moon ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \. Well thank you for reading if you made it this far lol. I bought the figure from Animate USA because CD Japan refused to ship it FedEx and it woulda cost a lot…I think they were having some kind of vocaloid campaign because I also received some stickers & postcards:

Actually I have a couple important announcements I figured I’d mention:

  1. CD Japan’s shipping has gone off the deep end. I had preordered 2 limited edition otome games which originally said the shipping was 1500 yen via EMS. A few days ago they emailed me telling me it’s 4300 yen. WTF?! When I asked them to change it to FedEx I still had to 2500 yen but seriously what the hell?? I’m extremely upset about this and a lot of their shipping prices don’t make sense. Their shipping used to be only weird on things like books but now even on regular things like games it’s absurd. I have 1 last preorder with them in December. If this happens again….I will need to find another place to order from. Thinking about switching to Yodobashi Camera because they also have a great point system though I’ll need to use a forwarding service with them. (But seeing how ridiculous CD Japan’s shipping is not like it matters!)
  2. There’s something that’s been going on with my internet connection so I won’t be able to broadcast for a bit until I figure out what it is. I keep finding this weird as hell trojan in my computer called Open Candy idk where it keeps coming from. I removed one today but I need to figure out where it keeps coming from. If anyone is familiar with this please let me know! If anyone still wants to watch KamiGami no Asobi broadcast (lol who’d want to watch that) please also let me know lol. If you’re willing to deal with the dumb disconnects I’ll broadcast it anyway 😛

Thanks for reading everyone & those in the US enjoy your turkey day next week!


35 thoughts on “Kaito’s Waifu Arrives!”

  1. yea I have but I never really took interest in the holographic vocaloids dancing around lol
    I guess some people are into that? I haven’t been into vocaloid much lately, I think I got the figures for old times’ sake xD

  2. Have you heard the vocaloid concerts? I’ve watched them on youtube but I gotta say I wasn’t too pleased with the result this year. My favorite is Luka (Gotta love that pink hair:D) most of them made me giggle (Did you hear Kaito’s voice? that one made me laugh REALLY hard….no offense of course)(sorry)It’s really cool how they added more characters this year though. So anyway if you haven’t watched them yet watch them I highly recommend (I think they started in 2011) Bye XOXO

  3. nah I doubt that they’d ever go as far as Dialovers. Isn’t it only Cero B?? lol
    next year I guess Chrono and -8 look good, can’t think of anything else I wanted. maybe that enkebillet thing by Otomate cause I love their representation of the west games lol

  4. Owh, I wanted to try Jewelic Nightmare but after browsing thru the website, I kinda got scared off… it has DiaLover’s feel to it. LOL. But a friend’s getting it so I might loan it from her. =3

    This is off-topic but, what games are you planning to get for next year? At least, the ones that have been announced. -8 sounds interesting and Chronostacia’s already in my to-get list.

  5. yea like I said did Arcana 2 come with a pasta bowl cause I can’t imagine wtf would make it so heavy???
    I wonder if mine also come with posters and they needed to do this for volume? Idk. I thought that the bonuses this time were just portraits hmm.
    Once my package arrives I”m totally gonna weigh it and confirm to see if they are ripping me off or not cause this is ridiculous.

    Oh and regarding the figures:

  6. Your little picture story was cute even though I have no idea who those figures are…but yeah. It was fun going through it.

    Sorry that you got hit with the surprise super expensive excess shipping that I told you happened to me two times. I think yours sounds weird though because I’m certain you order LEs of games all the time and I don’t see what’s different about it. I really think the only reason they needed to upgrade mine was because of stupid posters I don’t even use/want that come with preorders. Last time I think it was weight though, so I don’t even know. Hopefully it’s a one-time deal >.<

  7. Hinano, it looks like that program is probably being restarted by another piece of software you have on your computer. If that site linked above is correct, it’s supposed to “suggest” other pieces of software to you for purchase then it came attached to something you installed/downloaded.

    http://download.cnet.com/Spybot-Search-Destroy/3000-8022_4-10122137.html I use spybot to find nasties if I happen to suspect them. I also check the programs running in the task manager. If I think something still up after spybot runs, I use HiJackThis to find where it may be hiding out. http://download.cnet.com/Trend-Micro-HijackThis/3000-8022_4-10227353.html.

  8. haha too much otome games have made me “creative” 😆

    Snow Bound land should be on its way in that rage inducing shipping package I was referring to lol. I also preordered colorful step & jewelic nightmare, those 2 should be my last 2 games of the year.

  9. haha well glad you enjoyed it XD
    I don’t have any other figmas except these two and I probably won’t be buying anymore. I don’t really have that much space xD

  10. but see since I’ve been ordering from CD Japan for like a year, seeing shipping go from 1500 to 4300 made my eyeballs pop out of their sockets wtf? e_e
    I also heard UPS rates are super expensive so even though that’s an option I never took it for any overseas packages. FedEx is way cheaper!

