Otome Game Review: Starry Sky ~After Winter~

And so this is the final fandisk to the Starry Sky series! ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ! Aside from getting after stories with Tsubasa, Kazuki & Hayato, we also get to do some routes with Ooshirou and Shiki (who was shoved in last minute forcing this game to be delayed by almost a year.) This time they don’t waste any moment and go right into the after stories without any kind of prologue or another story at the beginning.

Aozora Hayato – In Hayato’s after story it’s now 3rd year and he’s the student council president. Tsukiko’s upset that though she & Hayato have been dating for a while they never actually gone on a date. Inukai offers to help them go on a date together but instead ends up being the 3rd wheel. Seriously can we just get Starry Sky After Inukai?? They go on a date to the aquarium  and there just SO HAPPENS to be a piano there and they all just HAPPEN to know that Hayato is a genius pianist! And so needless to say he ends up playing a song for all the random lolis and shotas & grandpa and none of the aquarium staff care :lol:. In the next chapter Tsukiko asks for all the guys to help her throw a birthday party for Hayato. While she does this she also somehow meets Shiki who seems like he’s high 90% of the time. They also end up inviting Kazuki, Ooshiro & Homare to join the fun. Tsubasa gives a surprise snake box present to Hayato who gets so pissed off he whips out his chalkboard and rrrrriiips his nails across it. That evening Tsukiko invites Hayato to her room to have a birthday cake that she made him but  she sucks at baking and it comes out all sloppy. Hayato doesn’t care and says he’ll eat it anyway and then they call each other by their fist names as Tsukiko starts bawwing. In the next chapter Tsukiko goes to watch Hayato’s recital where they run into his jackass cousin Akito who is like “I’m gonna be better than you” and snuffs off. Due to this Hayato plays like crap and decides that after he graduates he wants to go to Vienna to study music and get better.

Tsukiko supports him and tells him to not cheat on her. For Christmas they get together in her room but being a pansy Tsukiko is the most that happens is they kiss all night long. Afterwards Hayato begins coming over Tsukiko’s house more often and then she attends his final recital before he goes away. And so turns out Hayato is going to Vienna with Akito and Tsukiko sees him off at the airport on his departure day. And so after graduation it’s now a few months later Tsukiko’s celebrating Christmas forever alone after going to college. Fortunately Hayato returns magically just in TIME and so they make out in front of the illumination outside and go on a date. Hayato’s sister is a superbitch who tells Hayato that he’s just being a burden to Tsukiko’s family, and that he has no intention to marry her anyway that that they should just break up. His brother then tells him that if he wants to be better at piano, he needs to stop the relationship cause he can’t balance both. Hayato starts emoing (I don’t blame him) and so he begins ignoring Tsukiko’s emails and phone calls. When she finally reaches him he’s on his way back to Vienna and so Tsukiko runs to the airport to look for him and magically somehow manages to find him in the GIANT AIRPORT. Sadly her effort’s in vain when Hayato says he’s not good enough for her and tells her to break up, apologizes like an idiot and goes off wangsting back to Vienna. (ﺧ益ﺨ)  He then gets to his room there and LAYS IN BED WANGSTING ABOUT HOW SAD HIS LIFE IS while Akito’s like get over yourself man :roll:.

Then Miyaji calls him telling him that Tsukiko’s worried about him and Hayato RUNS AWAY again going “oh I gotta go now” and Miyaji’s like “fine but if you hurt her I’ma hit dat sheit”. (Ok he didn’t say that but seriously why not :lol:). Tsukiko decides to stop beating around the bush and just goes & flies to Vienna herself. When she gets there Hayato starts crying as Tsukiko gives him a long speech about how she has no intentions of breaking up with him for no good reason. He babbles how because of his family they’ll never be able to be together and she tells him to STFU and listen and that she wants to try to overcome any obstacle just to be with him. YOU GO GUUURRRL m9( ゚д゚)ビシッ!! Eventually they just both end up bawwing and making out until they fall asleep :lol:. The next day Akito tells them that he’s gonna stay over a friend’s house that night so they can get randy all night long if they want to (✧≖‿ゝ≖). And so they thank the bro for being a bro and hump all night long. Some time later, Hayato takes Tsukiko to spend the night at a fancy hotel where he gives her an engagement ring and asks her to marry him. They spend the night having some celebratory mattress mambo.  In the epilogue Tsukiko lives in a rich ass house with Hayato who must be like some world renown pianist cause they  sure are loaded! He then plays her a song he wrote using her as the “image” and called it “My Family”.  Tsukiko then hugs him saying that she loves him and apparently she completely forgot that it was their wedding anniversary. Hayato forgives her saying that next year she better be having his babies :lol:. In ending 3, they’re just raburabu & they dream of living together until they’re old grandma & grandpa.

In ending 2, Miyaji & Inukai go with Tsukiko to go to Vienna and surprise visit Hayato. When they meet up with him there he’s so happy he starts bawing щ(ಥДಥщ).  Afterwards Hayato is so happy he and Tsukiko end up humping all night long. In the  extra story, its after Hayato & Tsukiko are married  and she’s keeping him from falling into an whiny spiral as usual. Hayato gets to do a solo concert and then Akito comes over saying he came to help, but to also complain about Tsukiko’s disgusting tea. When Hayato comes home he makes Akito tell the truth that he got into a fight with his dad and pretty much ran away from home. Hayato is nice enough to let him stay if he agrees to help him practice for the solo concert. As he stays with them he keeps cockblocking and as a punishment he gets sick m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ. Eventually after Tsukiko & Hayato take care of him, he decides he’s going to return home. Now that Akito finally leaves Tsukiko & Hayato can go back to humping without worries of getting cockblocked. And so Hayato successfully performs at his solo concert and afterwards they celebrate by screwing some moar! \( ^o^)/ Oh and so get this, in the regular story if when Hayato shows up for Christmas you pick “I wanted to see you” instead of “Is that really you?”  THEY END UP BREAKING UP. ヽ(。_゜)ノ NEVER TELL YOUR LOVER YOU WANTED TO SEE THEM CAUSE THEY WILL DUMP YOU. By Honeybee. The good news is, it’s totally like a bootleg Inukai end because he jumps in for the rebound and goes to see the Xmas illuminations with her 1 year later. (*´ω`*) Anyways, I said this multiple times in the broadcast but Hayato is M normally but in bed DOOOOO-S. (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ Too bad they kinda ruined some of the hot kissing with the majority of his kiss CGs being the STUPID FACE FRONTAL LICK MY MONITOR CG. Omg I swear they reused that damn thing like 10 times orz.  Also while Hayato’s brother & sister had a short appearance, the brother was a douche and the sister was a super bitch. I recall in other fandisks the family members were usually a a lot of fun but I just wanted these 2 idiots to die in a fire.

