Prius Online just lost its chances of coming to America lol

Yea I know the English version is somewhere in limbo but because of this who knows if they’ll even pursue it anymore. I mean come on, playing games is fine but if you have a baby, why don’t they just play…at home? What a concept! Also how the hell do they spend 12 hours a day on a netcafe playing these games? When do they work/sleep? If they don’t work/sleep how do they even afford to go to PCBang? 😯 If their baby was 3 months old, it was clearly becuase they had like celebratory sex after beating some boss in the game and then were like “oops damn we have a baby now, maybe if we starve it it’ll go away, let’s go back to raising our Animas!!” 😆

Also Prius is NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING like 2nd life. It doesn’t have giant penises floating around and your avatars don’t randomly go having sex with each other in private rooms. Whoever quoted that is a freaking idiot 🙄

4 thoughts on “Prius Online just lost its chances of coming to America lol

  1. Yeah, the description doesn’t fit Prius at all lol. They make it sound like it’s some kind of Sims MMO or something like that. Makes me think someone just wanted to give their news article a bit more impact. 😆

  2. By the way, the parents admitted to living with the wife’s father in the basement or something, they came home one morning and the baby was dead. They admitted to just feeding the baby old rotten powdered food and curdled milk, even spanking it a few times.
    It was kind of sad, truly, you don’t realize you have something until it’s gone. I think they’re both realizing that now.

  3. I think they will eventually suicide because they’ve now shamed themselves to the point where everyone will know them as the crazy couple who picked videogames over their baby

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