Otome Game Review: Tlicolity Eyes ~Twinkle Showtime~

In a future 50 years from now people started doing nanomachine experiments on volunteers to make humanity better. Unfortunately it caused problems so the entire project was scrapped, however the nano machines continued to be passed down in people’s DNA. Now in the present day those with and without nano-machine powers coexist together but those with powers are often seen as “monsters” by regular people. The story takes place about 3 sisters who have those powers, Touchi Sakura, Natsume and Aoi. Their powers allow them to increase “stats” of a person such as strength, eye sight, charm etc but with a caveat: when they use this power on a man he gets a temporary charm effect on them and can’t stop professing his undying love. Also the video I used is a promo movie which lists all the additions to Switch port but I absolutely recommend checking out the OP movie which is super catchy!


Chihiro & Masato:

Talent agency princess

Midorikawa Chihiro – Touchi Sakura, an 18 year old college student,  is picked to be an extra for a movie but because the lead actress elopes with someone, they now need a replacement. Since it’s very last minute instead of getting a professional, they recruit Sakura who is a complete noob. So now Sakura is working with Chihiro, 22, the lead actor in this movie and she reports to Masato who is the manager of their agency. Sakura is determined to learn her lines and spends a lot of time practicing and learning the script. The kicker here is Sakura has some magical nano-machine powers that helps people not be nervous, or briefly increases their strengths. Unfortunately she also has the meromero powers of Kaede from Ninkoi, so whenever she uses this power on a guy, they immediately get all deredere for her for a few minutes lol. Chihiro has powers too and uses them to help Sakura be less nervous but fortunately he doesn’t have the charm side effect. That said, his powers have caused him and his family anguish because nobody else in his family had them..so when his father found out Chihiro has powers he thought that Chihiro wasn’t his child and that his wife cheated on him. The dad then abused the mom, and wanted to put Chihiro up for adoption but the mom wanted to protect him, so Chihiro used his powers to force a divorce and went to live with his mom. But now out of nowhere asshole dad shows up trying to talk to Chihiro in front of Sakura and Masato, but Chihiro continues to avoid him and refuses to talk for obvious reasons. So because he has a negative association with his powers, Chihiro doesn’t really like using them. So then Sakura runs into the dad in the park and well hur dur it turns out that Chihiro’s grandpa had nanomachines put into him and the dad only found out recently so he realized that his wife did not cheat on him and that his son was legitimately his.

And so Sakura convinces him to stop running away and talk things out with his father about his powers and his dad’s fear of his own son. The dad apologizes and says that even if they are no longer together he’s still his father. And so a few days into the final parts of their movie shoot, they get to the kiss scene and while they are practicing it, they both end up admitting that they’re actually in love with each other as much as the characters they’re portraying 😏.  They become officially lovers after the movie ends, but have to obviously keep it a secret which is hard for Sakura since she’s not used to being a celebrity of any kind. Because of this the two of them don’t see each other for a while due to being afraid to get caught together. Unfortunately things go in a bad direction when they receive a paparazzi photo of when Chihiro and Sakura were talking to Chihiro’s father together. The fans flip their shit and also call Sakura a monster for having her powers, but then Chihiro is like ok I’m a monster too since I have them too. His fan bitches flip their shit and Masato has to end up calling the cops to disperse the angry mob, all the day before the movie is set to be released. So then during their premiere, they come on stage and apologize and Chihiro admits that he fell in love with Sakura during the movie shooting. With this of course he loses fans, but also gains a bunch of fans for being such a “thoughtful and caring boyfriend” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). And so in the happy end they continue their acting careers, and even though they get jealous when they have to do love scenes with others, they know that the only ones they truly love are each other. In the good ends their relationship isn’t discovered and they basically keep it a secret while continuing their acting. In the after story (which is a new addition to the switch port), Sakura gets another role in the same movie as Masato, but this time she has to be a lover of his “friend” character. As usual Masato is really jealous

