Project Diva f 2nd Review

Well since I’ve reviewed other Diva games in the past I figured I’d post something for this as well.

So coming from the PSP version it was a huge change for me. I never played diva f and my last diva game was Project Diva Extend. For anyone in the same boat the first thing you’re met with are the stars:


This is the new “scratch” system where you’re supposed to take advantage of the Vita touch screen and use your thumbs instead of buttons. Unfortunately I found this to be extremely annoying and also painful to my hands. The good news is you can set the options to make the stars react to the 2 joysticks on the vita. This makes the stars extremely easy and often the easiest part of a song now.


The next change you will notice is that the modes are a LOT HARDER now.  The easy mode is about as hard as “normal” was on the PSP version while the Normal mode is almost as bad as the hard modes on the PSP version were. Since a lot of the songs in diva f2nd repeaet from the PSP games, it was really obvious when I was like “what the heck I was able to clear this song on extreme so easily before!” Now, not so much. Particularly Mikumiku ni Shite ageru gave me a lot of issues.


The next feature is the AR mode where you basically make your real life as the “background” to the vocaloids dancing. So yea if you want Kaito to dance sexy moves on your table you can now do so 😆

The room feature has now been amped up that you can PET your vocaloid to increase their level of affection. If you do it well enough (which I was only able to do once), you get to play some patty cake game with them. If you succeed you will get a PSN trophy :D.


There’s also a feature now that after you play a song, a “bonus song” will be chosen and if you play that song right then and there, you will receive extra money upon clearing it.


Along with the usual unlocking of outfits, you now have the option to add accessories. You can add things like bows, bagpacks, tails, ears, floating hearts, a snowman head:


As far as song commentary, the one I had most issues with are Sakura no Ame and soundless voice. They are so slow that I just couldn’t get the beat right and they really gave me issues lol.  My best songs ended up being Colorful Melody, Suki Kirai and Meteo which I got Greats on in Extreme mode. Everything else has been hanging by a thread on Standard or a mistake ;_;


I’ve cleared every song on easy, normal, and hard and when you finish every song on normal you can throw leeks at words and get bonus points. You can also repeat this mini game inside the diva rooms afterwards:

Obviously it goes without saying but the biggest change from PSP to PS Vita is of course the graphics. When I went back to my PSP Diva the other day after being on Vita for 2 weeks…MY EYES HURT. Seriously it was a shocker at how “bad and cheap” the PSP graphics felt in comparison.


Anyway as all project diva games, this has a huge replay value for me. My only other gripe is that some of the song choices are just whut. Songs about getting hit by trucks and blood splattering, songs about suiciding, songs about your lost love dying….what the heck sega lmao. Stuff like Decorator, Suki Kirai and Colorful Melody really stand out as happy songs amongst a sea of depressing ones if you really go and read all the lyrics. Otherwise I look forward to trying to conquer Miku’s Gekishou and 2jigen dream fever in extreme mode one day…all while poking Kaito in his room in the hopes that eventually Miku will visit for things other than taking photos together 😉 lol. Below is a gallery of some more screencaps I took during my playtime the last couple weeks (Mostly Kaito cause lol I’m biased xD)

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  1. Whoa! You unlock so much already but I totally agree with you about the graphic difference of Project Diva from PSP to PSVITA *O* It was really a huge improvement in f2nd ^^ I actually have Project Diva f but I bought it the same time for f2nd.

