Baby’s First Figma


Not an otome game unboxing but I hope this post serves some kind of informative(?) purpose in online goods shopping 😆


Before I go into the figma I just want to point out the other thing I got with this order…a FREE! towel, from the anime. I’ve never really ordered “big towels” before and I’ve got a few “cloth” type on my desk. Since it’s a big towel I expected something like this:


But instead I get…



It’s not a towel. THIS IS NOT A TOWEL. IT’S FUCKING FELT WALL POSTER GAIZ. Is it large? Sure it is, here’s a comparison with my PSP:


Now the main point of this post is I got my first figma. I’m not a big figure person (my biggest figure is some $20 figure of CC and her pizza ass I got at an anime con 5 years ago.)


I thought like oh hey since it’s a figma it must be durable since you’re gonna be posing it and messing around with it a lot right?

WRONG m9^Д^)m9^Д^)m9^Д^)ジェトストリームプギャー
WRONG m9^Д^)m9^Д^)m9^Д^)ジェトストリームプギャー

Well I guess they expected someone to break the fucking popsicle cause this thing came with 2 of them! Also good thing Kaito comes with 2 scarves. I’ll have to get superglue or something to at least glue the scarf back on. The popsicle is probably a lost cause lmao. If anyone has tips on glueing this shit back together let me know orz \( ^o^)/

ごめんよ (´;ω;`)
ごめんよ (´;ω;`)

And unlike most people who keep their figures in the box all neatly and shit… I put mine to collect dust on top of my desktop speakers \( ^o^)/


And for the FREE! towel poster, well it’s up on the wall, where it really belongs.:


Oh and I totally preordered the Hatsune Miku figma that comes out in November so once that arrives I’ll take all sorts of pics of her and Kaito cause HELL YEA KAIMIKU SHIPPING ヽ( ゚∀゚)ノ┌┛)`Д゚)・;’ガッ!! I have a spot saved just for her on my..other desktop speaker :lol:. Tl;dr – if you’re a serious figure/figma collector, don’t be like me ┗(^o^ )┓三.


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  1. I feel terrible for asking this in this blog post, but I have to ask if you’re planning to review “Brothers Conflict Brilliant Blue” soon. I really love your reviews and they are the closest thing I will ever get to actually playing the game since I can’t understand Japanese to save my life. I will be content with just a “Yes” or a “No” answer, so if you would please reply…

  2. yea since I have the extra popsicle I probably wouldn’t bother.
    And yea it’s not a towel at all. It’s really just like a “felt poster” if anything lol

  3. I love figmas! It’s too bad the scarf and Popsicle broke on yours though. I’ve never had much luck in trying to fix my figma’s broken pieces. D: I’ve considered going to the Max Factory/Good Smile Amazon site and ordering spare pieces, but the shipping’s so pricey. XD

    And lol at the Free towel! That thing looks like it would get forever ruined if it got wet.

  4. ok clearly they are making these ice pops too breakable if you broke your nendroid as well xDDD what the hell!
    I hope you are careful with the pop once yours arrives and not break it like me though xD

  5. ah hello, i’m just a passerby~
    i also preordered this guy, although mine haven’t arrived yet.. (maybe few days later? dunno, *my country customs kinda suck*)
    aww its such a waste the popsicle was broken, but lucky they give 2 xDD
    btw i have kaito nendoroid, and the popsicle was also broken, well its my bad, attaching too tight and leave it for months, and when i want to snatch the popsicle from him, dangg the popsicle was split into 2 (dat blue popsicle and the stick lol)

  6. haha I just like to pose them for photos but I think the construction of the hand was too poor because I kept trying to stick the ice pop into it…and it wouldn’t stay without falling off. guess I jammed it in too hard and SNAP sigh 😦

  7. Yes you’re a KaitoxMiku fan too! *rejoices*

    I’m a collector too but I always play with them resulting with some of them also breaking ROFL. I just find it sad if they’re just enclosed in their boxes all day xD

  8. @Di Gi Kazune:
    Well have fun with your nonmovable figures! Actually joints do seem artistic. They’re easier to move than hidden Barbie joints?… You do know that old Italian figures had joints too right.

  9. lol yea I figured it was very appropriate 😆
    I think Japanese collectors often keep them in the box to preserve them or keep them from getting dusty but I figured I could always just give it a rinse if it does get dirty.

  10. That picture of Kaito figma on Kaito dakimakura is too funny. xD
    : D I have a crap ton of figures and I always take them out of the box. Otherwise whats the point?

  11. I don’t mind the joints or whatever it still looks nicer than shitty american action figures lol
    Plus I like to pose and stuff and have it sit around on my speaker. With a regular figure you don’t really have that freedom that’s why I chose to get a figma 😛

  12. Free Ass. (Pun intended) Still…. more practical use than say…. *bedsheets* *innocently whistles*

    IMHO, I find figmas kind of wierd. Yes poseable but the joints make it unartistic. There is a simple way to control figure buying: Only aim for the nice looking ones. I have been looking for Shana figures but they don’t look good except for the maid outfit ones that soldout quickly.

    So far my collection of figures (in a shelf with glass doors) are:
    1x set of Di Gi Charat gashapon (All 4)
    1x Pitaten gashapon
    1x Mini Nurse-Dejiko (came with the movie DVD)
    1x Alter Nanoha and the accompanying Fate (Original version)
    1x Kasugano Sora (mmm… Cute Sora~)
    1x Scarlet Sisters Nendroids (Ojou-sama and Imouto-sama swapped their cute hats)

    I am so tempted to get Tsukiko. The temptation is very strong. Used to keep them on top of the shelf but got tired of perpetually dusting them.

  13. Ugh, never become a figma hoarder. I have most likely spent more on them than games. BE CAREFUL!

    But for the record I ordered the Miku one too, XD. I can’t waait. November is like the big make my dreams come true month.

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