FFXIV: Game Diary & Fantasia Mania

So for a while I kinda wanted to blog about my time in FFXIV but I had this impression that everyone associates this blog with otome games (and well honestly – I don’t blame anyone for doing so (´゚ω゚)). I thought about then starting a completely separate blog for FFXIV stuff but then I remembered – this was originally intended to be my game blog..so I guess it would kinda defeat the purpose if I can’t blog about games on it right?? Does anyone remember that I have an MMO game category? (¯―¯٥)  But I know a lot of readers here mainly care to read otome game reviews so to make it a little easier to filter I’ll just preface my FFXIV posts with “FFXIV”! Hopefully that will make things a little cleaner and as usual they will be categorized in the Final Fantasy XIV category. There won’t be a set schedule on when I will make entries but I’d like to post when something interesting happens or there’s a new update etc.  And hopefully this will breathe some life into the blog since my reviews tend to be once or twice a month these days.


With that out of the way I’d like to bring to the attention my FFXIV identity crisis fueled by Fantasia. Fantasia is a cash item you buy for $10 that lets you change your character’s race/gender/appearance. Square Enix knows that most of their players love this stuff, like a bad drug, so they put it on sale for 25% off all month. Sadly I took the bait \(^o^)/


After fiddling around with the benchmark I found a Miqo’te Moonkeeper look I really like…and well here I am. Honestly though I love my Au Ra a lot so I can’t see this lasting too long. On that note, I have a history of fantasia abuse.

I started the game as a hyur midlander male cause well I just wanted to stare at a hot guy the whole time 😆 A lot of my Japanese server friends were lalafells so I decided to shrink and became a chibi version of my former self. That lasted for a while until I decided I really liked this male Elezen look so I grew up. The Elezen necks really bothered me when they weren’t wearing clothes so I decided to try the catboy thing.

After 2 months I decided I wanted to be the same height as my lala-husband so I went back to lalafell. Once weddings were added in Eorzea, my husband & I switched to midlanders because we realized that all the nice wedding details would be lost on the tiny people.

Half a year later, 3.0 came out and we turned into dragon people. (I made my husband go back to midlander though because his male Au Ra was twice my height x_x). And now with the sale of Fantasias, this morning I turned into a cat girl (;・∀・)。 Honestly I really do miss my Au Ra especially that hairstyle which is unique to that race only. But I was curious I guess….I think out of all the races I’ve been so far I like Au Ra’s the most, the emotes, the voices etc. I like midlanders too but the female voices are kinda eh…but since I have some extra fantasias I might try it out. Not really a fan of female Elezens (cause necks) and Roes because I like cuter stuff (though I did manage to make an uguu roelady in the benchmark lol xD). I’m hoping in 4.0 we’ll finally get the Vierra race so I can be a bunny girl (*´∀`*).

10 thoughts on “FFXIV: Game Diary & Fantasia Mania

  1. You seem to be having a lot of fun, and the graphics are beautiful, so I think the changes are justified, ahaha. I’m bloodiris, by the way, nice to meet you! I really like your posts, they always bring a smile to my face. 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading my blog and glad you enjoy it! No idea how long I’ll be a cat girl but I got 5 more chances to try out other races!

  2. Yay!!! Super excited to see you’re blogging about other things! It’s great to see another otoge fan, but this is your blog and you should share whatever you love on here.
    I really need to get this game tho……but being broke is super depressing. lol

    1. haha yea it requires a subscription but the game itself goes on sale pretty frequently. I think recently it was 50% off so you can keep your eyes peeled for that 🙂

  3. Good to see that you decided to write about FFXIV!
    I changed my character from a male Miqo’te to male Au-Ra when Heavensward came out. It was weird at first because male Au-Ra is always with an angry look www

    1. haha yea they’re pretty angry looking. I like looking at other people’s auras but I never liked the ones I created lol

  4. I’m sticking with my really hot male Miqo’te because really he’s hot and I just wouldn’t like changing him. Maybe at most I would change his hairstyle. Basically, I just enjoy looking at him and playing as him so much I just can’t change. And the fact I spent like a day just making him might have something to do with it.

    1. haha since I Play the game with my husband I like to take cute couple shots together so I stick to female char. Also I guess because I think a lot of gear looks cuter on a girl char than guy, it’s really sad but true especially healer/casting stuff :/

      1. I’m mainly playing as a White Mage, so I can understand that. I usually solo through as much as possible though so being a loner guy seem to make more sense to people than being a loner girl, lol. And if I play with friends one of them is a really cute female Miqo’te so we kind of look like a couple, lmao. We’ve even had an awkward moment while we had targeted eachother’s characters and were looking into eachother’s eyes.

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