Otome Game Review: Starry Sky ~After Summer~

And so we have the fandisk for Summer! Right off the bat  I’m just going to say how much better this is than the Spring fandisk. I guess when the original is awesome the FD is awesome and when the original is fail well you get the picture ( ´_ゝ`). The story starts out with a common route where everyone from the archery club gathered together at some izakaya after 4 years and reminisce about their high school days. From there you pick which dude you wanna follow and then you can proceed to do that guy’s after story. In the common route everyone flashed back to their 3rd year of high school and their training camp for archery. Inukai and Shiratori got into a fight and then made up. They have a test of courage and the 3 new guys along with Tsukiko scare the pants off everyone 😆 Koguma becomes the next captain after Miyaji’s retirement and Azusa takes the vice captain position (saying he’s not meant to be a leader.) Fortunately unlike spring, they didn’t need to add in too many random characters because the cast of summer is awesome as is!

Miyaji Ryuunosuke – I was used to calling Ryuunosuke as “Miyaji” but since his 2 brothers are in this I guess I gotta go back to Ryunosuke for now. So the after story begins immediately after Ryuunosuke and Tsukiko are officially dating. He walks into the club one day going “she’s my woman, don’t touch. now back to practice” 😆 The baka trio yell at Ryuunosuke for being a love noob and not taking out Tsukiko on dates. They warn him that Tsukiko will dump him if he doesn’t so he immediately asks her to go out on a date together lol. They キャキャうふふ at the beach together and then later Miyaji starts getting all jealous when Tsukiko talks to other guys. Tsukiko decides to finally take some action and she goes and kisses him first XD. She makes him some bad tasting Valentine’s Day choco but he eats it anyway because it was obviously made with love. She drags him into her room and hugs him cause obviously she wants to hit that but Ryuunosuke’s like (*ノノ)イヤン and runs away XD. There’s some drama about him emoing about not being a good club captain like Homare. For Halloween they dress up in some dog costumes and make out on the bench while Inukai and Shiratori watch and cry in the bushes behind them. At the Christmas party he passes out because someone spiked the punch. Tsukiko goes to his room and watches over him until he wakes up and finds her fallen asleep next to him.

He tells her that she shouldn’t do that in a guy’s room, even if he is her boyfriend. She’s like whatever dude you won’t do anything but suddenly he kisses her! She’s like oh hell yes but before this can continue he…passes out again and the next day doesn’t remember anything that happened. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ For winter break she goes to visit Ryuunosuke’s house and there she meets his 2 brothers, younger Taiga and older Yousuke. The only thing Yousuke wants to do is cockblock (or maybe spy on lol) Ryuunosuke and Tsukiko. He drags poor Taiga into it as well because the poor shota doesn’t know whose side he should be on anyway. Ryuunosuke of course foils Yousuke’s plans every time and ends up raging at his stupid brother XDDD. For Valentine’s day the following year Tsukiko’s cooking skills level up and the choco she makes tastes less disgusting. At one point he tries to hit that but Tsukiko is so surprised that he’d take action for once she pushes him away. Ryuunosuke then runs away crying for a few days but then they make up and furiously make out. After they graduate it’s time for college and Makoto is back as Tsukiko’s token female friend. They’re both in the archery club at college too and have a new set of friends who are extremely jealous of Tsukiko and Ryuunosuke’s relationship.

