Ntreev devoured by SG Interactive

So Ntreev is no more! It’s been picked up by SG Interactive. I thought this was some Singapore company but after checking some stuff it looks like it’s the korean company Smilegate (which makes more sense.) SG Interactive might be the US branch. So far the only thing this company has going for them is some Chinese FPS game called Cross-Fire. Perhaps this will be similar to how Galaxy Games took over Pangya when GOA fell apart.


Korean SG building

I guess ultimately my question is – will this be a good or bad move for Pangya? I couldn’t care less about Trickster or Grand-Chase but could it possibly be that maybe they will finally listen to the users? That they will improve Gacha rates and papel shop rates? That they will allow us to trade gacha items like GG did? That they will bring us more events and get us up to date with Japan? (SG’s site has English, Japanese and Chinese language links but they are inactive atm.)  Or will this create an even bigger wall between the player base and the management? Also since GOA and Ntreev are both out of the picture, will they maybe lift the Euro-ban?

I guess only time will tell… 😐

Party Castle Service Closed.

Uh I just happened to stumble upon this article but turns out Party Castle has closed its doors as of 8/31/2010. Wow that’s sad, it’s not even a year that the service has been open! 😯 I guess it’s just dumb luck all these games I quit eventually ended their service. I guess I must have a knack for knowing when something is epic fail 😆

Apparently you can still download the client and play around with stuff offline though.

I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here but…

I’ve recently been getting a lot of blog hits for “prius online english” so to see why the sudden spurt I googled it myself. Turns out Prius Online will actually be coming in English in 2011. It’s no longer licensed by NetMarble USA (which is more fail than Gamepot USA) but it’s now been picked up by gPotato instead. I guess we’ll see it hopefully sometime in January of next year. Until then you pedobears will just have to stay in hibernation 😆

I might try out the English version. Loli crap aside the background graphics were amazing.


P.S. Apparently G-potato hosting this game isn’t such a good thing after all?

RO2 Is back with a vengence!

So basically when we had all assumed that RO2 was dead (or as the wiki said – in development hell), Gravity decided to completely scrap the project and start over. The new game will be called “Legend of the Second” instead of “Gate of World” and it will be what RO2 was supposed to be in the first place: a 3D version of RO1.

The characters will no longer be chibi cute but I guess more mature-ish looking? I don’t know how I feel about that. I actually quite liked the style of the cast of the original RO2 (see my screenshot album) so I guess I’d have to see the 3D version before making a decision! Hopefully some trailers and stuff will popup after the closet beta commences on August 31st.

Rather than remaking all the characters and monsters (except what…porings?) RO2 will now just 3D-efy everything! Awesome, count me in – well whenever a Japanese or English version comes out. I’m going to be passing on the Korean beta (even though they claimed you could use your old RO2 beta account) since I can’t read a word of hangul anyway.