Shiranui Kazuki – Everyone helps Kazuki move into his new bachelor pad which is closer to his college. He takes a moment to give Tsukiko a kiss but Ooshiro & the others are glaring as Ooshiro takes pics in the back 😆 Tsukiko goes to visit him at his new apartment and he’s so sexually frustrated not being able to see her often that the moment they walk in the door they start furiously making out. They’re about to celebrate their birthday together but then Homare, Ooshiro & the others come to give him a surprise party as well. Some months pass and now it’s time for Tsukiko to graduate as Tsubasa becomes the next student council president. Tsukiko & Kazuki go into the student council president room where she STRADDLES HIM IN THE KING’S CHAIR イヤ—–(*゚∀゚*)—–ン!!!! And then she even asks him to make out! (But for some reason they couldn’t draw them kissing and we just saw white..(ಠ_ಠ)..) Afterwards Kazuki asks if Tsukiko will help his uncle out at the Shiranui shrine during the winter. For Christmas the two of them go back to the school to watch Tsubasa take care of the Christmas party prep on his own and Kazuki feels like a proud dad xD. After they exchange gifts Kazuki tells her that thanks to his uncle he was able to not feel lonely and now it’s even better that he has Tsukiko. So when Tsukiko comes to Kazuki’s shrine she finds out that his uncle’s sister (who was Kazuki’s aunt) left her daughter Ai  (which makes her Kazuki’s cousin) with them and went missing in action. I guess she couldn’t handle raising Ai on her own after her husband (Ai’s father) died of an illness 6 months earlier. (Hm this kinda reminds me of Aishiteruze Baby lol.) And so as Tsukiko continued helping out at the shrine she would also pretty much babysit Ai every day. They go to the aquarium together where Tsukiko gets split up from  Kazuki & Ai and when they find each other, it’s quite obvious Ai’s got mommy issues that she’s projecting on to Tsukiko.

For new years Kazuki invites Homare & co. to spend time with them eating mochi and trying to make Ai happier. Unfortunately even though Ai seems like she’s fine, she once again says she wants to see her mom and gets lost in the crowd around the shrine. They find her and Tsukiko once again has to apologize to the loli for leaving her “alone” and promises that she’ll be back to visit the shrine again the following day. So then the stupid mother Yukiko says she wants to take Ai back and said that she gave Ai to her brother because she “lost confidence in raising a child”. WHAT THE FK WERE YOU DOING ALL THESE PAST 6 MONTHS MAN. So yea the dumb mom comes to get Ai and thanks Tsukiko & Kazuki for taking care of her. Man I think I’m more pissed about Ai being handed over to this psychobitch and being in for a life of abuse than just simply “leaving the Shiranui household”. (ㆀ˘・_・˘) Luckily though after a while Ai & her mom both decide to move into the Shiranui shrine together so that she can get help raising Ai from Kazuki & his uncle. Sigh. (ಠ_ಠ) Well at least it’s safer that way. In the next chapter, Kazuki & Tsukiko are supposed to go on a date but he has a dream where she dies in a car accident and asks to cancel their date instead. Tsukiko gets upset and says she’s been waiting a while to see him but before anything else can happen suddenly a random car swerves into her. Kazuki knowing this would happen pushes her out of the way and gets hit instead. щ(ಥДಥщ) Fortunately he recovers safely but he has a small problem: He’s completely forgotten about his relationship with Tsukiko. He acts like he’s never met her before yet he remembers everyone else. Fortunately Tsukiko’s determined to get him to remember and so she talks to him privately saying that they used to be lovers. She also tells him about how she once had forgotten about him as well when she was younger. Kazuki says he wants to remember her too and so the two of them start meeting up with each other trying to trigger his memories.

Sadly it doesn’t work and he asks to break up with Tsukiko who then goes bawwing to Homare.      ウワァァ━━━━━。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。━━━━━ン!! Homare take meeee!! 😆 Tsukiko and Kazuki go meet at the school rooftop to break up and they decide to “end it” in the student council office. Fortunately thanks to Tsubasa blowing things up and killing the lights, this triggers the event from the past and Kazuki finally regains his memories of Tsukiko. He calls himself a dumbass for forgetting about her and is like WE AINT BREAKIN UP WOMAN. So just when things are fine and dandy OUT OF NOWHERE KAZUKI’S LIKE I THINK IMA GO STUDY IN ENGLAND! ヽ(。_゜)ノThey have their spat about it but agree to both deal with it and then Kazuki stays over Tsuki’s place where she asks him “to sleep next to her.” Sadly that’s all that happens even though it’s his LAST NIGHT BEFORE HE LEAVES. (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ And so 2 years pass and  Kazuki comes back to Japan and immediately asks Tsukiko to marry him. So then they go to ask permission from Tsukiko’s parents and afterwards go to his place and immediately hump. At first I was raging like really hard cause the first CG looked like some crap like the face frontal Cgs but then YEAAAA RANDY AFTER SEX CGGGG キタ(ノ゜∀゜)ノ━━━。;*:゜:+,.○*:゜.:+;*:゜:+,.○*:゜.:⌒━ . And so in ending 1, Tsukiko & Kazuki are living at the Shiranui shrine after being married. Ai’s grown up and Kazuki’s uncle has called the gang over to celebrate his & Tsukiko’s wedding anniversary….1 month too early. In Ending 2, Tsukiko gets whiny because Kazuki comes home late being a salaryman who has to work like 18 hour day. They argue and then have some makeup secks afterwards hooray! In ending 3, Kazuki & Tsukiko takea  walk through the cherry blossom path a day before their wedding.