In ending 1 its Tsukiko’s wedding day. Makoto I guess is the maid of honor and she’s there congratulating Tsukiko and helping her get ready. Later on Ryuunosuke comes in (and he cut his hair so now he looks even more like Suzuya orz) to see his soon to be wife. They kiss and say they love each other etc the end. In ending 2, Ryuunosuke’s dream is to create and run his own planetarium so in the ending he finally gets a chance to do this. In ending 3, the Miyaji brothers go stalking after Ryuunosuke while he’s on a date with Tsukiko. Of course they get caught and Ryuunosuke rages after Yousuke as usual while Taiga wishes some day he’ll get a girlfriend just like his oniichan (*´ω`*). In the extra story Tsukiko and Ryuunosuke are living together a few years after they are married. One day they go and visit Seigetsu Gakuen to have some old reminiscing…then I guess to waste time they made Tsukiko into this drama queen who got up in the middle of the night and cried tears of joy or something. (ಠ_ಠ) Lol anyway that weirdness aside, while I’m not even a fan of Ryuunosuke, the characters around him in his route were just amazing. I laughed and smiled so much my face hurt プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ I even warmed up to the guy from all those blushing scenes and thankfully aside from the monitor-kissing CGs there were plenty of normal kissing Cgs so THANK YOU HONEYBEE (although really we could have done without the stupid monitor kissing ones to begin with…) Also Ryuunosuke’s brothers are so much better than say…Yoh’s parents (and the idiotic katakana-speak.) I’m absolutely in love with Yousuke |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑

Kinose Azusa – Yeaaaa I’m so disappointed with this it’s not even funny. It was almost as bad and dramatically dumb as the after spring routes. I got nothing against Azusa and I think he’s cute and all but his route was just Tsukiko being stupid and helpless so they could put all the focus on how “manly” Azusa is sigh. In the common route Azusa lives in America and visits Japan while he’s studying. He got accepted to be astronaut and is engaged to Tsukiko. In the after story he kisses her a million times to prove to her his true feelings (why are we at this stage again ??) Then there’s this stupid drama where Tsukiko wants to get him a birthday present but instead of asking him she goes to every single guy she knows and instead rejects him. Needless to say Azusa is not amused sigh. So then we finally get a real introduction to the characters we saw in Miyaji’s route. Izuru, Yuzuru, Ai and Makoto who are all from a rival archery team. Izuru seems to be pissed at Azusa for losing to him and says that it’s all Tsukiko’s fault. So then when Tsukiko graduates a year later Azusa comes to smooch with her and says one day their paths will cross. On graduation day Tsukiko tells Azusa to not cheat on her but he’s like “with who? all the men here? (ಠ_ಠ)” 😆 So then Tsukiko begins college and is all ronery so she talks to Azusa on the phone. A bunch of jealous hoes say stuff about them while they’re on a date but Azusa tells them to GTFO and tells Tsukiko he doesn’t care that she’s older than him.

At Tsukiko college’s festival, Azusa comes over to check out everything and then he tells her that he’s going to study in America. Tsukiko’s like (  Д ) ゚ ゚ and gets really pissy. Then drama passes (along with my attention span) and Azusa ends up staying at her place the last week or something before he has to go to America. Needless to say, their loneliness and sexual frustration gets the best of them and Azusa scores! So in America Azusa writes letters to her and in ending 1 they get married and make out on the dock near the church while Miyaji rages at them for being late to the ceremony. In ending 2 Tsukiko studies to be some astronaut supporter and then when Azusa comes to visit her from America – they screw again! In Ending 3 she flies to America to visit Azusa for Christmas and they screw again! And in the Extra story there’s some drama llama about Azusa going to space for a while and Tsukiko being all mopey about it. Needless to say, he comes back and they……oh screw it you get the picture. I guess the only thing they could do for the lack of anything in Azusa’s route is to just have him get laid /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. It’s such a shame that I was hoping Azusa’s route would be cute but by the end I was kind of indifferent. That’s not to say I was as say annoyed or sick of like Yoh’s route in his fandisk but I guess it was just indifference mixed with disappointment XD. I mean why doesn’t Azusa have a family?? Where are his parents? Siblings? Way to shaft the poor guy.

