FFXIV: Chocobo Trainer Achieved!

trainerSo after grinding all week, my racing Chocobo has reached Rank 49, Rating 285 in Pedigree 9. The max rank is 50 but I think I’m going to take my time on that one 😉 Continue reading “FFXIV: Chocobo Trainer Achieved!”

FFXIV: Game Diary & Fantasia Mania

So for a while I kinda wanted to blog about my time in FFXIV but I had this impression that everyone associates this blog with otome games (and well honestly – I don’t blame anyone for doing so (´゚ω゚)). I thought about then starting a completely separate blog for FFXIV stuff but then I remembered – this was originally intended to be my game blog..so I guess it would kinda defeat the purpose if I can’t blog about games on it right?? Does anyone remember that I have an MMO game category? (¯―¯٥)  But I know a lot of readers here mainly care to read otome game reviews so to make it a little easier to filter I’ll just preface my FFXIV posts with “FFXIV”! Hopefully that will make things a little cleaner and as usual they will be categorized in the Final Fantasy XIV category. There won’t be a set schedule on when I will make entries but I’d like to post when something interesting happens or there’s a new update etc.  And hopefully this will breathe some life into the blog since my reviews tend to be once or twice a month these days.


With that out of the way I’d like to bring to the attention my FFXIV identity crisis fueled by Fantasia. Fantasia is a cash item you buy for $10 that lets you change your character’s race/gender/appearance. Square Enix knows that most of their players love this stuff, like a bad drug, so they put it on sale for 25% off all month. Sadly I took the bait \(^o^)/ Continue reading “FFXIV: Game Diary & Fantasia Mania”

2 Years on FFXIV

2 years

I know most of my readers here just come for the otome game reviews but FFXIV is still a huge part of my life so I’d like to reflect on the past year. It’s now been 2 years since I started, 2 years since my otome game backlog went to hell but it was definitely a 2 years to remember.

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1 Year on FFXIV

/pet the kitty cat
/pet the kitty cat

Since I do play FF14 50% of my free time, I figured this deserves a post. Yes it’s actually been a year and no I haven’t quit yet 😛 Maybe because it’s not a gacha spewing shitty free Korean grinder that I was so used to dealing with. So basically this post is a year in review of my experience with the game.

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