Mobile Game Review: NieR Re[in]carnation

So while I generally stay away from mobile games lately (and any I try don’t last more than a week) I’ve been kinda addicted to Nier Reincarnation which just got released in Japan last week. I figured I’d do a brief overview of the system and how it works and touch upon the obvious gacha rates 😂😂

The game is very heavily story based, which begins you off as some girl running through a hallway style gameplay where you walk in a straight line – fight some stuff – see some cut scenes. So those who hated FF13 might really hate this game, but if that kind of game play was up your alley then keep reading. Every time as you get further you unlock the memories of various characters that are part of the reincarnation universe.

They all have individually sad depressing and bittersweet tales that fit well into the whole Nier universe. Personally my favorite one was the one that was very similar to Nier Automata and involved  a bunch of cloned humans that were forced to act out on command and those who developed an individualistic personality were disposed of as having an “error”.

Once you finish the main story you will get things like weapons, minions who fight with you and unlock a bunch of features to help you do dailies in the game. Currently as an opening promotion, there’s a Nier:Automata collaboration until the end of March.

And of course included is the Nier Gacha. The 4 star rare rate is about 2% but if you have shit luck like me it’s more like .002%. I got 2B and A2 twice, and even one of the 4 star Reincarnation characters, but it took me probably 200 rolls before I finally got 4 star 9S.

Until I was able to get 4 star 9S, I grinded out the collab quest battles and got the 3 star 9S which I upgraded 3 times to be on the same level as the 4 stars – but it’s a fact that 4 star cards will ALWAYS have higher stats. When I finally got 4 star 9S I upgraded him to the same level as the 3 star one and there was like a 50k HP difference between the two. It’s sad but true, these types of games will always reward pay to win. THAT SAID, I don’t know if the game is generous or it’s just because it’s the beginning or what – but they’ve awarded and insane amount of gems to gamble with so a lot of Japanese players (and myself) have been doing what is called a “reset marathon”. Basically you get to a certain part of the tutorial, roll your free gacha coins you get upon logging in, and then cross your fingers. I ended up doing a reset marathon 4 times before I finally got 2B and decided to stick to that account. As I did the MSQ the game threw even more gems at me that I was able to even roll 200 times in the gacha to begin with for free. So overall in my opinion if you do the reset marathon, only do it until you get at least 1 of the collaboration characters or you’ll go crazy, cause moving slow as hell through the tunnel tutorial can get really annoying after a while lol. 😂 I have 6000 gems left over after I got 9S but I’m going to save them for the obviously inevitable  Nier:Replicant collaboration we’re absolutely going to get once that game comes out in April.

Look how he fondly holds her hand guys

The Nier Automata collaboration also came with its own story which was basically 9S’s love for 2B and nobody can tell me otherwise. 🥰🥰🥰 Anyway there’s Normal, Hard and Very hard modes, with the final Very Hard mode awarding you the most medals so that’s the one you want to farm. That said it’s VERY HARD so it took me a while to get my characters leveled up, weapons upgraded to be able to farm this. I highly recommend upgrading weapons, characters and finishing the MSQ so you can use minions and especially memories to make your party stronger. I feel like memories are the biggest boost to your party so you definitely want to make sure you have a good set for your team. The game also is very property based in a sense where it’s much easier to clear things if you use weapons/minions with the property that will be most strong against the enemy. All the Nier Automata enemies are darkness based, so you want to make sure you’re using a Light property party of weapons. If you aren’t sure what the best one to use, it’s always good to just click おすすめ and click the property icon of the one you’re aiming for. Here’s a video of the Very Hard battle 10.

So now I will go over the various systems and dailies.

Upgrading System

So you want to upgrade your characters so you stop getting your ass kicked in side quests!  You can upgrade character, weapon, minion and memories. For each upgrade you will need specific items. For chara upgrade items you get them from doing main quest on normal and hard modes. You can also get them via token exchange shop or the story gacha. For weapon upgrades the best way is to do the timed daily missions (Called Guerilla missions). They are 4 times a day for 30 minutes  and you get a TON of weapon upgrade pieces. This is the best way to upgrade weapons. To upgrade weapon skills  I recommend doing the regular daily quests that change daily  as they give you various weapon parts (each weapon needs specific parts to upgrade its skills.)  For minion and memory upgrades you just need money and pieces you can get via gacha or the token exchange shop. You will run out of money REALLY FAST upgrading minions and memories so the best way to make that money back is either doing more quests OR selling your shitty 2 star weapons you get from the daily gacha or the paid gacha. The last option on the list in the image above is where you go to sell stuff. I don’t recommend selling anything except crappy weapons because you probably will use stuff in all the other categories.