Kanakubo Homare – 誉ええええええええええ|萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ I HAD HIGH EXPECTATIONS FOR HOMARE. HE DID NOT LET ME DOWN ミュミュ(´ε`* )☆♡♡♡♡♡ Ahem anyway 😆 So the first half of Homare’s route was pretty standard. Tsukiko still 2nd year and Homare in 3rd while they are dating. Homare often sneaks kisses on to her here & there, and doesn’t care who’s watching 😈 Since Homare is a tea making pro, during the school festival all these stupid fangirls crowd around him making tea and it makes Tsukiko jealous. A year passes and he graduates and Tsukiko becomes a senior. She attempts to knit him something for his birthday but since in this route it’s failkiko it doesn’t work. Instead she asks him to go on a date with her for his birthday and she finds a place to eat that she thinks he’ll like. However thinks don’t go just as keikaku when she oversleeps, the restaurant she was going to go to is closed for repairs, then she trips and falls into the water completely soaking herself at the beach. Homare goes and buys her a new dress to wear while Tsukiko is pretty much ショボーン(´・ω・`) from everything going the wrong way. While she’s busy being depressed, Homare sweeps her up into his arms and so Tsukiko kisses him as a “present”. This is obviously more than what Homare had wanted anyway so it all worked out ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ. For Christmas, Homare gives her a “promise” ring to reserve until he can give her a real one in the future. Since she’s home alone for winter break (god knows where her parents are…), Homare invites her to stay over his gigantic house with his family.

So here’s where the game takes a 90 degree turn for the most awesome route ever キタ(ノ゜∀゜)ノ━━━。;*:゜:+,.○*:゜.:+;*:゜:+,.○*:゜.:⌒━ Tsukiko comes to the Kanakubo residence and meets Homare’s older twin sister Amane, and 2 younger loli twin sisters Kanade and Shirabe (twins everywhere!) All the kids look identical to the mom and the dad looks like he doesn’t belong there 😆 The house is very traditional so everyone wears kimonos at home. Amane is quite the lesbian! She wants to know Tsukiko’s 3 sizes, wants to give her sponge baths when she’s sick and she frankly thinks Homare is just a 邪魔者 in her yuri quest with Tsukiko 😆 In the meantime the lolis Kanade and Shirabe wish that Tsukiko would die in a fire for taking away their playtime with their oniisama/niinii xDDD. One day when Shirabe finds out that Tsukiko might some day be Homare’s waifu, she throws a tantrum and then ends up running away from home. She runs to the nearby park playground and hides under a slide while everyone frantically looks for her as it begins raining. Tsukiko is the first to find her and of course the first thing Shirabe does is yell at Tsukiko that she hates her and to leave her alone. Tsukiko slaps the little brat and tells her that everyone is looking for her and if she stays here she’ll catch a cold. Eventually Homare & co. catch up and they bring Shirabe home who cries and says she’s sorry. Tsukiko feels guilty about it and so she quietly gathers her belongings and heads back home.

Before she can even walk into the door of her place though, she passes out from a fever and then wakes up back at Homare’s place with Homare worried sick about her. He tells her that he found her with the door open and passed out on the floor of her house. Kanade and Shirabe come over and say that they’re really sorry and from then on they become friends and now constantly want Tsukiko to play with them instead 萌━゚☆;。+(*pq′ー`)+。;☆゚━萌 The 2 lolis ask to sleep with Tsukiko that night and when Homare asks if he can join them Kanade goes “ikemasen!” xDDD So then the next day Homare’s family goes to their vacation home for a day and leave the house to Homare & Tsukiko. Before they leave Amane wink/nudges Homare and tells him to hit that shit 😈 Needless to say, that night Homare and Tsukiko decide to sleep in the same room but it’s not too soon before he crawls into her futon and they end up doing it (*´д`*)ハァハァ . Amazing! Tsukiko scores before she even graduated high school unlike with Suzuya which it took all the way to college XD. The final night at the Kanakubo residence, Homare and his loli sisters all sleep in the same futon with Tsukiko. When the lolis fall asleep Homare leans over and kisses Tsukiko…but then the 2 of them hear giggling ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Winter break is over and Tsukiko returns to Seigetsu gakuen. She cries because Homare is going to be parting with her until she graduates. FUCKING HELL I CRIED LIKE A MOFO HERE TOO 。゚(●゚´Д)ノ。゚ヽ(  )ノ゚。ヽ(Д`゚●)ノ゚。。゚ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚。ウワァァァン!!

