I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here but…

I’ve recently been getting a lot of blog hits for “prius online english” so to see why the sudden spurt I googled it myself. Turns out Prius Online will actually be coming in English in 2011. It’s no longer licensed by NetMarble USA (which is more fail than Gamepot USA) but it’s now been picked up by gPotato instead. I guess we’ll see it hopefully sometime in January of next year. Until then you pedobears will just have to stay in hibernation 😆

I might try out the English version. Loli crap aside the background graphics were amazing.


P.S. Apparently G-potato hosting this game isn’t such a good thing after all?

8 thoughts on “I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here but…

  1. Look at the author’s second post in that thread. They called Ntreev the best game host ever, with OGPlanet are right up there at the top too.

    This person just lost all credibility with me from that statement, lol. So I’m not sure if we should be taking this person seriously.

  2. I haven’t tried out too many online games to begin with, but if Ntreev is the best it gets, then I don’t think online games are for me, lol.

  3. Haha yea I saw that I was like…wait OGP and Ntreev are supposed to be good wut? I guess the final verdict is all US gaming companies suck donkey balls? :S

  4. I guess it is Hinano. However I always liked PO graphics, so I’ll actually give it a shot once it comes out. You were enjoying that game till they banned japanese IPs, do you know if they have added any major updates since then?

  5. I got some emails from them about updates and stuff but I think you had to login to the site to see any updates so I just stopped bothering ^^; I never liked how Prius Japan always seemed so SECLUDED lol

  6. LOL well I thought it was a funny post and no one else seemed to be talking about it. I don’t know I’ve never played any of Gpotato’s games but I might try Prius US until some BRs or something spam it to hell and I ragequit or something 😆

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