Sakamaki Laito 24hour CD translation

Since a few of my twitter friends were interested I figured I’d post a translation of his 24 hour SkiT tokuten CD. Strangely enough, I enjoyed it more than the actual VS CD 😆 The CD is basically Laito describing his entire day on the hour that he spends with Yui. My side comments are in lilac.

3:ooPM – I woke up a little early. Ah good morning bitch-chan. Hmm? Oh yea you slept with me last night. You seem kind of out of it.  I guess it was too wild for you last night. Let’s go take a bath together and wake you up. Hmm but if you go in with me you may not wake up hehe.

4:00PM – We have time before we need to leave. Maybe we can ichaicha in bed together. But once in a while taking a bath in the morning is nice isn’t it? Oh I know, how about we wash each other’s bodies. Bitch-chan I’ll carefully wash every inch of your body, hehehe.

5:00PM – Soon it will be sunset but it feels like morning to me. What’s wrong? You’re  still out of it. Did we spend too long in the bath? Well I guess we did spend a while there though I’m pretty awake thanks to your blood bitch-chan.

6:00PM – Ahh, so annoying but we gotta go to school. If we don’t hurry and get ready Reiji’s gonna start bitching at us. Oh bitch-chan you can just stand there, I’ll help you get dressed as a thanks for the stuff in the bath hehe. No? Oh don’t be shy hehe. “You have a bad feeling”? I’m always trying to be a gentleman you know.

7:00PM – We need to hurry and get into the limo. Ah, bitch-chan your seat is on my lap. Otherwise all my brothers will start fighting over you. What? Did you say something? I think I heard you say “I’d rather have that than you”. I hope I misheard that…

8:00PM – Ah, we’re at school now. Ah bitch-chan, did you do your homework? Oh? When did you have time. Me? Lol there’s no way I’d do it. Ah how annoying, this subject’s teacher is a woman so maybe if I pull a few strings in the back I’ll be able to pass hehe. Hmm? What’s that face? Are you jealous? Hehe. Don’t worry, no matter what I always belong to you bitch-chan *kiss*.

9:ooPM – Ah, I wanna go home. Looks like me pulling the strings in the back didn’t work. This is why I can’t stand stubborn women – next time I’ll suck her blood. Just kidding just kidding! Right now I only want bitch-chan’s blood. I won’t go after other women hehe. I’m not kidding, I wish you’d believe me hehehe.

10:00PM – Sigh, I’m tired so I think I’m going to the nurse’s office. Bitch-chan will you go with me? I only sucked your blood in the bath this morning so I feel dizzy now. I need some vitamin replenishing, so let’s go ok? There’s nobody at the nurse’s office at this hour.

11:00PM – Ah 1 more hour before lunch time. Let’s stay here for just a bit longer. Ah – you’re so out of it I guess you can’t move either. Thanks to you though, I’m pretty energetic now. I think I’ll play a few tricks on bitch-chan since you can’t move hehehe.

12:00AM – Ah it’s lunch time, why does the day feel like it’s dragging. Maybe it just feels that way because I’m a vampire and I live forever. So I guess this kind of pointless school life isn’t so bad for me. Oh well whatever, bitch-chan are you hungry? If you are, wanna suck my blood? Oh hey bitch-chan where are you going???

1:00AM – Bitch-chan yawning already? Is it because you just ate? No? I guess you aren’t used to this lifestyle yet. My best time is from now on so I’m pretty excited but it’s also because you’re near me bitch-chan. Hey wanna cut the afternoon classes and go hang out somewhere? I’ll go wherever you want to.

2:ooAM – Bitch-chan you’re such a bad girl, cutting class like that. Oh well thanks to this we’re now alone together. So where are we going? What you mean nothing is open at this hour? Oh right humans sleep at this hour, what a pain. For now, let’s hold hands and take a walk. It’s ok to do this once in a while right. I’ll give you a break today.

3:00AM – Ooh such a wonderful CASTLE right in the middle of town, I never knew about it until now! Oh and it’s open 24 hours!  What’s wrong bitch-chan, you look unnerved. Oh there’s a bed and a bath here too. How about we spend the night here today and not return home? Hehe.

4:00AM – Ah you’re so sexy when you’ve come out of the bath and you look fresh wearing a bathrobe. I’m glad we decided to come here hehe.  Now come here and give me some supplements. Your blood should taste good after taking a bath. (Hirarin ぺろぺろ <●><●>)

5:00AM – I sucked so much blood I’m kinda tired now.  Hmm? You’re not tired bitch-chan? Well don’t worry, my vampire stamina is pretty strong and I can keep going until you’re done. Oh just now I found something interesting inside this room….I think I want to try it on you hehehe.  (LAITO FINDS A VIBRATOR: Command?)

6:ooAM – *Yawn* That was a nice nap. That thing I found earlier was fun wasn’t it? It seems like you can buy it…next time I’ll buy one. This way we can have lots of fun together even back at home hehe. Bitch-chan how about eating something? Seems like we can order into the room.