So then the months pass and Tsukiko finally graduates. She meets with Homare and they go to the empty archery club room where Homare confesses to her once more for the hell of it. Time passes and in ending 1 it’s Tsukiko and Homare’s wedding day. Kanade and Shirabe I guess are flower girls in the back or something. (*´ω`*) In the 2nd ending it’s just like the first end but it appears to be from Homare’s POV so its kinda mostly his monologue. Ending 3 is basically Tsukiko staying at Homare’s place again, being jealous of ladies he serves tea to, having tea with his sisters, and sleeping in the same futon. She wishes that this is the kind of life that would be her “daily life” from now on. And in the extra story this is like 4 years later when Tsukiko and Homare are married living at the Kanakubo house. Kanade and Shirabe have grown up and they’re like in middle school now (but everyone else’s cutouts look the same orz.) One morning Tsukiko is sick and puking everywhere. I dunno to me it was real obvious what the “problem” was but it took Tsukiko until she completely passed out to go to the hospital and find out she’s pregnant with Homare’s baby! Homare is so happy and so 8 months later the archery club guys all come to see the new baby. This extra also gave the extra CG so if you were missing a CG make sure you do the extra story as well :3. Ahh I loved Homare’s route so much. I’m so glad I left it for last ;v;. It was clearly the best route in the game 萌━゚☆;。+(*pq′ー`)+。;☆゚━萌 Homare’s sisters constantly monopolizing Tsukiko and kicking Homare out was hilarious 😆 I am completely satisfied that I can forget the poo that was Azusa’s route lol.

Inukai Takafumi – In the common route if you basically pick only choices for one of the guys you can get a special mini ending for each one :D. In Inukai’s route he basically tells her that he wants to stay friends so he’s glad Tsukiko doesn’t have “feelings” for him. They hold hands as they walk through the star road together saying that they’re just doing it because nobody else to go with. Since they both go to the same college, they end up hanging out a lot together. When they meet up with everyone 4 years later Inukai is in denial that they are going out even though it’s so obvious lol. When they leave to go home, he goes into a babble about how he’s just a servant to watch over the princess to make sure she’s happy until she finds her own prince. Tsukiko tells him what if the princess falls in love with the servant? Inukai says since they hang out so much together….wanna try going out? Tsukiko is so happy she cries and Inukai admits that he’s always liked her and then kisses her (*´ω`*).  Inukai also gets an extra story where they’re already going out in college. Inukai babbles that maybe he’s not good enough for her and that maybe she shoulda picked Shiratori instead but Tsukiko slaps him and yells that if he has no confidence he shouldn’t have confessed to her in the first place. Inukai catches up to her and apologizes saying he’ll try to fix his bad habits lol. One day they’re eating ramen and Inukai says that he got promoted and so he pops out a ring box and asks Tsukiko to marry him. Tsukiko’s like “no! I want to be proposed in a more romantic way not a ramen place (ಠ_ಠ)” 😆 So yea it ends with him saying he’ll re-propose in a week lol and they kiss. D’aww short but very sweet!

Koguma Shinya – Since Tsukiko graduated and Koguma became captain, she comes to visit the archery club. Before she leaves that day, Koguma confesses that he likes her and asks her to go to Star Road with him. Tsukiko agrees and when she’s there she tells him she likes him as well and so Koguma gathers courage and kisses her. 4 years later Koguma had a massive growth spurt and he may as well be the same height, if not taller than Homare now 😆 After they leave everyone to go home suddenly Koguma goes into 男前 mode and tells Tsukiko he loves her and asks her to spend the night with him…(*ノノ)イヤン Why is everyone scoring but Miyaji? orz. So if that wasn’t a shocker enough, a few years later Koguma makes some rich friends because he did some part time modeling work, and takes Tsukiko to one of his company’s fancy parties. Zomg it’s like a 180 degree turn what the fuck xDDDD When I first saw the CG I was like (  Д ) ゚ ゚. Koguma says he refuses to be a full time model because he’s more interested in studying the stars. At the party Tsukiko also gets to meet Koguma’s younger sister Mika.