Onozawa Masato – Masato used to be an actor but just runs his own agency now. Unlike Chihiro who gets annoyed and embarrassed at the after affect of Sakura’s powers, Masato is serious and warns her against using them even if she’s “trying to help”. When she ends up using her powers anyway, Masato tells her to look away so that the charm effect doesn’t continue to go on and wait till it wears off so he doesn’t do anything to her. After Sakura falls in love with him, she confesses her feelings, but he immediately rejects her saying he dosn’t want to defile her and he just wants to be a “nice manager” for her. Sakura doesn’t give up, and dosn’t really care that they have a 12 year age gap (ok but seriously he’s 30 and he’s hot yoloo 😏😏🤣🤣). During one of the movie celebrity parties, Sakura refuses to give up her feelings for Masato, confesses again, and kisses him. He gives up and gives in and admits that he’s in love with her too. The movie is a success and after this Sakura gets tons of acting role offers. After they’re dating, one day she’s cleaning up his files and finds a license of having special powers with his name on it…despite him saying he has none. And his powers basically  give him a lie detector, and he can tell if someone’s telling the truth or not.

Sakura gets mad that even though he can tell if others are lying, he’s been lying about his powers to everyone else including her. He also admits to running away from acting because of these powers and now Sakura starts to question “who” is the person she fell in love with because everything he had ever told her seems to be a lie. Most of all she’s hurt because she feels like he’s lied to her all this time because he couldn’t trust her enough to tell her the truth. Whenever Masato would hear lies or lie himself he would hear static in his head and in the world of acting there’s too many lies and before he broke down he decided to quit and just be a talent manager. They don’t talk for a bit until Sakura gets injured at a shooting location and he comes running in the rain worried about her. After the shoot is cancelled for the day he takes Sakura back to his place where they finally talk out their feelings and make up. In the happy end epilogue, Sakura accepts a new role in a movie and as a surprise, Masato accepts the role along with her in the same movie as a return to acting under the name “Shin”. Chihiro apparently got pissed that he lost the role to him too. 😂 He then takes her to the hotel where they first admitted their feelings, and slaps a ring on dat finger (all with the fountain splashing at the right timing 😂😂😘). In the after story, they begin shootings for their new movie together and ichaicha during their breaks lol. In the good ends, she either doesn’t find out about his power, or once she finds out it sort of just ends as her being okay with it.

3P Route – Well the entire point of the triangle project are these 3P routes, which tbh I’m not a huge fan of, particularly when it’s obvious the guys are pretty jealous in their own respective routes. 😅 So the plot is the 3 of them are cast in a spin off drama, and there’s a love triangle involved. In order to get more into their roles, Masato suggests the 3 of them spend more time together privately like going out to eat/concerts etc. Everyone agrees but it’s clear that Chihiro is absolutely not happy with this lol. As expected they both indirectly confess to her at the end but then say it’s just for their role in the movie and that they should work harder from now on. Sakura is completely oblivious and the two of them continue to sorto of fight over her between each other sigh. I don’t really get the point of these 3P routes if you ain’t gonna have some hot 3P end if u know what I mean (☞^o^) ☞. In fact probably the only point of these routes are the “3P” tlicolity modes I think lmao since that gives them the excuse to yolo things without technically going out of character. Fortunately the after story they added in the switch version did just that, cute 3P scene hehe. ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ Though it was the usual charm side effect but for some reason it was powered up LOL.

Wataru and Yosuke

Ikemen at work

Senba Wataru – Wataru is a fashion model and our heroine Natsume is his photographer and they’re both 23. Natsume’s cameraman senpai is Yosuke and the story is about the 3 of them. Wataru is a pretty narcissistic guy but it takes him a while to get through to Natsume because she’s very focused on her job as a photographer and learning techniques from Yosuke. She’s still a newb so her photos kinda suck, but Wataru tells her directly rather than coddling her like Wataru does. Wataru wants to make her a better photographer so he offers for her to live with him for 3 months, and in return he says he will become Yosuke’s personal model which would make their small company a lot of money especially since they apparently are in the red. Yosuke gets pissed and refuses but both the shacho and Natsume agree because they don’t want Yosuke to overwork himself to try to make up the money lost. Natsume also has a trauma of being betrayed by her best friend who was jealous of her powers, and then harassed by some drunk ossan who she used her powers on to get away from her but it had the opposite effect. 😕 Because of this, unlike Sakura who is very positive and outgoing, Natsume is very introverted and has a lower self esteem. Anyway after Natsume moves in with Wataru, turns out that her knight in shining armor Yosuke actually lives in the same apartment building. 🤣 And so because of this he constantly comes over and cockblocks them. 😂😂😂 Thanks to this whole arrangement though, Yosuke now gets more and more job offers for photography due to connections through Wataru. But then one night he gets drunk (and from only like  1 sip too) and completely passes out in Natsume’s lap. When he wake up, he’s so embarrassed of not being the usual cool self, he literally runs off to his room. In other words, he’s basically Mirako senpai from Kenka Bancho Otome. 😂😂

