Mobile Otome Game Introduction: Nijiiro no Oujisama & RenAi Byouin e Youkoso

So I figured since these mobile games are ongoing (and have stupid daily limits of how much you can see) they’re gonna take me too long to write a review for so instead I’m doing a PREVIEW! I stumbled upon Mobage which I thought was restricted to Japanese cell phones only but it looks like they have an unrestricted version for android phones running Android 2.1 or higher. You do not need to register a yahoo japan account as long as you download the app (you need to allow for non market apps to download to your phone) from Once you launch the app you can just register via app and you will be able to access all their games (well at least the ones available for smart phones – not Japanese feature phones.) Most games are web based so that’s why phones running 2.1 and higher will have flash on them to be able to run them. Some are app based which will require you to download the app to your phone and run it simultaneously with the site.

RenAi Byouin e Youkoso:
: You the heroine have just graduated medical school and are starting your first job at a local hospital. Fortunately for you, there’s 4 hot doctors and a tsundere patient for you to get with and slack off work. If you slack off work though, those hot doctors will yell at you so you better do your job in order to win their affection!

To raise affection of your bishie you can either talk to him & pick the right choice, or play a mini game. Talking to the dude will give you between 1-3 points (depending on the choice you pick – but they repeat a lot so you can make note for next time) and will use up 1 fatigue. The mini games use 2 fatigue but then in turn give you 10 points of affection so if you want to fill up the affection meter higher, I recommend just playing the mini games. The mini games are either tap the appropriate amount of pills as many as you can in a given time period or drive the ambulance to the hospital while getting cars & rocks out of the way & sealing up potholes. I’ll be honest the ambulance mini game is the easiest one so I’ve pretty much been spamming my way through that to fill up the affection meter. As you advance through various chapters, the amount of affection on the meter will increase by 10 each time (i.e. in chapter 4 you need 120 points.)  Once you fill up the affection to the required amount, the next chapter scenario will unlock which will have you and the dude of choice doing your thing and then some crappy CG to go along with it 😆

Features: Umm…there’s 5 guys but it seems once you pick one you keep going on his path? There’s no save but once you empty out your fatigue you can close the game (so your fatigue can refill up – 1 point every 30 min) and come back later. There’s no voice or BGM or auto mode. If you have money to blow you can also buy items to fill up your fatigue meter or to save scenarios or CGs. Seeing how I don’t intend to spend money on  a cell phone game, I basically play this casually every few hours until I get my next scenario and I take photos of the “Cgs” with my camera cause my phone’s not rooted so I can’t screencap directly.

Overall Thoughts: Well I suppose if you want to kill sometime the guys are pretty standard stereotype so there’s probably one you will like. I started with the oresama lone wolf surgeon, then there’s the megane urologist, the haraguro physician, the iyashikei guy (i forgot what he does) and the brain surgery tsundere kun (who maybe I will do next lol.) The plus side is at least we got some older mans for once not a bunch of little boys but it would be nice if there was at least BGMs or any kind of voice. Overall it’s still a cute casual otome game and I’ll probably be posting my progress with it on my tumblr.

Nijiiro no Oujisama:
Story: You’re a chick who just joined some European-style rich high school to learn to play piano and in the process you meet some Code Geass reject bishies.

System: Haven’t played too much into this other than the intro but you basically walk around, talk to bishies until your fatigue runs out. Once it’s out you cannot continue with the story and you have to wait 4 hours for it to refill unless you buy cash items etc.

Features: Only if you spend money you can actually get voiced scenarios which include Suzumura Kenichi, Morikawa Toshiyuki, Irino Miyu and Sakurai Takahiro. Lol god damnit all I’m not paying! (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻

Overall Thoughts: Well since this has a “time limit” of free play I guess I will be casually playing this game as well on the side along with RenAi Byouin. The dudes look like they’re from code geass and if you couldn’t guess already, that blondie is named Rudolph, aka Rudy-kun so we got a foreigner dude for lots of laughs! I found an official site for this one here.