Shiratori Yahiko – So during the common route Shiratori confesses to Tsukiko and she accepts it, he cries and then then kisses him. He’s so happy that he explodes and passes out giggling like an idiot 😆 When they’re at the restaurant everyone starts making fun of him saying that they noticed back when even Homare was there, Shiratori would always be looking at Tsukiko. When they go home he tries to say that some day he’ll marry her but Tsukiko says it for him and he’s like “wow I guess our places are changed” xDD He ends up crying and yelling he loves her a million times, what a dork 😆 In the extra story they end up moving in together and have their share of fighting and making up and watching cheesy love movies. So 3 years later they’re sill living together and one day he comes home bawwing in happiness because he found a job. He then pulls out a box from his pocket, bites his tongue and finally asks Tsukiko to marry him while crying another river \( ^o^)/ Overall I really do like Shiratori. I mean even when Tsukiko had Homare’s baby he was all like I STILL LOVE HER ;A; So yea the boy’s had a crush on her probably on the same level as like Yoh or Kanata lol. It’s just sometimes him constantly yelling in my ear got a bit irritating…like yea I get the point, you’re full of emotions but please Kondo stfu 😆

So over all I absolutely loved it! It was the most adorable freaking thing since the original game. Starry Sky in Summer never fails to deliver. I guess the only thing that doesn’t quite fit with this entire wonderful theme is Azusa and his route. It’s as if they forgot his existance and wrote it in last minute. Even the baka trio’s routes were cute and well written but with Azusa I feel like they copy & pasted Yoh’s script and just changed some names around (ಠ_ಠ). I played Miyaji’s route first but now that I think about it I recommend playing Azusa first. You get introduced to the sub characters in there first so when they show up in Miyaji’s you’re not sittin’ there like “how did Tsukiko and Makoto ever become friends anyway?” On the topic of lazy, they never bothered changing the tie colors for any of the stand in pics. That means when characters like Koguma were 2nd or 3rd year, they’d still be wearing a green tie that only 1st year students wear. Yea pretty minor but is it that difficult to change the color of a tie? I mean if you’re that lazy then just make everyone have the same colored tie to begin with. The new club members were in the chibi CGs but hand no stand in pics. Really? Was it that hard to draw some standins for 3 guys that were in the entire common route? And hell even in some of the characters’ after story routes as well. Let me guess, PSP port will have them? 😆 Anyway overall  very pleased with this game, especially Homare’s route ミュミュ(´ε`* )♡ Definitely recommend, especially if you’re a fan of summer. (*´ω`*) But now I’m sad that it’s all over…. (´;ω;`) Not really looking forward to After Autumn…who wants to spend an after story with Iku the Bed Intruder (ಠ_ಠ).

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    How short is Tsukiko anyway?

    Um, one thing I didn’t get from the original game was why did Homare stop being the captain?

    I’m gonna name heroine and best friend after the character of the route I’ll be playing. I had fun with Iku selfcest.

    fkjgki wanna play this so bad but sobbb gotta concentrate on school ;~;

    It’s so disappointing the three other guys don’t have sprites (I kept hearing Prussia whenever Kousaka yelled gdi his character looks like BURNNN BURNNNN I mean Bacon okay too many inside jokes) and their budget went to so many other things other than the colors of their ties.

