RPG Review: Final Fantasy 9

So in continuation of my quest to play every Final Fantasy game, I managed to nab FFIX on a Switch eshop sale and set off on my adventure! And no, this is not an April fool’s post lol.

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RPG Review: Final Fantasy 8

Lured in by the logo I was a fool

Having bought this on a sale a while back and in my quest to finish every Final Fantasy game I can (I don’t know why) I decided to finally tackle FF8. Fortunately, I was able to get the remastered version, where Squall truly was the best looking guy in the room. 😂

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7 Years on FFXIV

Yea I know this post is basically 6 months late but better late than never!?

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Otome Game Review: Beast Darling

Kazuha is an animal magnet, so when her parents go to work overseas and leave her in Japan (as every manga anime plot would have it) she goes to live in a dorm based school. Unfortunately they have a no pet policy so the constant cats and pigeons and the like coming there piss off the landlord. Just then her pet cat Futaba who happens to be a Nekomata, tells her about a dorm where she will fit right in. Turns out the school has a dormitory full of humans who have a “beast” curse where they are on the brink of turning into an animal they are cursed by. Futaba has a magical seal on her neck that when the animal boys touch it, it can suppress the wild animal within~ 😂

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