He can’t cook for shit but still goes out of his way and tries his best to make her a Christmas dinner. 🥺 So turns out a bully from his childhood, is now trying to hit on him because he’s a famous model. It’s been trauma for him ever since so when he recently ran into her, the flashbacks came back and he’s horrified that she won’t leave him alone. Wataru then admits to Natsume that he also has special powers, once he hears something – he will never forget it…which is why the trauma from the bullying can never leave him. When he was 16 he was recruited as a model, and decided to change himself and become more confident. Wataru planned to make the bully bitch fall for him and then throw her away, but she fell in love with him so fast he was like welp nvm and just cut her off then and there. After hearing his story Natsume tells him about her past with her friend and the drunk ossan and her powers. They both realize they’re similar in a sense where they’re stuck on their past traumas together and so they both decide they will try to get over them. The first thing they do is go on a date together and she uses her powers accidentally at the end, but Wataru says being under her charm doesn’t bother him and says either one is “still him”. Even though he goes on dates with other girls to get over his trauma, he still can’t stop thinking about Natsume and Natsume finds herself falling for him as well. Natsume also starts to gain more confidence in herself when Yosuke isn’t around and trying her best to help out at her photoshoots. Unfortunately the crazy bitch ends up stalking Wataru to his apartment and despite him telling her to leave she refuses to GTFO. She then pulls out a pair of scissors like some crazy yandere lol. ◉‿◉

Natsume then runs out and uses her powers to calm down the cray stalker and she runs off crying. One week before Natsume is set to move back to her place, she realizes she’s fallen in love with Wataru but has no idea how to convey her feelings to him. She spends days attempting to flirt with him in the best way she can but it doesn’t appear to get through. However  the last day Wataru gives her some perfume as a gift and they end up making out but before she can put feelings into words she passes out from the stimulation lmao. When she leaves his apartment, Yosuke confesses his feelings to her but she says that she loves Wataru after all and cannot return them. Oh noooo feels bad man. Eventually at his photo shoot during break they confess their feelings straight out and this makes the photo shoot a huge success. In the happy end epilogue, Natsume moves in with Wataru for real this time and her photographer career skyrockets. Unfortunately she prefers to take nature photos over people so Wataru says he will try his best to change her interests to him lol. In the good end, Natsume actually gets stabbed by the crazy stalker bitch and ends up going into a coma for a while e.e. IDK how this is a good end in any way lmao. In the other “good” end Wataru assumes they’re already dating but since he never said it directly, Yosuke tells him that Natsume doesn’t think this lol. Fortunately Wataru catches her just in time and confesses his feelings for her and it kinda just ends there. In the after story, Wataru finds that Natsume took a bunch of pics of him sleeping or doing stuff without him knowing cause she was too embarrassed to ask him herself lol. He then pushes her down on the couch telling her to remember everything in action. ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ

Mochizuki Yosuke – Yosuke, 28, is Natsume’s senpai and she’s his camera assistant, but more than being overly protective of her he’s got a huge crush on her. Unfortunately he’s too closet horny and constipated with his overprotectiveness to admit this. He’s obviously not happy that Natsume has to live with Wataru for 3 months so that probably aggravates his constipated emotions even further. Unlike Wataru who cheered on for Natsume to change herself and get over her past, Yosuke just coddles her and tells her it’s ok to be the way she is. When Natsume reveals to Yosuke about the incident from 8 years ago, she mentions how someone came and saved her from the drunk ossan. Obviously a dead giveaway that the someone was Yosuke and eventually comes a time where he finally confesses that it was him because one day he blurted out that he knew her with “long hair” which she hasn’t kept long since she was in middle school. He also reveals when he was younger because of his resting bitch face people would always pick fightsi with him – and lose horribly. Everyone else was scared of him but Natsume was the only one who thanked him for saving her rather than running away scared like most others. Yosuke also reveals that his power is that once he sees something, he never forgets it so like a perma-pictographic memory.  He became a photographer after he got into a bike accident and lost a month worth of memories. He decided not to rely on his powers anymore and rely on photos instead and because he was terrified of losing his memory of Natsume.

And so on the Christmas/New Year’s break, he confesses all of this to Natsume and also tells her he’s had a 1 sided love for her for 8 years lol. Unfortunately as Natsume starts getting better at her job, and getting more confident and opening up to others, Yosuke is unhappy. He wants to basically be her knight in shining armor and wants her to only rely on him, so when she starts to “go out of his reach” he gets pissed lmao YOU SAD MAN. Natsume then goes to talk to him about this and realizes he’s trapped in 8 years ago like she was where he just feels he has to protect the 15 year old her that got attacked by some drunk GGE. She then tries to snap him out of this by telling him to look at her as she is now, and that she loves him but his feelings for her are not for the her in front of him now. He finally gets over it after Natsume offers to be a model replacement when one of the fashion designers forgets to hire one lol. And so after she moves out of Wataru’s place, she moves in to Yosuke’s along with her confession to him and he tells her that he now loves the her in front of him. In the epilogue, they get married and Yosuke is both her groom and her photographer. 😂😂😂Natsume is a lot more outgoing and less shy than she was before as well. In the after story, Natsume has longer hair now and people in the office aren’t sure what to call them since they’re now both Mochizuki last name lol. And then after work one day they look through wedding photos and talk about how one day they wanna take family photos. I’ll be honest I don’t know if it’s because Sarachi Yomi’s art or what but I felt like Yosuke’s design and voice didn’t really match?? Maybe because Yosuke’s design looked like a shy/nerd type but he was this inner yankee lol.

3P Route – Honestly I wasn’t a huge fan of this one specifically because it focuses too much on them fighting over her and basically brushes over the details all the characters have about their past traumas and powers. So it just kinda feels empty/pointless other than fanservice in the CGs since outside of CGs they’re constantly drunk fighting over her lol. The only thing of note that was interesting is at the end of the route, the friend that caused Natsume the trauma with her powers saw a photo by Natsume with her name on it and was amazed that she became a famous photographer (while also feeling bad about what she said 8 years ago.) The 3P after story CG was even randier than Sakura’s 👀💦💦💦💦

Kou & Yuu

Aneshota BBA fantasy

Sakakibara Kou – Kou and Yuu are twin idols for the unit “Gemini” though one of them does the cross-dress idol thing. The heroine in their story is the oldest Touchi sister Aoi (25). Both Kou & Yuu are 19 so this set is basically the ane-shota routes 😂😂😂😂. (Also funny Gemini is Aoi’s zodiac sign rofl.) Actually at first Kou and Yuu are completely separate idols, and only Kou is managed by Aoi. But when they appear together on an idol battle show, Aoi is surprised to find another person who looks identical to Kou. Unlike her 2 sisters, Aoi has her powers under control and even knows how to handle dudes who get all lovey dovey on her with the after-effect. She keeps the creepy ojisans away from her shota idols and has a way with words, AN ALL MIGHTY WOMAN. Anyway after this event, Aoi finds out that both Kou and Yuu are twins and Kou being the older one (though by minutes of course but lol Japan). Yuu is so impressed with Aoi’s way with her powers and words, that he asks his agency (which is actually the one run by Masato) to let Aoi be his manager as well. And so that’s how Aoi ends up managing both twins. From the beginning it’s obvious Kou has a huge crush on Aoi and is horrified to find out dudes get all lovey dovey with her when she uses her powers :P. He asks her to use her powers on him so he can understand them, being that he has none, but he is insanely embarrassed at the charm after effect 😂😂😂.Out of the 2, Kou is the tsundere while Yuu is the koakuma type and fortunately for the 2 of them Aoi seems to have a thing for guys younger than her xDDD. Kou enjoys playing videogames and he acts proper and collected around industry people but around Aoi and Yuu he becomes bratty and childish lol. One of the reasons Kou didn’t get along with Yuu is because Kou has no powers but Yuu has powers – and his powers are basically being able to copy things such as powers or even as simple as dance moves.