Unfortunately I’m unable to provide links to the games but you can easily find them when you go into the mobage app and look under the game section. Sadly you cannot search for games and you have to go through the entire list lol but I did manage to find about 5 that looked like otome games so at some point I will try those other 3 and cover them on this blog. For now keep your eyes peeled on my tumblr for my progress since I have feeling at the “free” rate that I’m playing this is gonna take me several months lol. (´・ω・`;) Or better yet if you have an android phone try it yourself! XD


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  1. Huh, strange. I think it’s realyl a sign for me to let it rest and return once I know soem more kanji, say, in a year, hopefully. I was hoping to train my kana and learn soem more kanji with such mobiel games, but maybe tahtw as just an excuse to HAVE one of those games just for the heck. Thanks, anyway~

  2. I didnt actually have to register via email address for mobage when I went through my phone but due to this I cannot send or receive any messages/post diary entries on any of my games lol…not that I care since I dont play these games for the social networking aspect honestly.

    not sure what menu you are not but if you cant read kanji then these games might bore you anyway as they dont have any sound ^^;

  3. Oh, why, thank you for the reply, except when I go to the mobage page via my phone, I end up having an orange button that I assume is to register. So. i need to register and log in first? I know I did register with my yahoo address, got a confirmation link and was sent to finish registering by filling out the registration form, but I am failing at the last dropdown menu thing I need to choose something from but I have no idea what they are asking me there because too many kanji I dunno… xDDDD

    I assume you gotta register yourself there, right? Well, yeah, I fail exactly there xD (How else am I going to add you otherwise, stupid question is stupid, sorry.)

  4. TsunaHane> Sorry I haven’t played starry sky in winter in almost a year and I don’t remember what you need to get any missing CGs. Try looking up one of the other otome game guide sites if the one you are using isn’t working. I have a few links in my left sidebar.

  5. Is it ok if I ask you about other otome game in this entry?
    I followed your Starry Sky reviews and have some question…
    in Starry Sky ~in Winter~ I missed one memorial of Kazuki and Tsubasa. I followed the guide but still not get that.
    Could you suggest me how?
    Sorry if this post annoying you
    PS. Self study for ten years! It’s really a hard job!

  6. Well you go to that mobage site through your android phone & download their app. Once you’re in the mobage interface you go to ゲーム and you can sift through the list. Or you can just tell me your nickname, and I can send you a friend request. My entire game list is full of only otome games so you could just use that as a directory xD; My mobage nickname is Nukocafe

  7. Our professor said, we should only tackle anime and manga (I assume visual novels fall under the game subcategory xD) after three or four years of studying the language because it’s using so much colloquial speech that a normal dictionary is mostly useless or something. …bah, can’t wait that long…;_;

    …tried to go on Mobage (yay, thanks for showing us that this exists~) and utterly got overwhelmed by the kanji there. (Five weeks of Japanese might not be enough, yes xD) Or rather, by the constant demand of registering/logging in. And I don’t know where the game list is. Yeah, maybe I should read; or return when I might be able to read more than Kana. (Because I want some otome app on my phone and I have no iPhone and somehow I cannot install Heian Love in English for android on my phone. Fuuuu–)

  8. I self studied for about 10 years now so good luck with your ventures you can do it! 😀
    Reading visual novels has helped me learn a LOT of kanji, I’m still learning as I play more games so I definitely recommend it even if you can only read just a bit now. You’ll learn a lot more along the way.

  9. Hi there, great post as always 😛

    This question may have already been asked before, but I was wondering if Japanese is your native language or if you learned it by yourself. If the latter, how long have you been at it? I have just started teaching myself recently and have the hiragana, katakana, and a few kanji memorized.

    I don’t expect to be reading visual novels or anything substantial for a long time but I’ve always been curious about your progress into the language (if it’s not your primary).


  10. I’m not sure to be honest since I don’t know who CG’s artist was lol. The game is pretty standard VN and looks like it has a deeper story then the hospital game so it may turn out to be interesting. So far I’ve gotten 2 hearts with Rudy so I’m prolly just gonna aim for him first? XD

  11. Wow, this actually looks pretty sweet, except for the no-voice part and the money grubbing for more time :p. I also thought the same thing about it looking like code geass. Do you know if it’s the same artist or they just figured girls like bishies like Lelouche?

  12. yay! I’m totally going to put this on my android! I’ve been wanting to find android otome games but have been too busy (read: lazy) to do it xD so I’m glad you posted this haha I’ll definitely try the doctor one out….

    Is it bad that my mind immediately went to R18 land? Lol

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