    I got so giddy after reading this. orz

  2. AAAH I’m going to miss this cast. No other season will top this one in my heart. ;3;

    @Kiseki: Imma take a stab and say she’s around 5’2″ or something, basing that on Ryu being around 5’8″ in the original (off the top of my head)? Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it. lol

  3. Kiseki> because he was graduating and there’s no point of him training the team if he’s not gonna be there for the finals the following year 😛 LOL but that’s mean! At least do it only for Azusa. Miyaji & Homare should be left alone~ XD

    Acid> Well Tsukiko looks like she’s about the same height as Azusa originally so I guess whatever that is?? And yes this is my favorite season/cast/everything. I has a sad now.


    Oh god, Homare… I swear my heart just was – I don't even – so freaking adorable agghhhh!!!!

    Lol man, I was like, squealing and crying this entire effing game haha 😛 and I'm so happy you get to go after the idiot trio in this game, even if their parts are short!! 😀 😀 😀

    But you know what's not fair? Azusa totally got laid more often than any of the effing other guys ;_; Homare should have gotten more secks time. :I
    haha!!! xD

  5. Mimi> well Homare knocked her up isn’t that what counts? Azusa just humped her a few times! 😆 I think it’s more important that Miyaji got like no action! But with those brothers of his I guess it’s kinda difficult xDD

  6. Those brothers just like cockblocking everything xD Tsukiko should’ve hit that shit in her room or something hahaha some place they can’t get to!!

  7. HOLY SHIT looks like homare took a good 2983749832 levels in complete MOE xD AND DEM LOLI TWINS! shit can’t wait to play this xD

    awesome review as usual u ;D

  8. Ah awesome review~ I finished playing Homare’s route several hours ago and it was amazing. G’yahhh, forever my favorite.

    And, about the tie color thing, someone actually told me on Twitter today that it actually rotates by what year they entered Seigetsu? Like they keep the same tie color all three years and then once the third years graduate then their color goes to the first years.

  9. Didn’t she finally do it with Miyaji too on their second Valentine? xD But OMG those “I don’t wanna hurt you” stuff dragged on for too long while everyone else scored so easily ROFL. Oh, and at least Azusa gets his wedding end here. My friends came up with a theory that he died young since his ending in Summer was like that lol.

    Glad to see the baka trio get their own route too even though they’re really short. 男前 Koguma is love. <33

  10. Well I watched some of the eariler parts involving scorpio and it does look pretty funny (I understood like 30-40% of the content), especially the part where she said Miyaji the three brothers responded to the family name.

    Think at least one of the autumn characters are going to get shafted as well. Sort of wish I can play more VNs, but I need to write 8000 more words for my VN game. Man it’s weird to write dialogue. I feel like I’m switching multiple personalities when I write them.

  11. domshiki> HOMARE WAS ALWAYS |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ !!! (at least to me anyway 😆 ) Enjoy!

    Reiko> Omfg I KNOW especially Shiratori! He looks so much cuter without all those stupid beads in his hair xD

    Rin> Did she? You mean during that “deep kiss?” I guess it was so…vague I didn’t catch on but with Homare it was like REALLY OBVIOUS when he was all like “the remnants of her tears after I just…hurt her..” lmfao (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

    SilentWolfie> The more you watch these I think the more Japanese you’ll pick up on. At least I learned a lot of kanji while playing these things. I hope Haruki sensei isn’t shafted as he’s the only decent one amongst the 2 emofags! 😆

    cloud> Oh is that how the tie thing works??? Lol where was this explained I don’t even remember! Yes Homare is forever was and always will be my favorite ミュミュ(´ε`* )☆

    No seriously, I’m happy they have routes. I joked around with someone about them being in a bonus disk. I guess I have to tell her that it wasn’t a joke.

  13. Thanks for posting review.
    Miyaji Ryuunosuke act damn shy with his 2 brothers. OMG! So hillarious!
    As expected, Kanakubo Homare route wt his family.
    The baka trio quite nice & most suprising the cry baby Koguma. Never expected him to be captain archery club & model.
    Azusa route just lame although he has cute face… How disappointing…

    Thanks again posting it!

