LH x BS Campaign

Play Lucent Heart & get useless items!
Play Lucent Heart & get useless items!

I should probably stop moaning & groaning about Bright Shadow’s events but I mean this one is just like REALLY stupid. They want you to register a new account with Lucent Heart, then play 10 hours and reach level 20. Once you do this you will then get a stupid pet on Bright Shadow which does absolutely nothing (sorry Elephant-kun but my devil at least gives me magic +20 🙄 ) The prize you get on LH is even uglier so I imagine no one from LH is going to want to suddenly go & play BS. I mean I like Bright Shadow so I am going to be playing Bright Shadow. Why are you telling me to play ANOTHER game? 😯

I realized BS’s events are really stupid and mostly cash lottery items, but at least the game itself is redeeming enough that I can ignore this factor and enjoy the game as is (at least for now.)

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