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Bright Shadow Halloween Event

So the BS Halloween event involves you talking to the pumpkin shota:

halloweeneventbsWhen you and all of your party speaks to him once, the party leader will then teleport everyone to the instance dungeon where you fight monsters ranging from level 8-20something. THey were so damn large I couldn’t see their HP bars or levels 😕 We got our butts kicked multiple times between levels 13-16 but just like with the seal tower the exp was really nice. Continue reading Bright Shadow Halloween Event


Poupee Halloween 2009

halloweenpoupeeFinally Katherine released her Halloween event. Eh I can’t say I’m too thrilled because I have some Halloween stuff from last year and one of the dresses looked almost identical to what I purchased the year before. I ended up spending 500 ribbons but it wasn’t because I bought a lot but because everything was like 80 ribbons and up -_-;  Oh well doesn’t matter since at the rate the ribbon events go, I won’t be spending any until Christmas probably anyway and I still have xmas stuff from last year as well.

I find it extremely funny that the tinker bell outfit is in the jewel section while the evil queen from snow white is in the ribbon section. I can see what Katherine thinks of ribbon users  now… 😆 Additionally these were my Halloween outfits from 2008:


TinierMe’s Halloween Gacha :x

myitchOkay so TinierMe’s gacha is out. It’s not so bad though. It only costs 25 coins to play and I think these items are tradeable (giftable). While we’re on the topic of trading I got some dupes:

wolfears witchhat

If anyone’s interested in trading for either of those let me know. I already have the blue and pink witch hats and the orange and black ears as well so I don’t need those. We can trade for different items as well I don’t care. Poke me on my profile, I think I made a journal entry. XD There’s also some treasure hunt event where you can go around the tinierme town and find treasures that will either give you items or chibi-coins. Sounds kinda fun to me so I’ll try it after work.

An early Halloween Project

happyhalloweenFinished my Halloween dress for Alicia. She’s my “big boob” model while Erika is the more smaller chested model. Ironically enough though, I used Kooh’s Halloween dress as a model to make this one. I shoulda used Arin’s I guess? But I really liked Kooh’s design so I went with it. xDD I think it came out okay ^^ You can check out the parts in more detail at my showcase.

For those who gave me your emails for the invite codes – I should hopefully have them by tomorrow afternoon.