    I actually really like Baggage Forward. The inconvenience is you have to list every item you buy with them and the wait time of a middleman but they were great when I needed tiny x machinegun, my new PSP and one of the dot kareshi games. I even considered importing a PS Vita through them though the problem now is other than otomate’s milk cow games & project diva F/F2 I have no PSVita games I could remotely even care about XD

  11. I removed it and it keeps coming back too but according to some commenter here it’s not really a malware but some advertising thing?
    I also got Avast and I ran a scan last night as well as reset my modem. Not sure what’s going on 😦 I think Diabolik Lovers killed my internet lol

    and Malware Bytes should be free forever? I have a free one and I never had to pay for it for ages o.o

  12. ahahah Cero D, aw come on I think we can still get away with Cero C ( ఠ‿ఠ )hehe
    I’m not sure if they only changed EMS charge? It could be possible, I didn’t hear of any recent ems charges changing though.
    When I look at http://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/charge/list/ems_all_en.html it looks the same as before
    According to their rate my package would have to be 5lbs for it to cost that much. When I finally get my package I am going to weigh it on a scale I have at home (max weight is 5lb) and we’ll see if it’s really a 5lb package!

    It seems like using FedEx is the cheapest/fastest option for me now during holidays (otherwise I’d just use airmail)

  13. Adorable Kaito and Miku! And the photo story even gets a CERO D label. xDD Though I do ship Kaito with Meiko instead of Miku. 8D

    Regarding CDJapan… Seems like they only changed the EMS charge? I just ordered a bunch of CD’s from them with SAL and the shipping was okay. Though… I have to say, that the shipping from CDJapan is in general more expensive… I’ve been faithful to FromJapan, but the fees are a bit well expensive… I just tried out using a proxy (Big in Japan)… And I’m wondering how expensive the EMS fee will be for my 8 Drama CD’s… That will be shipped to the proxy next week. xDDD *feelings of doom*

  14. KaitoxMiku I’m such a hardcore fans too lols /o\ Regarding the trojan, is it PUP.Optional.OpenCandy ? iirc it’s malware? Last time I was infected too with different malware (whatsapp.exe or something) even though I’ve scanned and removed it using anti virus, it kept coming back.

    I used malwarebyte to remove it, free for 30 days. After your comp has been cleaned you can uninstall it xD

  15. Haha, that was so funny! XD About CDJapan, since I work for UPS, I know better than anyone how ridiculous shipping prices can be–I’m not even surprised to read they wanted to charge you 4300 yen for 2 games. It’s all about fuel charges and dimensional weight and speed…So I don’t think they’re exaggerating their prices…but I still understand you want to shop elsewhere. Personally CDJapan is way too convenient for me to stop ordering from them, and I prefer to pay a ridiculous shipping price and have some peace of mind (seriously, I ordered a magazine with SAL shipping, figured it made no sense to put more than 6$ on something worth 4$….been 4 weeks now and I’m still waiting, so yeah, never again SAL for me!) but with the amount of stuff you order, I understand the shipping charges must amount to utter ridiculousness. Let us know about your experience shopping elsewhere if you do the switch! We can always do with more sources 😉 About the broadcast, I must admit I never had the chance and would love to see it, even if it disconnects often…please? XD

  16. How cute. My otome heart fluttered a bit at those pics. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

    So you’re planning on tackling Snow Bound Land too? Cool! The last otoge I plan to get for this year is the third Dot Kareshi.

    Time to save up for next year’s releases. =3

  17. I didn’t ship any vocaloids before, but I think I do now! 😀 This was a very fun photostory.

    For whatever reason, I haven’t really been into Figmas despite how articulate and accurate they they are. Except recently I preordered a few from SnK that are coming out next year… I wasn’t sure if it was a good decision, but now I see just how much fun they can be! XD

  18. haha yea I”m glad that they had released her a month or 2 after Kaito. I was trying to find her old figma and it was sold out everywhere so this was definitely good timing.
    Also her hair & body generally look a lot more bendable/poseable than the original.

    I have no idea what happened all I ordered was limited editions of Snowbound Land & Arcana Famiglia 2 ._.

  19. FYI I order limited edition games from them pretty much EVERY time.
    And every time up until now it has been 1500-1700 yen max for EMS.
    So no it’s not that their calculator suddenly borked clearly they are fucking around with shipping.
    Once I get my box I will see what’s going on. Seeing how much cheaper fedex was I get the feeling maybe the arcana box was gigantic in volume or something
    We’ll see when I get it I guess.

    I never have to pay customs fees on FedEx so overall it becomes a cheaper choice. I normally just use airmail anyway but during holidays I try to use a speedier method.

  20. What I think happened is that your package exceeded the estimates from their online calculator. The estimates are based on standard sizes and limited editions don’t fall into them. You might have to read their shipping page again.

    Strangely, FedEx is cheaper than EMS from cdjapan. I believe this happened about a year ago. Before that I always used EMS as it was cheaper but this year I have been using FedEx because i) it’s cheaper and ii) it saves me the trip to the customs to pay the duties.

    I can see some lewd poses.

  21. hahahah those picts are funny as hell XDDD glad you got your Miku!
    on another side, the last time I shipped games from CDJ is on October, so how did the shipping cost get messed up from 1500 to 4300 yen? O_O man that sucks as hell orz

  22. Even though I don’t personally ship KaitoxMiku, these photos are adorable! Glad you’re enjoying your first figmas!

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