When they get home Kazuki is disappointed Tsukiko won’t do the garter toss at the wedding cause he wanted to rip it off with his mouth 8D. In the bad ending, they made me sit through the car accident/hospital memory loss scene again without skipping. And I mean it went IDENTICAL as the original until THE END where instead of going to the student coucil office, Kazuki & Tsukiko just break up and she goes home. I feel like I wasted 40 minutes watching the same scenario over again hoping for something new. I read this game is supposed to have ‘Volume’ but repeating the same identical scene and turning “skip” off isn’t my idea of extra “volume”. (ಠ_ಠ)I got annoyed & ended up skipping through like   most of it anyway though 8D Anyway in the extra story, Tsukiko tells Kazuki that she’s preggo…and then 9 months later she pops out the baby. I was surprised we got a CG For this though! It shows Kazuki holding his new baby girl being the proudest daddy in the world and they name it Mirai. (´^ω^`) A few days later Tsukiko comes home and the usual gang is there looking at the new baby and celebrating with them. Okay so I guess the ending was cute but the lack of kiss CG, the repetitive scenario in the bad end kinda put a damper on things. I also felt like they were really pushing for drama in Kazuki’s route. First the loli problem, then the car, then the England I was like wtf man ヽ(。_゜)ノ. I think because the route is focused more on FAMILY rather than ROMANCE, I felt a bit disappointed since  I guess I’m more about romance…? Well I don’t mind if there’s a balance of both (like in Homare’s route in After Summer) but I felt like they just inclined too much into 1 direction and they were too busy with the dramu/family stuff and the romance was kinda put on the back burner. Also it wasn’t until like the extra story did she FINALLY STOP CALLING HIM KAZUKI KAICHO for god’s sake.

Amaha Tsubasa – In Tsubasa’s story he finds another guy who’s a freshman, named Ritsu, who likes to work on various inventions & blow things up.  Tsubasa is really determined to get him to join the student council because he feels like the two of them are very similar. Ritsu does end up joining and the two have invention & explosion competitions together, with Tsubasa being posessive of Tsukiko telling Ritsu that she’s HIS GIRLFRIEND NO NTRING. For Tanabata, he and Tsukiko put up some tanzaku and then he leans down and gives her a kiss saying he wants to spend as much time with everyone in the student council. (*´ω`*)  Later on Tsukiko tends to his wounds when he burns himself from one of his explosions and she starts bawwing because she said she was worried about him. So then Tsukiko starts passing out for like no reason while there’s some drama llama because she wants Tsubasa to care more about himself and he just keeps going “TSUKIKO RELY ON MEEEE.”  Oh no this is just so dramatic! At least Kazuki calls her an idiot and handful. And soooo she ends up going to the Star Road with FUCKING RITSU instead of Tsubasa. WHAT THE HELL HONESTLY. Ritsu’s like “why the hell did you pick Tsubasa to be your boyfriend then”. And then he HUGS TSUKIKO AND SHE JUST STANDS THERE LIKE A LOG. AND THEN WHILE RITSU PROFESSES TO HER HIS FEELINGS TSUBASA COMES RUNNING TO SEE HIS GIRLFRIEND GETTING NTR’ED. OH MY GOD WHY IS THIS EVEN HAPPENING. THIS SHIT IS LIKE AFTER SPRING YOH LEVEL DUMB. ┻━┻ ︵╰(ಠ益ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻

TSUBASA IS SO UPSET AND RIGHTFULLY SO AND RUNS OFF TO AN EMPTY CLASSROOM TELLING RETARDKO THAT HE JUST NEEDS SOME TIME ALONE. AND THEN AZUSA SHOWS UP AND RAGES SAYING HE’S GONNA PUNCH TSUBASA AND I’M LIKE OH MY GOD WHY U PUNCH MY BABY HE JUST GOT NTR’ED dshfglksgfhsghlsdk. щ(ºДºщ) Oh god Honeybee why do you do this to my favorite Winter character. (lll ̄□ ̄)ガーン!!  Lol man I was so pissed off at what just happened I had to stop and play the following day…. cause the rage from this post and my broadcast chat made my hands hurt from punching my keyboard. So anyway after Tsubasa avoids Tsukiko (and he has good reason to!) she decides to go and drag him out of his classroom and on to the rooftop. There they realize how they had some miscommunication then TSUBASA  STARTS QUESTIONING IF HES GOOD ENOUGH TO BE HER BOYFRIEND. JFC MAN WHY IS THIS EVEN A PLOT. ヽ(。_゜)ノ And then he starts crying saying he doesn’t want to break up with her and that he loves her. Poor baby seriously. Tsukiko I hate you. 爻((╬ಠ益ಠ))イカリズムッ!!  And then I don’t know why Tsubasa goes to that NTR SOB Ritsu and has to JUSTIFY why he loves Tsukiko. WHO CARES MAN SHE’S YOUR GIRLFRIEND WHY DO YOU HAVE TO GIVE HIM EXCUSES ITS NONE OF HIS BUSINESS. And then suddenly Ritsu gets sick and passes out so the other student council people come visit him..and hey look another CG wasted on Ritsu! I love how 2 CGs in Tsubasa’s route are wasted on a character that’s never been around except in this game!

