New Challenge: Treasure Island

So along with the level 53 skills, the next update will include the level 54 challenge. It will require 1400 content points and unfortunately you will need to grind up to level 54 to do it. The weird part is they show this pirate boss man but I thought we had to fight a giant octopus!! 😆

Level 53 outfits are slightly disappointing because the design is identical to the lottery box level 40 oufits…I guess at this point this no longer matters because by now 80% of the players are wearing avatars anyway. Nowdays when I join a party there’s at least 1 other person in an avatar so if the design doesn’t please me, I won’t see it anyway. I kinda like Cromodo and Pinko’s designs but Cromodo is eternally gonna be running around half naked 😆 The level 53 weapons are quite nice though. I’m slightly regretting upgrading Cromodo’s level 48 since the 53 one is so good! Definitely going to try to upgrade Ruko and Pinko’s 53 ones for sure though. Just gotta get the girls leveled up….!

Couple notes – if you’re doing the stamp rally you need to login & logout daily. If you stay logged in for 24+ hours and never logout, it will not count you as “logging in” for the stamp for that day. I almost did that yesterday but I thought I’d be safe & login/logout. (I’ve been idling in ch 1 so I can get into it during the event hours) Secondly I plan to have a fireworks guild gathering this Saturday at 10AM Est, 11PM Japan time, 4PM Europe.  I’ll post the location details either in the blog or in the guild notice and maybe do a reminder on twitter. I have about 300 fireworks I made yesterday to save space so…>_> lol

P.S. My mistake – looks like there will be a new map. The Korean site has it listed here. Its where you gotta fight Paul the Octopus. 😆