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Otome Game Review: Real Rode

Now normally the only RPG games I play are the MMO kind so I had almost rage quit this too but  as usual Koori helped me persevere and eventually I had things figured out. I also read Sharakael’s tips on the game so be sure to check those out for more useful information! If you’ve made it through Love Revo, then I can assure you that you can make it through this since essentially the effort is the same – but this game allows you to carry over character levels making each route a lot easier. The story is about our heroine Nina who is playing an otome RPG game (because she’s an otaku apparently) and then one morning she gets sucked into it! So now it’s up to US to play the game for her so she can get out of the land of Rode 😆 The ironic part being of course – Nina has a boyfriend! But what does she do? Get cozy with videogame hunks despite him later falling into the game as well and joining her party! /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Warning I’ve included a  guide so this post is going to be long! Continue reading Otome Game Review: Real Rode

Otome Game Review: Death Connection

So while the opening does feel like a ripoff Cowboy Bebop and the game feels like Bloody Call meets Bleach I still enjoyed it immensely. If you like Bloody Call then I definitely recommend this. Man it’s been a while since I played an otome game with an actual decent story lol. The story is about a girl who was abandoned as a baby at a church by her mother who was hurt and killed. She was raised by the priest there not knowing who her parents are and was raised along side of a boy whose family was killed by some mafia. They were raised like brother and sister to be priest and nun. A few years later on one day the mafia randomly attacked the church and the boy, Joshua, took the girl Amelia and ran away. They encounter a man named Jean who takes them to a large house. Spoilers beyond this point. Skip to my final thoughts if you don’t want to read them! Continue reading Otome Game Review: Death Connection

Otome Game Review: Starry☆Sky ~In Summer~

Similarly to the spring version, the heroine is…YOU. No. The heroine is Yohisa Tsukiko and it feels really weird because all the guys from the previous games still go to her school but they’re basically background characters. In addition, there have been cameo appearances made by characters who will be in the autumn and winter games 😆 This time the story takes place from June – August, and the main focus is Tsukiko is now a member of the archery club where she gets to snag the top 3 arrow shooting bishies. I’ve been requested to tell what signs the guys are so….Azusa is Sagittarrius, Ryunosuke is Scorpio (like me!), and Homare is Taurus. The thing is – based on their birthdates though, Homare should be Gemini, Ryunosuke should be Sagittarius. Azusa is ok though he just makes the cut off date. I’m not really sure what astrology calendar the makers of this game are following to be honest lol. Continue reading Otome Game Review: Starry☆Sky ~In Summer~