    I’m still not good in Project Diva that I always get not clear, cheap or standard in the Hard or Extreme -_- I still have a long way to go ^O^

    BTW! I added you in PSN ^~^ I’m Sarapyon1228 hehe

    1. haha yea I’ve been playing it pretty frequently 😀
      and yea it really was a huge jump I can’t even look at the old one anymore!

      and yep I saw you add 😀

  2. Although I’ll probably get f instead of f2nd since the song choice seems better… hmmm… I am interested in the higher difficulty level though, I kind of want to see how well I’d be able to do xD

    1. i personally prefer more songs on f2 than f but I think it’s up to you. f2 is pretty hard though but I’m getting better XD

  3. Nice review. I think the Diva games are really! xD The reason why some of the song choices are so weird is not because Sega produced songs like that but because they picked songs that are the most popular in the vocaloid fan base. Almost all the songs in this game were made by individual composers that first posted their songs on Nico Nico Douga or Youtube and gained popularity for the originality of the songs and videos. So these types of songs are here pretty much for the fan base!! xD

    1. * I think the Diva games are really fun! (Thats what I get for not reading over my comment!) LOL xD

    2. Hmmmm I don’t know about that. This game definitely didn’t do as well as the first Vita installment in Japan; people were complaining about the song choice and how there weren’t as many new songs and how some songs that were voted pretty high didn’t make it in and that the overall selection is kind of dreary. Also people were saying that the difficulty level of Normal/Hard shouldn’t have been raised so much since hardcore Diva players only really play Extreme anyway. xDD Also I wish that they would stop forcing everyone to play through Normal to unlock Hard and then Extreme, it would be great if they could have Hard unlocked from the beginning at least ;w;

      1. i saw on amazon someone complaining that there’s only 1 Meiko song and that Meiko fans are basically screwed over lol

      2. I see, there were a lot of songs that I think they could have added in too. It would have been nice if they added more Kaito and Meiko songs like Piano x Forte x Scandal or Crescent Moon. I also wish they would stop forcing you to play through normal/hard too. Its the only part of the game I don’t look forward to. xD

        1. Also I played the PS3 version so I had a few extra songs that the Vita didn’t. xD

    3. yea I figured they’d pick more popular songs. I wish they’d add stuff like Just Be Friends or some Easypop song. I’d much prefer to play those cause they have a great beat!

  4. I found a good comparison of image quality with Project Diva (PSP) Project Diva f2nd, Dreamy Theater, and Project Diva Arcade.

    Nothing can beat Arcade apparently xDD but the difference between the versions for the PSP and the Vita are amazing ;w; Want want want want want ;w;

    1. great video comparison! indeed arcade looks amazing but arcade also is a huge box not a tiny portable console 😛

  5. I think Project Mirai snatched most of the happy-go-lucky songs away. 😆 Too bad I never got around to playing those thanks to the 3DS stupid region lock.

  6. I’ve recently got a ps vita (yay!) and am currently waiting for f 2nd’s english release. I’m playing project diva f and the system doesn’t seem that much different. I agree that the graphics have really improved on the vita and also that the songs are a lot harder now (I can’t clear anything beyond hard….), or maybe my hands aren’t as flexible as I thought they were. I heard that a lot of songs from f 2nd were improved versions from the original games (is there a reason for that?) but considering the fact that I’ve never played most of the previous games before it doesn’t really matter.

    1. yea i think english release coming this fall so enjoy it!
      does f have the feature where you can adjust the speed at which you press buttons during songs? I thought that was the best thing about f2 because you can customize it to your natural reaction time. and the song improvement they added a special thing where if you successfully clear chance time, a special effect happens (like in romeo & cinderella the clock lights up etc)

  7. i just downloaded the demo myself and aside he star, I really enjoy this! the graphics are beautiful like you’ve said and the graphics in PSP looks completely crap compared to it

    as for the song got hit by truck, its probably kagerou days XD that anime this season called mekakucity actors? its based on that song’s series

    1. like i said if you make the stars your joysticks its super easy. using the touch screen on those becomes basically impossible once you get into hard/extreme modes.

      and i tried to watch that anime but uh…Shaft….yea didn’t make it beyond 10 minutes

  8. Haha Im glad you enjoyed it since the game was really fun for me but uramote lovers and 2d dream fever imao. Not to mention intense singing and catwalk those songs are too hard.They really increased the level of difficulty to crazy levels, and F couldnt even compare to this. I suggest you try f since the stars are simpler but f is really crap compared to f 2nd. I went back to playing f and i could get great for a song where I was struggling to get standard back then lol.

