FFXIV: Chocobo Trainer Achieved!

trainerSo after grinding all week, my racing Chocobo has reached Rank 49, Rating 285 in Pedigree 9. The max rank is 50 but I think I’m going to take my time on that one 😉
They announced the next big patch (3.2) to be on the last week of February so there’s not much for me to do in game anymore other than get random achievements.  The final racing rank is R-300 and while I managed to hold out in Costa del Sol & Sagoli Road, Tranquil Paths wrecked my bird every time so I was unable to get any wins there.  I did record videos of my wins on the other 2 courses though:

Pardon the quality as I was still experimenting on the OBS settings. (;´・ω・)


During the races I noticed Joseph was racing against me with his bird Teioh. He also likes to hang out at Chocobo Square so say hi to him if you ever go racing (´∀`)

Was doing some re-glamoring to look like the mi`kitten in Idyllshyre when her pikachu showed up to pose with us (*´ω`*)

Overall there’s not much left to do for me until 3.2 There’s a couple achievements here and there I plan to get but I think I will be focusing more of my time on finishing the 2 Quin Rose games I have sitting around for nearly a year 😆 I got another otome game package coming at the end of February but with the new patch around that time I probably won’t really get to it until late March or so. We’ll see!


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  1. Oh gosh, I have so much to do in this game and no time or money (read: I haven’t gotten my stationary consoles/PC I play FFXIV setup yet after my move a month ago). I hope to get to it sometime soon, I just need my life and new home in order so I don’t go around and freak out in my own home about all the things I’ve yet to do. Lol. I basically just managed to get through 2.0 and then “NOPE, no time or money” and then “NOPE, time to pack and move”.

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