Sigh anyway so obviously after Hayato & Tsukiko are going to graduate, Tsubasa runs for office & gets elected as Seito kaicho (as if it wasn’t obvious.) While Tsukiko spends time studying for her final exams the darling makes her some onigiri. (*´ω`*) On her graduation day Tsukiko tells Tsubasa good luck at running the school without her & Hayato and gives him a kiss. And so after Tsukiko graduates, some time later Tsubasa asks her to come over & stay at his house. She goes and then gets to meet his really funny grandma (who I thought would be evil from her character design on the site lol.) Tsubasa shows Tsukiko around his inaka and all his favorite places he used to go to when he was younger. Afterwards they come home and start making out until granny cockblocks them so Tsukiko punches the poor guy. (|||❛︵❛.) Fortunately I guess he gets his revenge when he accidentally walks in on her changing and getsa  GOOD look (before running off and getting yelled at by granny :lol:). The next day Tsubasa takes Tsukiko to his secret treehouse where he shows off all his old inventions to her. Afterwards they walk through the sunflower field holding hands. ლ(இ e இ`。ლ) It was such a precious CG, I’ll just pretend Ritsu shit never happened. ( ´_ゝ`) Sadly this precious moment doesn’t last too long when Tsubasa reveals that after graduation he intends to go study abroad in America since he wants to build telescopes and there’s just no school good enough in Japan! Tsukiko of course gets upset and starts subconsciously pushing Tsubasa away AGAIN! ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

And then she goes out ALONE at night to his freaking tree house in the middle of the woods moping until he catches up to her telling her not to do such stupid things. They FINALLY freaking talk it out and the following night do the mattress mambo. (๑→ܫ←๑)  And so a few years later they get married a la the CG in the original game. However since Tsubasa really wanted granny to see them in their wedidng attire, the two of them dressed up  at her house secretly and surprised her. In Ending 2, they copy pasta from Hayato’s route and Inukai & Miyaji decide to visit Tsubasa & Shiki in America with Tsukiko. Apparently Shiki is there because they promised him if he worked they’d give him a year supply of candy. ( ゚,_ゝ゚)バカジャネーノ Tsubasa then gets chosen to be on the lead team or something and to celebrate he returns to Japan to ask Tsukiko to marry him. In ending  3, everyone sees Tsubasa & Azusa off at the airport as he flies off to America. (Which is weird since in the last ending he went with Shiki e_e??) He then kisses Tsukiko goodbye and goes off. In the extra story, Tsukiko’s living with Tsubasa in America but because of his job he has to cancel their plans to visit granny in Japan so Tsukiko decides to go alone. While she spends time with granny & some random shotas, Tsubasa finally makes it there as well and they all hang their tanzakus for Tanabata. In the bad ending Tsukiko & Tsubasa break up over her stupid wangst about not wanting to make him SUUUFFFEER WAHHHH ヽ(。_゜)ノ. Shit man Kazuki’s route was disappointing but Tsubasa’s was just RAGE INDUCING MAN. Like I wish the first half of the route would just jump into a black hole. The end part was cute but again the fact that they recycled a lot of CGs from the last game was just…..meh. The pointless bad end further reminded me of how poorly written the route was meh. (´≖ ‸ ≖`) So irritating as this was the character I was most looking forward to.

Shirogane Oushirou – In Oushirou’s route it starts off with a flashback to when Oushirou confessed to Tsukiko that he loved her an they kissed while she started bawwing.  And so now Oushirou & Tsukiko are on a date and she’s bitching because he’s late and she got hit on by some losers. They eventually make up because of his smexy words to her and have a good time on their date. Sadly dramu ensues when Tsukiko tries to secretly plan a birthday party for Oushirou but he can’t attend because he’s busy doing photo shoots for a week. Tsukiko ends up eating the cake forever alone in her room on his birthday but suddenly he bangs on her door saying how much he missed her. He sees her half eaten cake and is like “what a modernly artistic cake” and Tsukiko starts pouting until he remembers that it’s his birthday and she made him that cake :lol:. So then Oushiro tries to ask Kazuki & Homare for advice on what to do for his Christmas date with Tsukiko but in the end they tell him to just make his own plans. He shows up with a huge boquet of roses for her but then it gets blown away by the wind and run over by a car. ლ(இ e இ`。ლ) Poor baby lmfao. This gets worse when like he made reservations to a restaurant for “Christmas” but thats on the 25th not the 24th so they end up going to some cafe instead. (´・ω・`;) They then go to see a special show at the planetarium but Oushirou falls asleep and sleeps through the whole thing :lol:.  Lol it’s like reverse Tsukiko in Homare’s route in After Summer. They then exchange gifts and he gives her a pinky ring hoping that all her wishes will come true. (*´ω`*) Tsukiko also asks if she can call him by his first name and settles on calling him “Oushirou-kun” cause she finds him incredibly 萌━゚☆;。+(*pq′ー`)+。;☆゚━萌  (like I do xDDD.) For Valentine’s Day, Oushirou has to go out to do some photo shoot for college again and so Tsukiko can’t give him chocolates. In addition to that, he was supposed to come back after the 15th but he hasn’t and he hasn’t called Tsukiko to let her know what’s going on. Me? I figured the shoot’s running late and there’s no reception in some mountains where the shoot’s taking place. Tsukiko? BAWW WAHHH why hasn’t he called me in a week wahhh!