    1. lol yea those 2 songs are the bane of my existance.

      oh yea i found the envy cat walk really hard too. took me a while to clear hard mode and i didn’t even bother with extreme! there’s a help item you can use to simplify stars but the stars are really the least of my problems!

      what’s bad about f in comparison to f 2nd by the way?

  9. Did you play the senbonzakura song or thousand cherry blossom?its my favorite vocaloid contains 6 vocaloids.I just wanna ask you if you enjoy the song?

  10. Is the loading time in between sections long for this game? Last I played project diva on the psp, it took ages just to get to the menu, or load a song.

  11. LOL. I saw the screencap of uh.. what’s the term fans use… chibi!Miku? (or whatever) amidst the end credits of the game and remember the fun i used to have back when i cleared all songs on the PSP. XD

    Them Mario-like moves like jumping on the words and smacking ’em around plus making chibi!Miku have all those weird faces… Didn’t know you get extra points from doing so; are they implemented in the PSP Project Divas?

    Looking at all those pretty pictures… i want to get a Vita sooooo badly now! B-but m’budget… T__T No use ending up with a Vita but with no games to play. XD

    Btw, which’s harder? This or the last UtaPri rhythm game? =3

    1. I think the real name is Hachune Miku haha
      And yea you do get extra points for smacking certain kanji a lot 😀

      I was thinking about that too but all new announced games from Otomate are for Vita and well Diva f2nd has a huge replay value for me so I don’t regret it.
      In fact I’m finding myself leaning towards other Vita games a lot more now than anything for the PSP.

      As far as difficulty I’d say UtaPri because UtaPri’s stupid song system destroys my wrist -_-

      1. D’oh! Hachune, of course. That name did pop up but it sounded weird. LOL.

        I’m still slightly resentful that every otoge title is now announced for the Vita (my PSP is just 3 years old!) but i guess it’d have to happen sooner or later with all the piracy going around. =/

        Which otoge titles do you think is gonna be good? I see lots of pretty pictures but those have lied to me before…

        1. once you get a Vita you start to become resentful towards makers who still release crap on PSP
          (at least that’s what happened to me) XD

  12. Nice review! I’ve played all project diva games and I’ve got to say that f2 is by far the most challenging. I wanted more new songs though rather than the same old same old but it’s pretty nostalgic! So, I don’t mind it that much.
    Oh and the stars swiping thingys are a pain. How did you set the options so that the stars would react to the analog sticks? My Japanese is uhh..rather lacking, so I don’t really mess with the options.

    1. Lol yea I came from Diva Extend so this was like a huge shock to me lmao
      Regarding changing the joysticks its in the “settings” menu the first option lets you change it.
      You can even make it the back of your Vita if you want lmao (awkward as all hell though)

  13. Is it me or it looks better than previous versions. It looks to me they up’ed the polygon count though I did remember seeing somewhere recently the comparisons against the arcade version…

    In other news… lazybum here got part of the trip writeup done…

    1. its not just you it DOES look better lmao.
      someone posted a video in the comments here which compares all the divas and yea PS2 is absolutely the worst one.

      I’ll go look 😉

  14. Ahhh, Project Kagerou (truck song and splattering of blood). The original song refers to a pair of 12 year old boy and girl being stuck in a time loop, where the boy witnesses the death of the girl dying repeatedly. Then finally, when the boy pushes the girl out of harm’s way, it ended up only to end up in the girl’s perspective saying, “Ah, I failed again (To save him)”.

    I was thinking that the artist couldn’t really top Kagerou daze melancholic tale, but then I was impressed by another ‘regretful’ song,

    1. yea after hearing the song I googled and found this info as well
      I tried to watch Mekaku City Actors but Shaft’s bullshit was too much and I quit halfway through the episode

  15. Wow, so many screenshoots XD ….btw , do you know how to screenshoot ? ;w; i only can do the screenshoot in ARlive mode ;w; ,thanks before~

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