FFXIV: All Saint’s Wake 2019

It’s Halloween in Eorzea! Warning for image heavy post!

This yea they brought back the disguise into an NPC feature and this time you can use gpose! So of course everyone went nuts with all the various groupings as well as pics of my own. See the gallery below!

I also took a few pics with the new housing item, the pumpkin carriage! Honestly me and a bunch of people actually wished this was multi-seater mount instead. We did get a mount this year but it’s just a recolored Ahriman.

And here’s a gallery of me and my friends on Halloween!

Since it’s been a while I guess here’s a catch up on things that happened in the past couple months:

I started leveling my Elemental DC character to finish the MSQ
And I finally made it to the dwarf village (aka the place you can only enter houses of if you are lalafell lol)

They definitely catered all the quests at the dwarf area towards lalafells. There was a lot of special dialogue if you’re a lala that wouldn’t be seen if you were any other race. So definitely if you get a chance to do this whole area as a lala, I’d highly recommend it.

I did end up finishing the MSQ and Eden so I’m pretty much ready for patch 5.1 on here (and my gear may be kinda crap at the moment but I can probably catch up with the 24 man raid gear!)
Got my Mana PLD to 80
Got my Aether DNC to 80
Mana NIN to 80
Aether MCH & BRD to 80
Cleared Tsukuyomi, Suzaku and Shinryuu with some learning parties on Aether
Finished grinding fates of every SHB map both on Mana & Aether 😂😂

In addition to all of this I also as usual, visited more houses!!!!! Check out the gallery below ^_^ Including the Nier:Automata themed house I visited today!

And last but not least, I finally began farming mounts from Stormblood (cause I can’t be assed to farm them during relevancy xD) with good ol’ undersize! I managed to get Tsukuyomi, Susanoo and today after 54 runs I finally got Byakko as well.

Overall it’s been pretty busy in FFXIV and I did hear decent reviews about cafe anshante so I do intend to pick it up either in November or December because the next FF14 patch is coming next week so I’ll be too busy with that and hopefully by then the price will have dropped on it. I think once I level all my jobs to 80 it will slow down a lot and I’ll have more time for otome gaming (not that there’s….much to play…). In the meantime I’ve been slowly making my way through Super Mario Odyssey.


3 thoughts on “FFXIV: All Saint’s Wake 2019”

  1. I assume maybe you need to complete certain scenario to be certain characters? I think a friend who hadn’t completed shadowbringers couldn’t turn into Minifilia.
    Since I completed MSQ on all my characters (lol) I was able to transform into everyone so I am not sure what the requirements are. Maybe you have to finish all of the 3.x scenario quests? Not sure honestly 😦
    The imp gives lots of options so you do still have a couple days before the event ends. It’s very popular though so I’m sure even if you don’t get to do it this year, maybe next year then. They seem to bring it back every year with more new NPCs now XD

  2. Nero terryifying Cid with his Dance Dance moves is something I never knew I wanted to see. Congrats on farming all the mounts!! I got so burnt out on just the Moogle Treasure Trove I stopped at 2 mounts and the MGP point thingamabob. Now I’m ready for the Regalia should the XV event ever resurface muwahaha. Also, how on earth do you get to pose as Aymeric? I have only a limited amount of options to transform and I’m nearly done with Heavensward so I assumed it meant Aymeric was possible haha.

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