For some reason though, Yuu was unable to copy Aoi’s. And so for while Kou tells Yuu to just copy him during dance lessons, Yuu refuses and ends up getting lagged behind in dance lessons from Kou. Kou also once saw Aoi get yelled at by some obnoxious producer and cry in the break room all because of him, and ever since then he’s basically had a crush on her. One day after their concert, he confesses his feelings to Aoi but Aoi says she cannot accept them because not only is she older than him but she is his manager and he is an idol and it would cause a scandal. Even though Aoi tells him he’s just a little boy with a crush, it only further lights a fire under his ass and he refuses to become saying he’ll become a man worthy of her feelings. He starts doing stuff like taking the steps to talk to producers himself rather than leaving everything to Aoi and starts to properly take his job seriously and remember his schedule etc. This is definitely effective cause Aoi has to now tell herself that they cannot be in a relationship and she constantly pushes her feelings away to focus on her job as a manager. Yuu and Kou eventually make up as brothers when they talk about their powers and realize that since their parents had the powers, likely Kou has them, but they’re “dormant” rather than active. By the time Aoi gives in and realizes she has feelings for Kou, she tries to hold them back because she knows the outcome will just cause a scandal and ruin Kou’s career.

Kou notices this and gets upset because now Aoi is trying to keep distance between them more than before. One day when he comes over her place on her day off to watch the drama Sakura stars in with Chihiro, one thing leads to another and he ends up kissing her. She realizes she can’t hide her feelings for him anymore and ends up crying because she knows the two of them can’t be together. After he goes home, she gets a phone call from her company president telling her that Kou has been chosen to do work abroad for 3 years, and that he will be getting a new manager over there so Aoi will no longer be in charge of him. Aoi then makes the decision that when Kou goes abroad, she will quit her job at the agency because she doesn’t want to hold him back. The night of his final concert though, he stops by her place and basically finally forces her to confess her feelings for him lol. He tells her to wait for him and he’ll come back from abroad and be a better man for her. (/ω\) In the epilogue, the president begs Aoi to not quit because she’s such a great manager so she finally agrees to continue her job. And so he returns after 3 years and goes to see Aoi first after having told the media he has a “special someone” so now she’s a lot less “oh noes idol and manager” with him now lol. In the after story Kou returns to being an idol in Japan. After one of his concerts, he proposes and asks Aoi to marry him to which she finally agrees.

Sakakibara Yuu – Yuu is a lot more open with his physical affection for Aoi and really idolizes Kou so he always gets upset when he gets “left out”. Yuu spent most of his school life in dorm schools so he actually didn’t live with Kou much which is why they are so distant. Yuu knows that Kou likes Aoi, but he takes interest in Aoi because of how she changed his brother and how much of a hard worker she is. He then takes all the breaks off and goes full force trying to get her to fall for him going as far as even randomly kissing her on the lips randomly one evening. Every day he keeps bugging her to be his manager or to be his girlfriend 😂😂.In the past Kou called Yuu a copy cat because Yuu just wanted to be just like the brother he idolized. After that Yuu decided not to use his powers, and realized that no matter how hard he tried, he kept falling behind Kou. He got tired of constantly being compared to his brother so that’s why Yuu decided to do something “different” and he one day found some cross dresser article with his friend and decided to try it out. So he became an “otoko no musume” with a mysterious touch and that’s how he became the idol he is now. After Aoi told him straight out she will not date him or be his manager, he says the reason he fell in love with her is because unlike others, she didn’t compare him to his brother and accepted him for who he is. Aoi tells him that while she cannot be what he wants, she will support him as the Gemini manager.