7:00AM – Seems like in this room you can’t see outside so it feels like it’s always night time. Instead of living in our current house everyone should just move into this place! Though since there’s no  torture chamber here I guess it wouldn’t really work. I know you just love that room bitch-chan.

8:00AM – Oh I guess it’s morning now. When you spend time in that room you really do lose track of time. Ahh, I wanted to have a bit more fun, they even had Karaoke. If we weren’t called by Reiji I would have stayed there. Let’s come back again next time and request a room with a round bed. I’m also curious about the Japaneseque room. Bitch-chan what kind of room do you want?

9:00AM – Since we slept at that place, I’m not really tired but I guess it’s time for bed. Bitch-chan you look kinda sleepy too. Ah how depressing that when we go to sleep we have to wake up for school again. What? You wanna do homework??? Man you’re such a workaholic. Oh well go ahead and do your homework bitch-chan, I’ll just hug you from behind and suck on your delicious blood. Oh so you can’t study like that? Hehe…that’s not true..hehehhe

10:00AM – *Yawn* Hey are you still doing homework? Come on let’s go to sleep. What? I don’t wanna sleep alone. Come on, come over to me, if I don’t have a drink of blood before bed I won’t be able to sleep. Now relax and leave everything to me. You’ll let me drink your delicious blood right?

11:00AM – Oops I drank too much and now you’re all tired. How precious. Every time I suck your blood your reaction is if I’m doing it for the first time. It’s so hot. Oh you’re awake?  Ah it’s nothing. Well then, goodnight, it seems like the sun is completely out now so for us it’s our “night time”.

12:00PM – *Gasp* It’s been a while since I had that awful dream. I keep trying to forget it but it just keeps coming back. That person is no longer in this world but ever since I started sleeping with bitch-chan I started seeing this dream again. Could be my imagination though. Bitch-chan is in dreamland so I guess I’ll try going back to sleep again. *Kiss*

1:00PM – Bitch-chan, what’s wrong? Is it time to wake up? Oh it’s such a late hour. What ? You woke up because you’re hot? I see it’s because you’re wearing such warm pajamas. Don’t worry, come here and I’ll take it off for you. Once I’ve taken it off, I’ll lick all the sweat off you. prpr (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ

2:ooPM – Ahn..I’m still sleepy. I think I drank too much of bitch-chan’s blood. When I lose control and drink too much it becomes hard for me to sleep. I wonder why her blood has such mysterious effects to it. I guess I’ll try to lie down a bit for now.  It’s still to early to get up so bitch-chan, sleep just a little bit longer. *kiss*


(/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン……..if the whole game will be like this I will be pleased hahaha. Also the whole love hotel business was hilarious 😆 I seriously enjoyed this WAY MORE than any of the blood sucking CDs. The CDs just portray them as some kind of blood sucking mosquitos so this CD actually felt like it gave them some kind of a personality. There’s a 24 hour version of Subaru as well and while it was cute near the end overall I didn’t find it as interesting? XD; I think I just have Laito-filter glasses on  😆


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  1. hinano i want ask a question i want learn japanese for read novels,but im consufed a bit which alpahet must have been know for novels?

  2. hehe, me too like Subaru in both drama cd & game…he’s such a sweet guy and he has a great voice~ ><

  3. ooo, Laito seems better in here than the game….can i ask u something, do u by any chance will translate for Subaru’s 24H??

  4. Lol oops I forgot about Shuu XDDD I guess in his CD Yui was really clingy and pushy and it annoyed me so I forgot about him. He’s Toriumi Kousuke’s character, right?

    Reiji’s CD (well, the first one at least) is basically him talking about his silverware and china and how precious and arousing it is to listen to them. The only thing good about it is his voice, since I practically fell asleep until the dummy mic part came along. :/

  5. ayato and shuu SHOULD have one though I haven’t bothered to look for it since I’m not a huge fan of either of them x3
    I never listened to any of Reiji’s CDs but I think I should seeing how I like Blood in Alice and its the same voice actor XD

  6. XDD I like Subaru better but Laito’s CD seemed a lot better than his. Does Ayato have one yet?

    I feel like my order of preference is something like Subaru <- Laito <- Ayato. Kanato and Reiji aren't even on the list, since I found Reiji really boring despite his voice, and Kaji voice acts really well for Kanato, but Kanato himself is just… yeah.

  7. lol I know right? It really made me feel so much better about the game. I’m glad it may not just be one blood sucking marathon cause I get bored of that xDDD

  8. Oh, Hiranin! (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン
    This CD makes Raito much more likeable… I mean he is a perv, but HELL YEAH! 8D

    I really don’t want to hear the Sakimaki’s panting and making weird kissing noises, when I can have something like this! It makes the CD’s much more joyable, if they were like this! I mean a bit kissing and sucking is okay, but not, when it takes about 1 hour!
    Sorry Rejet, but I’m still a MAIDEN at heart. LOL

  9. for some reason i can never take hirakawa’s voice seriously hahaha 😄
    thanks for the translation, can’t wait to listen to it! 😉😉

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