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8 Years on FFXIV

And so Final Fantasy 14 has just hit it’s 8 year anniversary which also means it’s 8 years since I began playing this game and honestly, that’s almost as old as this blog is. When I first played FFXIV, this blog was only 4 years old so even though I don’t write much about the game here, this game is a huge part of my life. As usual time to go through memory lane of the past year!

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Final Fantsy 14 x Final Fantasy 15 Collaborations


Gonna be trying to revive my MMO blogging once more since I’m dragging on my otome gaming lately (ignoring the fact that there just aren’t that many games to play period and my interest is kinda waning.) Today I will be talking about the FFXIV and FFXV collaborations, one of which began yesterday! This contains spoilers so beware!

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