He finally comes back and apologizes for not calling because he was really tied up with his photoshoot but Tsukiko HAS TO GO AND BE A WHINY BRAT. She tells him that she was worried abuot him and that if he does this again next time she doesn’t know WHAT she will do and runs off like an IDIOT. And so they continue being in this stupid fight all the way through Tsukiko’s graduation and she starts her new college life on a massive downer ALL BECAUSE SHE’S SO FREAKING STUPID AND SELFISH. And so she like gets advice from Homare & Kazuki as they celebrate her graduation/college entrance while POOR OUSHIROU IS NOWHERE IN SIGHT. ( ಠ益ಠ ) AND WHEN TSUKIKO FINALLY GETS THE BALLS TO CALL OUSHIROU TO APOLOGIZE TO HIM ON HER WAY HOME, THE RANDOM RAPISTS FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME KIDNAP HER AND LOCK HER UP IN A ROOM TO LURE OUSHIROU.  Well of course it works but Oushirou beats the crap out of them again and rescues her out of the locked room along with Kazuki & Homare. Unfortunately while fighting the guys I guess they chop off his braids  and HE LOOKS LIKE A MILLION TIMES HOTTER WITH SHORT HAIR. (*´д`*)ハァハァ  In Ending 2, Tsukiko goes to Australia with Oushirou where he becomes a professional journalist. In ending 3, Tsukiko and Oushirou go back to her place and have some makeup secks as they realize they’re both in love with each other and missed each other a lot. BUT IT ENDED SO SUDDENLYYYYY щ(ºДºщ).  And so in the best ending, Tsukiko’s at her wedding reception after she just got married to Oushirou. (*´ω`*) He takes a break with Tsukiko outside as she sits in his lap and as they talk about the good old says he starts crying. ( ;∀;) イイハナシダナー They kiss until Kazuki finds them and complains that they should entertain their wedding guests. xDDDD OMG THIS ROUTE HAS SAVED THE GAME FOR ME. IT WAS ALL WORTH IT FOR OUSHIROOOOOOO ლ(இ e இ`。ლ). BUT IT WAS SO SHORT and he didn’t even get an extra story :;:;:;:;ガ―{´_`゜|||}─ン;:;:;:;….I WANTED MOOOOOOREEE. Like seriously just get rid of  Shiki the pot smoker and give me more Oushirou. щ(ಥДಥщ)

Kagurazaka Shiki – Shiki grates my nerves. He sounds like he’s high all the time and he’s always like sleeping by a tree like a bear. The entire route is basically him and Tsukiko doing a digest of the other starry sky games and talking about all the other characters. Most of the time the two of them end up rolling around the grass outside and taking naps while talking about all of Tsukiko’s manharem. So then turns out since Shiki has the power to see the future (hence being Mr. Fortune Teller in other routes) he was always living in a lab and experimented on when he was younger. And so as on cue with Starry Sky after Travel, Shiki tells Tsukiko that he’s going off to study abroad in America! So then Tsukiko bawws as Shiki cuddles with her on the school rooftop telling her everyone’s gotta leave some day, eveh her. I mean I admit the CG was cute but it was so..unromantic since to me Shiki is like some asexual starfish. Anyway since I didn’t follow a guide the first time around, I got the bad end where Tsukiko ends up picking some random guy and pretty much telling Shiki to peace out as he disappears. If you don’t do the bad ending the story continues where Shiki tells Tsukiko that he has incredible future reading powers and that they were doing research on him in a lab in America. He says he’s been called back to American and then says oh btw thanks to my super powers I’m gonna die soon. Great. ( ´_ゝ`) The poor sap then starts crying because he’s predicted when he’s going to die. Tsukiko then kisses him and is shocked at the fact that she could do something so daring!

Anyway in ending 3, she and Shiki are living in some tiny ass apartment (compared to like all the super rich houses in other routes). Shiki continues his stalker ways by revealing that he’s been taking pics of her sleeping face every night since the first night they humped プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Tsukiko decides to have mutual stalking with him and so she starts taking pics of his sleeping face too. In ending 2, Shiki asks to go see the cherry blossoms and they once again flashback to the past and make out. In ending 1, I have no idea why Shiki asks Tsukiko to marry him because HEY I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THEY WERE DATING/IN LOVE. I thought they were just like stalking each other out of boredom. ( ´_ゝ`) And so the final CG has them getting married with all the starry sky guys attenting the ceremony. WHY. Oh my god lol I normally would think this is a great ending but it’s like….WHY. What is this some shotgun wedding in Vegas? 😆 In the extra stories both Shiki & Tsukiko are teachers at a university and she’s preggo with their baby. Shiki eloquently tells her that he will (◞≼●≽◟◞౪◟◞≼●≽◟)stare at her as she breast feeds the baby because his own manboobs can’t produce breast milk. HOW DO YOU HAVE SECKS WITHOUT KNOWING HOW BREAST FEEDING WORKS :shock:. Oh well sasuga Shiki I guess lol. Anyway yea I fail to see the point of Shiki’s route other than a slideshow of CGs from the previous games and a digest of all of Kazuaki’s artwork for this series. Shiki’s stupid slow speaking made me fall asleep half the time. It’s like he was talking but not actually SAYING anything. That extra story was probably the only hilarious part of his whole route and I had wished that his WHOLE route was like this. That actually would have been more interesting than the snooze fest I had to sit through.

So I got the limited edition of the game which came with a postcard book and some drama CDs:

I’ve not yet touched any of the CDs because well I can’t find myself caring about the main 3 guys of this game. In my eyes the best character of the game was Oushirou and his route was the one that felt the happiest in my eyes. If every route was like his route it would have been the best game ever….but nope Oushiro’s route is a reflection of how Starry Sky After Summer was. It left me feeling happy and satisfied but this game left me feeling incredibly disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the characters, even stoner Shiki but I felt the routes were written poorly. They kept shoving drama over & over and drama that we’ve seen before. Study abroad, car accidents, and even the copy pasta of Homare’s date  from After Summer in Oushiro’s route sigh. I feel like for the “final” game they should have tried harder especially since this is the last one of the series. Shiki’s route was just flashback after flashback and slideshows of CGs from older games and his personality barely got to shine through any of it. Tsubasa’s route got overshadowed by a side character that only showed up in this game and unlike most other games, Hayato’s family were a bunch of heartless asswipes. Kazuki got overshadowed by forced drama and while he had a happy ending, I felt like the moments I wanted to spend with Kazuki were few & far between. Do I regret buying it? Kinda. I love Oushiro’s route and each route despite being bad for the most part, did have its good parts here and there but I wanted it to be something better. I feel like the series ended on an unsatisfactory note for me which I guess leaves me feeling disappointed in the end. Japan seems satisfied with this game completely though so maybe it’s just my American point of view I don’t know :lol:. I suddenly miss Quin Rose heroines & story writing a lot.

