A Week in FFXIV [07/30/2019 – 08/5/2019]


Not much happening this week other than some map parties and leveling.

Our FC did a 4 man map party and for the most part we had no issues (other than the mandragora crew.)

A bunch of us got the new materials as well so we made some new shirts and gposed afterwards 🙂

I got all my crafters to 80 and every gatherer but fisher to 80 on my NA character so that’s one less thing to occupy myself with. The only remaining grind is sub jobs and fates (x.x god I just hate Fate grinding.) My friends who are turbo my-pace have finally cleared the Burn so they’ll be reaching Shadowbringers soon too.




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  1. the game never really “ends” because every 3 months there’s a new update lol…been going for 6 years now 😛

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