Yuu is sad but understanding and after that day he stops being immature and focuses on his work. After some other asshole idol says shit about Yuu and Kou and Kou snaps back at him, he’s really hurt and ends up crying in the break room with Aoi by his side…he tells Aoi he won’t give up on her after all. Aoi’s barricade wall starts to crumble around him after this too. And so in order to really stand out in his career they decide to have Yuu do work in both his crossdress and his normal form and he comes out with his guy outfit during the final Gemini concert before they split up. After this Yuu gets more offers to do work in his guy form but still continues to do work as an otoko no musume. Aoi confesses to him as well and they become lovers privately, even though Aoi is no longer his manager and is still Kou’s manager for her job. Honestly the entire thing kinda ended up as ane-shota-BBA fantasy cause Aoi was sooo against the whole age gap/idol & manager thing in Kou’s route but in Yuu’s hes like “yes, this is exactly what I’ve always dreamed of.” 😂😂😂 So while I do think Yuu was cute, I still feel really terrible for Kou because I feel like it was kinda shafted and uneven in terms of Aoi’s reactions to both of them. It’s almost like she didn’t want the younger guy to just be like I LOVE YOU PLEASE LOVE ME, no she just wanted to be teased by him and then just give in to her ane-shota desires lmaoo. Anyway, I felt bad for Kou, the fact remains that he’s had a crush on her for 2 years, then his twin bro comes outta nowhere and basically NTRs her with almost no effort 😂. Actually it’s almost like Aoi prefers the shota anyway cause Kou was actually trying to “grow up” and be more manly for her but nah she apparently didn’t want that at all lol.       In the after story they have to be more careful when going out because people actually know what he looks like now when he’s not cross dressing so instead they get down and dirty in her tinted window car ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

3P Route – I thought this would be the usual guys fighting over heroine thing, which it was,  but it actually had an interesting plot! So the company pres of Ji-nizu (aka fake Johnny’s lmao) decided to like take all the company cash and run for it leaving poor Aoi in charge. So the twins helped her crack the case and turns out the dude was just spending money on some cabaret and he even hired a Yuu in disguise (as Yuuko LOL) which is how they were able to catch him in the act. Aoi then dumps his sad ass and starts her own agency with Kou and Yuu. My only disappointment? The after story CG wasn’t as randy as the other 2 heroines. Actually I find it really funny how the randiest CGs were in Natsume’s routes like what the hell, she’s like the purest/demurest of them all LOL 😂😂😂. Anyway personally I am biased to Kou because tsundere, but I still love the teasy types like Yuu so it’s definitely a tough choice and idm the 3P ending at all LOL


Actually I really wish the heroines were part of this scenario ;_;

Oh my god where have I been all these years Tlicolity!? But I’m actually glad I waited till the switch port to play since apparently they added heroine portraits, eye blinking sprites, after stories and turned one of the funny onsen drama CDs into an actual scenario with a CG! I ended up buying this during one of the Christmas Switch store sales Otomate was having and now I’m once again in regret I never got a limited box for this. But you never know you know? So many limited edition games I purchased that I want to throw into a black hole instead lol. A couple miner gripes are some of the voice recordings were really off like Yosuke and Chihiro felt louder than others so I had to actually really turn their voices down while Masato and Yuu were super quiet even at max. The good ends felt really pointless and probably didn’t even need to be there. Aoi is only 25 but her anatomy and hair style made her look even older so the age gap was even more obvious between her and the twins (though I guess that was intentional but come on she’s only 25!!) My other gripe is I really wanted to see some more interaction between the sisters. Even though the guys all interact with each other in some way, the only thing we saw between the sisters is a text or phone conversation at best.