43 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Starry Sky ~After Winter~

  1. お疲れさん!

    Sorry, but I laughed while reading the parts in caps, mostly because it was hilarious to see in the midst of the text.
    Other than that, I don’t even need to assume you wouldn’t recommend this, except for Oushiro’s route?

    1. lol yea pretty much 8D Unless you enjoy the wangst/family drama stuff lol. I dunno maybe some people are into that but it’s just not my cup of tea

      1. Wouldn’t say that’s my cup of tea either, so yeah… Probably no After Winter for me then. |D

  2. If my husband doesn’t stare at my lactating breasts in jealousy, something is clearly wrong with him.

    Another thing about Shiki that annoys me is why couldn’t he have a different super power? Kazuki was the one with future sight I thought. Why does Shiki need that one too? Couldn’t Honeybee think of something else? Like mindseer, medium, anything.

    Though with this final one, I think we can say that the After series (sans summer) are just a money grubbing attempt from Honeybee.

    Hopefully they’ll stop beating Starry Sky to death and make something new. Hopefully less without a retarded heroine and manharem.

    1. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ lmfao
      I honestly can’t see honeybee changing their ways since all their fangirls lOVE this crap. They love mary suing themselves into Tsukiko….I mean I know that everyone in the game is in high school but the game really feels like it’s targetted towards 12 year old girls or something sometimes =_=; I guess the after secks scenes in the FDs were the only thing to prove otherwise 😆

  3. “(But for some reason they couldn’t draw them kissing and we just saw white..(ಠ_ಠ)..) ”

    I bet they did the dirty on dat chair.

    And oh man… I’m so disappointed. So, so, SO disappointed. Tsubasa and Kazuki are two of my favorite characters in the SS series and I – I just – I don’t even –

    (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻

    WHY? For the final game I was also expecting some sort of magical burst of awesomeness because let’s face it, the SS series is like officially over with the release of After Winter but NO. They were like YAYZ DRAMA ALL THROUGHOUT THE GAME RAWR.

    Shiki’s route was probably all flash-backy because idk maybe honeybee was like trying to invoke some sort of nostalgic feeling in us but NO it’s like I paid effing money for this game GIVE ME SOMETHING GOOD I mean honestly. If we bought After Winter you can assume that we more than likely bought all the other games and played them!!! (ಠ_ಠ)

    Ahh, well, hopefully now honeybee will stop with the SS stuff. I wonder if they’ll release any more games? And if so, wth are they gonna be about haha

    1. I bet they did too 😆

      yea it’s amazing to me how much better the original in winter was compared to this drama fest. no idea if honeybee will stop but they could always just grab another 12 seiyuus they haven’t used yet and bam you got another “generation” of starry sky. the milking is endless 😆

  4. A friend of mine loved Starry Sky, but she loved it for what she said it ‘was’ : a game where your favourite seiyuus whisper sweet things in your ear. Concentrated amounts of favourite seiyuus whispering sweet things in your ears. And very little else. I know she generally has high standards otherwise. It’s probably like drinking coke, I guess? You know it’s useless nutriotionally, it rots your teeth and too much of it is kinda lame, but you drink it anyway.

    Judging from the amount of ‘all sweet idiocy and nothing else’ phone games in Japan, a lot of which interestingly sprung up after SS, I’d guess that this makes up a good chunk of SS’s fans. Whether they make up a sizable portion of otome gamers in general is anyone’s guess, although I’d bet that they do. Not that I’d say anything, of course, there ARE things done in a certain way that’d make me drop all my standards for the sake of moe, but THOSE things are rare considering what everyone else wants, and anyway I’m steering off topic where am I?

    Oh yeah. Honeybee’s fans. IDK if they’re going to do another Stary Sky-like project, tbh. When they first did it it was kind of new, and became a smash hit partly because of that. Now it’s kind of a saturated market. Will it be a viable marketing strategy? Maybe, if they go through the otomate route and keep producing Mary Sue drama CDs alongside each game to boot. But it certainly will make them rather forgettable; the otome game market is getting larger by the day. Being forgettable isn’t something you typically want when you’re selling visual novels.

    Pity After Winter sucked though. I liked the Original Winter quite a bit, and considering that the FD took forever to make I thought it’d at least be worth the wait. Oh well.

    1. P.S. Now that I think of it, the ‘sweet nothings’ genre sound suspiciously like the otome market’s answer to the eroge’s nukige. Except, you know, SFW because otome game NSFW is a very, very niche market while the reverse is true for the stuff aimed at dudes. It’s honestly a lot alike, excuse plot, forgettable protagonists and short story meat and all. (Otome game porn serves an entirely different fragment from regular otoge, I’d say. The one that reads harlequin novels. Regular otoge serves the shoujo-reading segment.)

      Funny when you think of it that way.

    2. one of my japanese friends got pissed when she saw people calling starry sky a seiyuu game. I mean I will say for some games (like after spring particularly) it really is. there’s just NO PLOT but After Summer/summer actually had pretty decent story and it was well written enough that I didn’t care about the voice actors. Sadly winter was not like that.

      i don’t like this trend of splitting games into 3 characters and selling it as multiple products. the price remains high but the content ends up being watered down like some kind of badly created koolaid which only has 1% of any actual juice in it lol (if even that)

      i also liked the original winter, i dunno wtf happened here. i felt the same way about autumn too though.

      1. Hey, one out of four does not a good representative make. 😛 Summer was easily the best, but its best points are not what it’s trying to *sell*, either. I’d say it’s a fluke. Like it or not, I’d say that SS really did brand itself as seiyuu games. I’m pissed off when people call Foucault’s Pendulum a Dan Brown-styled thriller, but it really is, even if it’s 20000x times better/more intellectually rewarding than Dan Brown.