  14. OMFG this review is awesommmeeee :”> Thank you thank you thank you But just get laid over and over like that … ok that’s stupid /______\ Poor my Azusa, how can HoneyBee do this to you *furious*. Since Azusa was kind of a competitive and child-like character, I was expecting something cute from his route. Damn!!!!! =(

    But anyway, beside the shits, Miyaji and Homare’s route is awesome as ever. I saw Miyaji’s CGs in the OP and totally in love with it, haha.

    Thank you for the review ah. Hope someday I can play this too :”>

  15. tm2yk> I was disappointed with Azusa too. I mean I thought in fandisks we finally get to meet family members but it seems they completely left Azusa out of this.

    M> lol yea Azusa turned into Erozusa 😆 I guess they didn’t know what else to do with his story so they just had him and tsukiko do it every route (ಠ_ಠ)

  16. I’ve been following your blog since a couple of months ago, but this is the first time I’m commenting so… yeah, hello. Hee~ 🐱

    HOMAREEEEEE!!! *insert intense keyboard smash here* Great, now I’m officially torn between Homare and Kazuki. Can’t wait to play this game, and also After Winter!!!

    Oh and, thank you for the reviews Hinano! 🙂

  17. Rina> Hello and welcome! 😀
    Haha I like KAzuki but there’s no way he beats Homare. I mean he’d have to have an amazing fandisk route to even come close! XD

  18. Thanks for the review! (I’ve been waiting for your review on After Summer, totally love your After Spring review as well x3) I haven’t finish the game yet, still playing Miyaji’s route. And OMG, him with wolf costume is just sooooo damn cute! xD (I just wanna keep him in the house, hahah.)

    Baka-trio are all grown up and wow! They’re looking good aren’t they? XD Koguma looks so different, he’s so tall now. Inukai is just..damn cool and I don’t even know that Shiratori can look so good in a suit, hahah.

  19. Ohoho. I can’t wait to play this ❤ I still have to finish the first starry sky series though ❤ xD And I'm looking forward to Autumn though ❤ Because my favorite character is Haruki, but I'm not looking forward to Iku. =A=;;

  20. Holy> Glad you liked it! There’s another patch released by honeybee but since I finished playing I don’t know what it does lol. Shiratori’s hair is so much better when he’s grown up xD Inukai still feels like the same tsundere to me haha

    Junn> Yea I like Haruki-sensei as well….Iku’s route will prolly make me either rage or disgusted lol. I’m sure he’ll find some way to raep her again lol

  21. Hinano-chaaan!(//∇//) I just finished Homare’s route and… It’s official, he’s my ichiban in the series now. He easily won me over. (Gomen, Kazuki-kaichou) I was going dokidoki pretty much the whole time. Aah, he’s too perfect. (>_<)

  22. Haha welcome to the Homare fanclub!! 😀 I did a collab pic with a friend that’s R-18 Homare x Tsukiko. You can search it via their tags on pixiv or the starry sky tag + R-18 ;D Enjoy!

  23. I’m a Miyaji and Homare fan~ (Miyaji tho~, he’s my faovrite) *^* I’m happy they got good routes. I was waiting for a review for this to decide whether to buy the game or not (since I love the summer game) due to the fact that spring was a let down =A=;;

    everyone’s route sounds so cute (besides Asuza’s >__>;) hehe but thanks so much for the review! I’ll have to go buy the game sometime sooooon~~

  24. KYUU ❤ I Love Starry Sky in Summer ❤ It's probably my favorite out of all of them~ Maybe because they all were my type. =w=;; After reading this I was fan girling all over the place. o__o I.. I'm kind of disappointed in Azusa's route though. =3= They should have made it cuter </3 But Miyaji and Homare's routes seem so cute. ;A; I Must play this after I finish after spring ❤ ❤