As far as characters, I weirdly wanted to see a ship with Aoi and Masato, as both agency managers working together. But also part of me wants to ship Sakura and the twins cause they’re both in showbiz and are basically the same age (but maybe that wouldn’t work since obviously Aoi loves the younger guys while the twins love oneesans hahaha). I would never ship Natsume with anyone but Yosuke though, the entire game knows they’re like turbo-canon to the point they’re the only ones that get that true wedding end lol. Chihiro and Wataru are pretty interchangeable to me though, I could see them with either Sakura or even Aoi, since they fit the “younger guy bill” for her lol. My fav guys ended up being Masato and Kou but that doesn’t mean I disliked the others, in fact I didn’t actually dislike anyone and the voice cast was great (except I felt Yosuke’s voice didn’t match his character design and personality. I guess would have been better if we got a flashback to see what he looked like before he changed his appearance?)


Absolutely loved all the music and especially the OP song. A lot of the game’s feel really reminded me of Possession Magenta (including multiple seiyuus in both games as well as Sarachi Yomi’s art) – but that’s also WHY I didn’t buy this game in the first place. I was horrified it might be another kusoge like PM but it was like they took the whole feel of PM and actually MADE A GOOD GAME out of it. The toriko mode was basically a ripoff NinKoi but it didn’t really bother me too much. I still enjoyed it in its own way though some character’s toriko modes were really..weird? For example Yuu got really really self-depricating in his (wah wah don’t hate me wah) so not all of them were just “guy gets horny and starts saying lewd stuff to the heroine” if that’s what you walk in assuming lol. 😂 Anyway overall absolutely recommend this game, especially since this year we’re picking at crumbs when it comes to otome game choices. Apparently it will be on Steam (though not switch port so a few things will be missing) in Chinese so if you can read Chinese but not Japanese, there’s always that option for you.


12 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Tlicolity Eyes ~Twinkle Showtime~”

  1. “The purest/demurest of them all”
    This is exactly why she was caught in the most sexual positions. They want to corrupt the cutest and purest heroines.

  2. There’s so little otome games to even play these days so getting one that I enjoy is even rarer unfortunately lol

    Unlike Ninkoi the tricolity mode here is just a dialogue scene, no choices to pick, so it’s even simpler for you Japanese wise!
    And yea in regards to 3P – if they aren’t gonna share and get down with it, it’s really boring lol

  3. Aaaah, it’s neat to see you make so enthusiatic a recommendation about an otoge! It’s been a bit of a while, iirc, and it’s great that you seem to have enjoyed your time with this one. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for it in the tiny chance that it ever gets translated into EN… the Steam release had me curious, so I also appreciate the fact that it gets your vote of confidence.
    This was a fun read. Your captions were especially hilarious. 😀

    “I don’t really get the point of these 3P routes if you ain’t gonna have some hot 3P end if u know what I mean (☞^o^) ☞” / “3P Route – Honestly I wasn’t a huge fan of this one specifically because it focuses too much on them fighting over her (…).”
    Yeah, kinda with you on that one. It might be the fact that I’ve been spoiled by OELVNs with poly relationships written specifically as poly, but to me personally (as I’m not poly), the main draw of seeing those is that it introduces a new dynamic, sexytimes or otherwise, between characters. Like, even if two sides of the relationship aren’t romantically involved, they’d act differently towards one another than they would in a love triangle situation or in separate relationships. Having the guys fight over the heroine more than anything else is just a waste of potential character development to me, but I guess it’s wish fulfillment to some, so who am I to judge? There seem to be fun to be found in the game regardless (like shipping everyone with everyone apparently :D).

    “The toriko mode was basically a ripoff NinKoi but it didn’t really bother me too much.” Aaaaw yessss I’ve reread your NinKoi review recently-ish while looking for a game with beginner/not-too-difficult JP to try and play (still hesitant about what to invest in) and the way you described the system made it sound so wonderfully silly. Tlicolity having something similar makes me really happy (EN port or not) — I love these, the more surprising the interaction, the better!!

  4. Nobody really talks about this game in my circle but it was immediately on my radar. Glad it’s as enjoyable as it looks

  5. Oh! the Op is really catchy. Isn’t that emontes a vocaloid producer? I don’t know they work with otome game too

  6. Nah not particularly interested in the premises or stories of the other two actually so this will be the only one I play in the series

  7. Ahhh this is one my list to plays. Glad you enjoyed playing through it! Will you be picking up or trying any of the other triangle project games (jakou no lyla or katakoi contrast?)

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