A Week in FFXIV [07/24/2019 – 07/29/2019]

I’m having trouble keeping up with these weekly posts but I know if I stop this blog will really die since it takes me like 2 months to complete 1 otome game now lol. Numerous health issues and with the idiotic capital one bank breach has made this week really shitty for me so that’s why this post is 2 days late.

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A Week in FFXIV: [7/16/2019 – 7/22/2019]

With my main job being a dumpster fire, I’ve basically switched my main job to white mage now. It was always my sub job in Stormblood, but now it feels even better to play, the queues are short (lol rip tank queues) and at least on NA, you often get commends! CAN’T LOSE!

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A Week in FFXIV: [7/9/2019 – 7/15/2019]

Mandragora garden

Spent most of the week crafting, gathering and doing side quests. Warning for some mental health tl;dr after the jump.

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A Week in FFXIV: [7/2/2019 – 7/8/2019]

Honestly, they ain’t wrong about some of the glamours I’ve seen running around these days. 😂😂😂😂

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