Quests & PVP

As I mentioned you’ll need to do various quests for character & weapon upgrades but once you’ve depleted your stamina you can do PVP called the Arena. It might get harder later on as people know what to do but right now it’s insanely easy. If you’ve been upgrading your characters, it’s very easy to beat most people, especially when you get opponents who haven’t bothered to do PVP and have the default character equipped and die in like 1 hit lmao. The more wins you have the higher your rank is and then you will receive a PVP arena point currency which can be used to upgrade your weapons even further. The more wins you have consecutively you will have a bonus of 15% HP and attack up. Since your stamina for PVP and daily quests is separate, it’s recommended that you do PVP soon as your stamina recovers for it but save your stamina potions only for quests instead.

The other 2 ways to get Stamina is to have a ton of friends and send them stamina points (you can have up to 100) and to play the shooting game every 8 hours. The higher your score the more stamina you get. Unfortunately I’m insanely bad at this game and the best I’ve gotten was 79k points 😂😂

And so basically that’s what you do in the game. Depending on your phone/tablet the game may run faster which would make battles go by faster, but as you can see from my video, mine’s a little laggy as I have a galaxy tab S6 lite I’m playing this game on (as I know my phone would probably overheat and blow up if I tried it on there.)

I’m currently trying to finish getting a few more items for the Automata collab before it’s gone but I am interested in unlocking the rest of the other characters’ stories. One of the best parts of this game is there’s a lot of AUTOMATED stuff so you can just press the auto button and do other stuff while it does its battle thing. They clearly know that some people (like me) just want to read stories and collect items rather than get deeply involved in battle mechanics. After all it’s a mobile game so there’s only so much complicated stuff you can do during battle. It’s such a breath of fresh air after that crap ass dragon raja which required you to pair up with people and socialize and do quests that were heavily dependent on how crowded your server is. This game allows you to go at your own pace and do what ever you want to do daily without having to rely on others.

One other thing to note is that if you plan to stick to the Japanese version for a while, create a Japanese square enix account because there’s no other way to backup your data other than SE Bridge and English accounts do NOT work. A global version is in the works and they plan to release it in English, but I’ve gotten pretty far (and got all my nier collab charas) so I don’t know if I’m going to bother with the global version anymore but we’ll see. I feel like Japanese servers of mobile game tend to be a lot more generous than NA ones (i.e. Japanese server mobage always give you free crap as an “apology” when they have to take  the game down for maint lol). As usual if you’re an android friend, you will need Qoo App to download it, and Iphone/pad users will need a Japanese itunes account.

For those who need friends, feel free to add me below! 😀 I’ve been mass adding people from a friend board but I still have a few open slots ☺

Pic taken before 9S finally came home 😂




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  1. it’s bad luck honestly I’ve gotten 4 star pulls from the daily gacha twice if that says anything about rng.
    I will say this, 9S sucks. After I got him, I don’t even use him anymore. My main group is A2, 2B and Demis because 9S just sucks bad lol.
    Unless you just want him to have him for collection, I wouldn’t bother. The nier replicant gacha will start in a few days as well.

  2. Hi i see you made 200 pulls to finally get 4 star 9s is it correct ? Cause in the last 15 pulls i didn’t find any 4 star, weapon or unit, and i’m really losing hope. I don’t think it’s just bad luck. I don’t know why i can’t find any ‘purple cube’ anymore. Should i give up

  3. I’m playing it on a tablet because my phone gets really hot when I put mobile games on it and since my husband’s phone recently overheated and sparked and I had an inflated battery in my last phone I don’t put mobile games on it anymore lol

  4. This game looks and sounds so beautiful? I’m not sure my phone could support it, but I’m about 100% certain I’d just spend battle time openly weeping at this point >->;

    Congrats on getting 9S! O/

  5. Yea if you’re gonna join the Japan servers make sure you do so this week cause a lot of freebies will expire by the end of the month!

  6. I’ve been eagerly awaiting this game, the fact that there’s a Nier Automata collaboration that’s basically 9S longing is all the more appealing xD

  7. Hey Omo long time no see o.o
    add me if you decide to play 😀 and yea try doing the marathon this week if you can cause they gave away 10k coins that you can only get before the week ends!

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