        It’s kind of like brands, except you make brands based on characters instead of the game. With the cell phone market being what it is I can see why it goes well with the players over there; I just wonder if they actually think about the price point versus content difference, or is it just that ‘more content than cell phones’ justify the price point? You see people complaining about it sometimes, but the games sell so well that I just.

  5. Oh man I thought your post on tumblr was a joke until I read this. The story writing does seem very dissapointing which ducks because its the last game in the series.

  6. Seeing this review makes me really happy~
    Hayato being that the emo kid he is with his black board. I really hate this thing, I want to grab it and throw it out of the window ( →_→)ジーーーッ゙Kazuki’s routes always make me nostalgic, even when they’re meant to live happily ever after I get really sad after finishing them… There’s something about his personality that gets me depressed.
    Tsubasa’s route sounds interesting, although the drama just seems to be randomly thrown in there, but at least there’s some action.
    I know it’s Starry Sky we’re talking about, but why do they have to censor everything? And why does this always feel like a Shojo Manga for primary-school kids? I would have loved a Tsukiko x Tsubasa scene not cockblocked by his grandma.

    I didn’t read Oushirou and Shiki’s on purpose, because I still want to play them~

    That’s sad, I thought about getting the limited edition as well, but I didn’t really fall for the Winter Guys (Summer~ ♥)

    I thought I read on their blog that they still want to continue the Starry Sky series… some drama cds eventually or sort of this stuff… maybe I’m mistaken?

    One last thing, is it just me or is almost every Starry Sky character in the after series studying abroad leaving Tsukiko behind?! Wasn’t there a better option?

    As always your reviews are gorgeous~ I had a lot of fun reading it (^ㅂ^)

    1. i mean they had their scenes but it was still pretty tame compared to say summer or autumn….not sure why its so childish this time around. (except for Hayato he was pretty エロイ). Shiki’s route nothing happened so you aren’t missing out but Oushirou I highly recommend as it was the best route in the game xDDD

      And yea I agree summer was the best one. I still regret not buying the limited edition but I didn’t have a job at the time (ㆀ˘・_・˘)

      And yea i dunno wtf is with all the study abroad crap it’s like they ran out of ideas and didn’t care anymore lol

  7. I was really looking forwards to playing ~after Winter, but reading through your review, it doesn’t seem that great… very disheartening since I adore Kazuki and Tsubasa ♥♥♥ But oh wells, I have to get round to finishing the other sets first (since my Japanese isn’t fluent or anything…). I’ve been viewing your reviews and your streams for quite a while but yeah, greetings!! (apparently this comment’s been posted but I can’t see it so I included it again, feel free to delete if there is duplicates) XD

    That would be the next greatest thing ever invented after Nutella.

    Anyways, I’m very disappointed with this game because I absolutely loved Winter ; A ;
    What’s with these useless, unneeded dramas? Why can’t After Winter be all ラブラブ and shit? WHY HONEYBEE WHY. Why do you make such cute stories for minor characters like Inukai and Koguma, yet you make shitty stories for the major ones.

    After Summer was amazing, and I thought that’s because the original game was also amazing. So I had my hopes up for this one, cause Winter was fantastic.

    Maan, I’ve been let down by recent otome games so much, especially after I played Miyako FD, which was so pointlessly short. Jesus. The only game I am looking forward to now is Arabian Lost. I’ll be going to my cave and hibernate now. Wake me up when Usuba Kagerou draws for otome game again.

    1. I love in Winter too so disappointed as much as you are!
      It’s amazing to think the same person wrote this game as the summer one (or at least i think its the same person)

      MiyakoFD I’ve been kinda crawling through as I’ve only played it on my commute to work since I’ve been prioritizing my PC games. Hoping to fully plow through it this week which is why when you say “short” I’m like wait wut it’s been a week and I haven’t finished a single route 😆

      Usuba Kagerou – i’m assuming that’s the WOF artist. Isn’t he drawing the art for WOF 2? Or is that another one of otomate’s copy trace teams?

      1. Well, I sure love skimming any lines that are not spoken, so that could be the reason why I finish a game a lot faster than others. But really, the After Stories are so. short. You know, I was hoping that it would be at least as long as… oh I don’t know, Amnesia Later? I believe it’s even shorter than that .___.

        Yeah, Usuba Kagerou is the WOF artist (fun fact: Usuba Kagerou actually consists of two girls, judging from their names). Also the artist for Will o Wisp. I sincerely hope they don’t trace stuffs though. It’d be like yunomi all over again .__.

        1. you skim lines that aren’t spoken..? why? because you can’t read or because you’re too lazy? :S I actually enjoy reading thoughts and descriptions in a game I mean if you skip all that I think you really get a different feeling for what the game is like. someone pointed me to a tumblr post I think it was you who said Miyako FD sucks but I’m actually enjoying it and maybe its because I read everything? I love the music, the art, the descriptions and although I am still on Ichigou’s route I think his scenes are really sweet so….. ._.;

          I do have will o wisp and WOF in my backlogs but yea I’m on an otomate hate streak at the moment so maybe later….much much later…lol.

      2. I didn’t find a reply button after your last comment, so..
        See, playing otome games for me is like reading a book. I skim lines that are uninteresting, but I always read the dialogues. So, I tend to skim the descriptions and focus on the dialogues.

        There are exceptions, just not a lot of them. And Miyako FD just isn’t one of the games that I would actually bother to read everything.

        Ah, yes, Ichigo’s route. Very sweet indeed. I think it was Seimei’s route that turned me into a giant squid of anger. Or maybe the fact that the After Stories are waaaaay too short.

        Alright, I’ll be looking forward to your thoughts on WOF. Just, a fair warning, it will take you a LOONG time. Like, a month or two long.

        1. lol don’t hold your breath on WOF cause I have Quin Rose’s alice series way ahead of that 😛
          and after finishing Ichigou’s route I can agree with it being shorter than I expected and I actually read all the lines =s
          i’m kind of annoyed that they considered a text dump of a rehash of the last game (+cgs from last game) as “content”.
          I think I am done giving money to Otomate….