    -fan girls-

    Thanks for the Review~ it made me have motivation to continue to starry sky after series. xD Since Yoh and Suzuya's routes disappointed me. ;w;

  25. starry sky in spring generally disappointed me = both original and the fandisk so don’t let that get you down! Summer is my favorite season honestly and then probably winter. Spring is boring and Autumn has Iku ( ´_ゝ`)

  26. I really can’t wait to get this xD
    rrrgh, YesAsia and their “usually ships withing 7-14 days” (屮゚Д゚)屮

    It’s okay if Homare gets all the action. Homare(´∀`)<3

  27. I’ve heard so many bad things regarding to Yesasia’s supply/shipping that I’m afraid to order from them anymore :S I’ve never had issues with HMV though (although I don’t know if they’re still open!)

  28. -GASP- I’m torn between playing Azusa first or Homare first.. I was saving Homare for last, but my temptations might get the best of me. o__o Even though I want the order I play it to be: Azusa, Miyaji, Homare ❤ ❤ But… But… My Temptations.. are killing me… xD;; I've become a full fledged Homare fan. ❤ ❤ Ahaha. (*´ω`*)

    –Btw, I'm now going to stalk your blogs, even though I already have been for a few months now (´∀`)
    Just thought I would inform you. (´・ω・`) Ohoho.

  29. Play Azusa first & Homare last. Azusa’s route introduces the sub characters in the other routes so it’s best to play him first (and get him out of the way cause really wtf lol)

    If you play Homare first the rest of the game won’t be as entertaining! and thank you for reading my blog (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

  30. Love this review~
    Especially that last sentence, I was in a fit of laughter for quite a while. XD

    Definitely getting this game for HOMAREEE~<3

  31. Boo =3=
    Only my Azusa had a disappointing route?
    How irritating is that? Why’d they do that? Azusa is my otl in the whole Starry Sky franchise. ; A; /curses. lmao

    I can’t wait to play this, and bang my head, I need to get with Shiratori! HAHA xD (watching cheesy love movies? So my thing bwahaha xD)

  32. Shiratori was cute but his constant yelling almost gave me a headache @_@; Sorry that Azusa was your favorite! I guess I wasn’t as disappointed since my love is for Homare only 😆

  33. Haha, I figured. xD

    I may be able to be patient about Shiratori. I might even be laughing if he was noisy the whole time. xD

    Oh well, just seeing and hearing Azusa would be enough at least, even if he has a disappointing route. FukuJun is mai husbando, he never disappoints. Teehee. /shot. xD

  34. I loved Homare’s route, too. xD
    But I was kind of disappointed with Ryuunosuke’s (and not to mention Azusa’s). Somehow I expected more. x_x

    I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to autumn, since the original game was such a pain to finish for me. xD

    You really seem to hate Iku. xDD
    To be honest, he wouldn’t be the kind of guy that I would choose as a lover. Since I hate men that used to play with many women with a burning passion. But I don’t see him that evil. I mean, he never even kissed her forcibly and only held hands with her. Well, he pushed her down on the bed, but since he didn’t even touch her I wouldn’t call him a rapist. xD

  35. he totally is a rapist. I dunno if you got the hint from the dialogue but they totally had sex on that bed in the nurse’s office. If that’s not rapist I don’t know what is. Also he totally like almost sold her to some random guy to rape her as well which is like indirect rape 😐 So yea no matter how I look at it Iku = super rapist lol.

    I actually like Miyaji’s route. I mean sad that he didn’t get laid but I loved his brother lol

  36. Excuse a question
    I have played for example Azusa story and i always end up in the same ending (ending 3) is there a hint to get the others endings? or just choosing another option order to get them?

    1. try using a walkthrough (i think otome.girly.jp has one) i don’t honestly remember what the choices are to get the other ends since I played this game a year ago but I do recall the choice end flags were probably the last 5-6 choices so try changing stuff around in those

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