      3. Wait, all of Alice series? All of them!? Giiiirl, you’re out of your mind if you plan to finish them by the end of summer. フルコンプするなら特に・・・。

        OH YEAH THAT ANNOYING TEXT DUMP! When I played it the second time, I was SO sure that I’ve heard them say the words they are saying before but I can’t skip it. I also don’t want to put the skip mode on “skip all” because I was afraid of missing something important that is new. GOD, otomate.

        I rarely play their games anymore. The last one I played was Elkrone’s (?) Atelier and I got bored so I stopped in the middle of the tsuntsundere route. I’m still keeping my hopes up though. Someday… just… someday they will understand…

        1. nah I’m not gonna full comp them but my goal is to at least finish 1 ending for each (male) character. besides I am not dropping everything. I will be playing it and then stopping for new releases, then continuing & so on. It’ll be like my background game I guess you could say? 😆 I don’t expect to finish by end of summer in fact I expect to finish by the end of the year or something lmfao. And yea I agree with the skipping I feel like I’ve seen the same scenarios twice between Genshin & Ichigou’s routes and i was like dafuq man.

          I have a really REALLY bad feeling about brothers conflict lol

    2. Oh, not full comp. Okay, that’s doable. (If you need the completed save data for anniversary, I have it). I still think that it will take a long ass time. I’ll give you a virtual pat on the back when you finish that game, cause you’ll kinda need one.

      Brother’s Conflict. Yes, of course. I have several things against it. First of all, why is Okamoto Nobuhiko playing an Okama character? Why are there 11 brothers, isn’t that, like, waaaay too much siblings? I mean, how rich are their parents anyways? Why does the protagonist looks so much like a masochist (or is that just me imagining the events in the game?) それとなんで10歳のショタと恋愛できんのよおおおお!犯罪だろ、どう考えても!

      1. I’m playing the PSP version btw – I hope that’s the one you have 8D rofl.
        yea I don’t get the 10 year old shota route either. maybe itll be more a family/little bro route? Or maybe there will be a time skip cause otherwise 😕

      2. Ouch. Yeah, no, I’ve never played the PSP version of Alice series. Can’t help you with that then, sorry.

        You know, it’s Otomate, so I think it’ll probably be like:
        “I like/love you”
        “Omg you’re such a cute shota”
        ~6 years later or something~
        “I’m not a shota anymore–I’m a man and I still love you”

        It’ll probably be similar to Erik’s route in Beastmaster, except less awesome. (Don’t they also share the same seiyuu? Erik and the 10-years-old shota, I mean. Couldn’t be bothered to look up his name)

  9. I’m still getting this game for the sake of my hentai. xD Honestly though, the three main guys routes actually reminded me of the events of the live-action Hana Yori Dango series FAR TOO MUCH. That’s why, I somewhat found it amusing from how similar it is to it. xD

    I’m just happy, that Ooshiro’s route turned out to be great. I mean, his route in the PSP game made me cry (with him wanting Tsukiko to be with Kazuki instead…And she just wants to be with him. xD), and seeing him have such a happy ending with Tsukiko made me happy. =D

    I’m just wishing that Honeybee would have just stepped it up a notch, instead of copying stuff from Hana Yori Dango. >.> They really should have their own FD for the side characters. I would have loved to see Inukai with his own special lengthy route like how Ooshiro’s was, rather than seeing it being quite short during After Summer. ;_;

    1. or lack of hentai? lol
      i never read HYD but I saw the drama and lol yea I guess there are too many similarities but they coulda …varied it up a bit. why’s dafuq’s everyone going abroad. nothing better to do? 😆

      Yea thank god for Oushiro. I never even played his route since it was never even in the PC versions =P

    1. yes I am quite disappointed….well okay I didn’t expect Tsukiko to be on par with any quin rose heroines but I also didn’t expect her to be a retarded drama queen drowning in a sea of drama plot 😦

  10. Hey, I REALLY LOVE ur reviews for otome games!!! I was wondering where did u get all these games from… And if its translated into English or something

  11. I’ve started playing this game a few days ago and it did disappoint me a bit. Dunno why the CGs changed…it was fine until After Autumn and After Winter…well anyways, I love your review!xD
    That Miyaji and Kinose moment was like O.o
    Miyaji:Hey,why didn’t you greet me like her?
    Kinose:So you want me to hug you like senpai then???
    Thank God Homare-sama didn’t turn out to be like Suzuya in After Autumn. I would’ve died if a choice box popped out asking me to choose from Kazuki and Homare! I’m Homare biased. Oh it’s his birthday today!xD

    1. I guess Kazuaki’s art style evolved? I think they look a little nicer than before so I don’t mind at all. I’m also glad Homare didn’t come out to be a wangsty Cockblocker like Suzuya….man that sucked. And yep Homare-tan’s bday today =D I’ll change my wallpaper later!

  12. uh oh…I saw your tumblr and seems like Tsubasa’s route was a big disappoint D:’ And I was looking forward to his route too..Well ofc the rest of the dudes as well..but I’ve been hearing bad things about the game overall so mehh… (-へ-)Was after winter worse than the other series or was this the worse? ._.

    1. I’d say after autumn was worse since they had to get the spring guys to cockblock in that one..
      At least the summer guys in the winter one were bros for the most part. The dramu levels were really stupid this time around though…NTR….really now honeybee? Why can’t they just make a happy fluffy game like after summer I don’t get it

  13. Okay, first off. I love your reviewwss!! ERMERGERD. BUT I’M SO ANGRYY. I keep getting the breakup ending with tsubasa. T^T Whyyy cruel fates. If anyone would be so kind as to direct me to a walkthrough…I fail as a fangirl..but I want the cock block scene soo baddd

  14. I tried her stuff but My google translate can’t read any of her page DXXX It’s all images of words or something.. guh

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